Native American Range Available In Resin For Blood & Plunder

February 13, 2024 by brennon

Firelock Games is continuing the evolution of the Blood & Plunder range into resin with a whole host of new miniatures available for you to scoop up. The entire of the Native American collection is now available in resin.

Native American Nationality Starter Set - Blood & Plunder

Native American Nationality Starter Set // Blood & Plunder

The Native American Nationality Starter Set is a good starting point with all of the miniatures available in resin for the first time. You can still get the metal set but if you're looking for a different material, that option now exists.

This set comes with a Native American Commander as well as Young Warriors, Warrior Archers, Warrior Musketeers and African Warriors. All of their rules can then be found in the No Peace Beyond The Line expansion book for Blood & Plunder.

Native Warrior - Firelock Games

Native Warrior // Firelock Games

All of the miniatures are also available separately in their own resin packs for you to pick up. You can scoop up sets of Warriors, Archers, Musketeers and Commanders as well as the character miniature for King Golden Cap.

Native Americans - Firelock Games

Native Americans // Firelock Games

You can see here (above and below) some comparisons of the metal miniatures to the resin to get a sense of where the details have become more defined in a lot of cases.

Warrior Musketeer - Firelock Games

Warrior Musketeer // Firelock Games

Again, the chance to pick up the metal miniatures is still there but if you're looking for an easier material to work with then it might be worth going for the resin. Either way, I'm sure all of the miniatures that you scoop up are going to paint up very nicely!

You shouldn't forget that you'll also be able to pick up the African Warriors Unit in resin now as well if you're looking to add them to your crew.

African Warriors Unit - Firelock Games

African Warriors Unit // Firelock Games

This set represents the displaced, escaped and shipwrecked African slaves that found themselves all over the New World and often found a place amongst the Native American tribes. They were fierce fighters who battled in the likes of Saint Vincent and Dominica.

All of the new resin range can be scooped up over on the Firelock Games webstore so if you want to snap up some new miniatures, take a peek! What do you make of the transfer over to resin in the examples we're seeing here?

Drop your thoughts below...

"The Native American Nationality Starter Set is a good starting point..."

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