Join In With Dungeonalia 2023 To Create Epic Dungeons & Adventures!

February 5, 2024 by crew

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It's time for a new annual community challenge! Winter is here and that means it's time for our OnTableTop Dungeonalia. As we head into the depths of winter, we want YOU to get stuck in and dive deep into some dungeons with us. We can't wait to see your amazing tabletop hobby projects based around dungeons!

nTableTop Dungeonalia Join In 2023

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Create Your Project

All you have to do is delve into our Project System and build a new project which showcases your work over the winter on something dungeon-based. That could be designing your own 3D dungeon, sketching out a classic 2D map packed full of interesting secrets or maybe even writing a story or adventure that follows your heroes as they go dungeon delving.

How To Get Involved?

Here's a rundown of how to be part of OnTableTop's Dungeonalia. First up, Make an account and login To OnTableTop...

Log In To OnTableTop

Head to the Projects section of OnTableTop

projects tab v3

Create a Project during the period of the contest

add a project v3

Start your project with an engaging title and a description of what you're planning. You can even include an eyecatching header/thumbnail that will draw people to come and check out your project!

Add Project Details

Populate your project with interesting entries showcasing your dungeon-delving hobby across several different categories.

filling in a project

Click on the Drop Down Menu for Related Contest and choose Dungeonalia 2023

Choose Related Contest

Have fun! There are lots of different ways that you could interpret dungeon delving, be it in the depths of an old Dwarven Mine or the darkness of space aboard a Space Hulk! Make sure to check out more of the projects that other community members have made!

dungeonalia projects

Check Out More Dungeonalia Projects!

We can't wait to see what kind of projects you bring together for this one. Dungeonalia runs between 1st December 2023 and 1st March 2024 so you've got plenty of time to get your entries in and take some time designing fun and inventive projects.

Dungeonalia Categories  & Prizes

As with the likes of the Spring Clean Challenge, there are several categories that your project could fall into.

OnTableTop Dungeonalia Dungeon Stonemason

Dungeon Stonemason - Best 3-Dimensional Dungeon Build - Create an impressive 3D physical dungeon layout from anything you want to use.


xTool are offering up a mega prize that could help you craft your very own dungeons at home. You’ll be able to dive into an entirely new hobby with the xTool D1 Pro 10W Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine and the xTool Enclosure. Join Warren in his laser-cutting journey and maybe you could start crafting your own dungeon-based terrain whilst etching in wonderful designs.

OnTableTop Dungeonalia Dungeon Architect

Dungeon Architect - Best 2-Dimensional Dungeon Creation - Create a 2D dungeon by drawing, printing, painting, crafting parts together or even using dungeon-making software.


Loke BattleMats are offering up an awesome bundle for you to use with your dungeon-delving adventures. The winner of this bundle will get Castles, Crypts And Caverns Book Of Battle Mats, The Veiled Dungeon RPG Toolbox and a FULL adventure model from their collection called Box Of Adventure: Coast Of Dread which can be used with the 5th Edition rules.

OnTableTop Dungeonalia Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master - Best Dungeon Narrative Campaign Story - Craft an engaging adventure for a dungeon-delving game. Feel free to include art (even AI art if you like!).


Battle Systems’ prize is a copy of the Core Space: First Born Starter Set which allows you to get stuck into some Sci-Fi adventuring rather than having to deal with dank dungeons! The winner will also get the expansion pack In The Line Of Fire which introduces non-combatants into your warzones alongside your Traders. That should make for some fun scenarios!

Dungeon Heroes - Best Dungeon Exploring Adventuring Party - Paint an amazing set of adventuring miniatures for use in a dungeon-delving game.


Mantic Games are putting up a copy of Dungeon Saga: Origins, a return to their awesome dungeon-crawling game featuring brand-new miniatures and updated mechanics. The winner will get the retail version of the game when it is released next year in 2024!

Additionally, there is an excellent The Army Painter prize included as part of this prize with paints to help with getting your miniatures painted up. You’ll get your hands on the very handy Gamemaster Character Set which will be great for getting your heroes to the tabletop quickly. You even get some great miniatures that could be used as heroes or NPCs in your campaigns.

Dungeon Monsters - Best Dungeon Dwelling Monster Collection - Paint an amazing set of monster miniatures for use in a dungeon-delving game.


Wargames Atlantic are offering up a bundle of awesome 28mm plastic sprues for you to use when building up your collection of monsters to throw at adventurers in your roleplaying games. You’ll get a set of Ogres, Halflings, Skeletons, Goblins and Giant Spiders which should have you covered in dungeons and in the wilderness!

Fat Dragon Games are going to have your 3D Printers firing on all cylinders. They are adding to this huge prize bundle with a selection of awesome STL Files for you to use to populate your dungeons. You’ll get the Dungeon Masters Set, the Pit Of Doom, Dungeon Ruined Walls, Dungeon Arched Doors, Skeleton Statues, Skeleton Warband, Goblin War Turtle, Goblin Tribe and Orc Warriors. Enough to play a classic Fantasy adventure with ease!

OnTableTop Dungeonalia Dungeon Youngling

Dungeon Youngling - Best Under 14 Dungeon Project - Best under 14 youngsters' Dungeonalia project from any of our categories.


Wayland Games are offering up a classic of the dungeon-delving genre! A winner will get their hands on the updated take on HeroQuest! Featuring the classic adventuring part of Barbarian, Wizard, Dwarf and Elf, you’ll play through retro-tastic adventures packed with loads of awesome monsters and that ace 3D terrain!

In addition to HeroQuest, the winner will also get the excellent Speedpaint Most Wanted Set from The Army Painter which will be very useful when it comes to getting all of those miniatures painted!

We've made these categories open and interesting we hope to allow you to dive into some dungeon-delving adventures across a variety of different genres. We encourage you to be as inventive as you like and let your imagination run wild!

Additional Prizes From Hero Forge®!

As well as the prizes for each category above the awesome team at Hero Forge® has put together an awesome runner-up prize for each of the categories for those looking to get their favourite dungeon-delving hero ready for the tabletop. Six projects and their creators from each category will get a Color Miniature Voucher allowing you to make one custom character using their detailed program and then get the miniature 3D printed in colour so you don’t even have to worry about painting!


As an excellent bonus, the kind folks at Hero Forge® are also offering up a range of spot prizes that are going to be given out throughout Dungeonalia. There are going to be ten color standees that you'll be able to get if you're lucky, simply by starting a Dungeonalia project and taking part throughout the next few months.


More details as to how these can be won will be announced in time through Weekender episodes. The main thing is to make sure you've got your Dungeonalia project up and running! Thanks again to Hero Forge® for being such a big help with Dungeonalia and offering up some amazing prizes for people to win!

Share Dungeonalia On Social Media!

As well as sharing your work via OnTableTop in the Project System, you can get involved on social media and get more people to take part.

Head onto Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and more using the hashtag #Dungeonalia and the link let's make this an epic showcase of dungeon-building and adventuring

You can also share images that we have here to help us promote Dungeonalia and get it out there into the wider tabletop gaming world!

Make sure you delve into this and get stuck in. We as part of the OnTableTop crew are most certainly going to be getting involved ourselves and showing off the work we've been doing on our own armies.

Get involved!

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