Summer Of Plunder! How To Take Part In Blood & Pigment’s Blood & Plunder Campaign

June 14, 2023 by avernos

Gerry sits down with the team from Blood & Pigment to chat about how to take part in Blood & Pigment's Summer Of Plunder, a massive Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron Global Campaign for the Historical wargame by Firelock Games.


Summer Of Plunder HQ

Summer Of Plunder Rules Part 1

Summer Of Plunder Rules Part 2

Summer Of Plunder Campaign Map

We discuss the aims of the campaign, the rules that folks will be following when they dive in AND how you can get involved, wherever you are, as the various nations. You'll be fighting over the Caribbean, South America and North America meaning that there are many frontiers to clash on.

Will you be joining in on this Blood & Plunder and Oak & Iron campaign?

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