Blood & Pigment’s Summer Of Plunder Wrap Up Chat! How Did It Go?

August 31, 2023 by brennon

Gerry is back with the team from Blood & Pigment to have a chat about the final results of their Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron campaign, the Summer Of Plunder.


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Learn More About The Summer Of Plunder

The team chatted about running the campaign, who the winners were, the shenanigans that folks have been getting up to and more. It's a great chance to see how it all went!

Blood & Pigment also wanted to thank those who helped them with the campaign...

  • Firelock Games
  • The Plunder Den
  • Timber & Sail
  • Tales of the Sail
  • The Doubloon Lagoon
  • Seamons’ Quality Sails
  • Things from the Basement
  • The Dead Man’s Chest

Check out the interview if you've been wanting to learn about all things Blood & Plunder. Maybe you'll join in next year after seeing how it all went?

Did you get involved?

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