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Stargrave: The Last Prospector Week Begins Monday 25th April!

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OnTableTop are joining forces with Osprey Games once more for a new Stargrave themed week starting Monday, 25th April. We're going to be diving into the newest expansion, The Last Prospector with Let's Plays and more.

A Spartan Land Raider Grinds Into Warhammer: The Horus Heresy


Games Workshop has been continuing their Warhammer: The Horus Heresy previews with a look at a big new plastic vehicle. The Spartan Land Raider looks to be coming as part of that Sci-Fi boxed set that will set the scene for your Heresy-era wargames.

PWork Wargames Release New 40K Objective Markers


PWork Wargames has released a new set of Sci-Fi Objective Markers that have been designed for those diving into games of Warhammer 40,000. 

Vespa “Minx” Merdena Hits The Ash Wastes Of Necromunda


The Dramatis Personae are popping up for Necromunda: Ash Wastes. Leading the way is an Orlock character in the form of Vespa "Minx" Merdena. Her wild red hair is going to be flowing in the wind as she guns down approaching foes. 

Unboxing: Firefight 2nd Edition Two-Player Starter Set | Mantic Games


We get stuck into an unboxing of the Fightfight 2nd Edition Two-Player Starter Set from Mantic Games. Does it offer a good introduction to their 28mm Sci-Fi miniature wargame?

Cosmic Encounter Returns With Huge Odyssey Expansion


Fantasy Flight claims Cosmic Odyssey to be the biggest, and most impressive Cosmic Encounters expansion yet!

Roleplay In The Discovery Era With Star Trek Adventures


Placing players in a new time period, centring around the first two seasons of the newest instalment to the Star Trek franchise.

Legion Praetors Previewed For Warhammer: The Horus Heresy


Games Workshop has dropped previewed for more of the upcoming plastic miniatures for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. The focus this week was on the Legion Praetors that are going to be leading the majority of your Legions into battle. 

Battle In Shallow Waters With New Deep-Cut Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has released a new gaming mat that could be used for all manner of games, regardless of the genre. See what you make of their new Shallow Waters design. 

Res Nova Games’ Warzone Eternal Gets Kickstarter Launch Date


Res Nova Games' Warzone Eternal is now lined up to hit Kickstarter next month! 17th May will usher in the return of Warzone to the tabletop with miniatures, rules and more. 

Flytrap Factory Working On New Digital Patreon Offerings


The folks at Flytrap Factory make some really fun and original miniatures. So, I was happy to see that they are opening up a Patreon soon that will dive into providing digital versions of their sculpts for you to print off at home!

What’s New For Loke BattleMats In 2022? The Perfect D&D Gaming Accessories! | Designer Interview


Gerry gets a chat with the designers behind Loke BattleMats to find out what they have been working on recently and what's new for them for the rest of 2022!

The Ridgehauler Rumbles Into Necromunda: Ash Wastes Soon


The new Ash Wastes expansion for Necromunda has got a fair few folks excited, especially at the prospect of a good ol' fashioned train robbery.

Celebrate Easter With Kromlech’s “Cute” Easter Egg Gnaw!


Kromlech are getting into the Easter spirit with their new special release for this year. See what you make of the Easter Egg Gnaw that popped up on their webstore this week.

Boosters & Collection Packs Come To Infinity In May 2022


Corvus Belli has fired up their Infinity previews for May 2022 and we're getting a whole bunch of new collection options for newcomers and some smaller packs too. We start with the new Collection Packs for O-12 and the Combined. 

Catch Up! Steel Colosseum Livestream Let’s Play


Make sure to join Gerry tomorrow on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook as he dives into a live game of Steel Colosseum! It's the brand new game coming to Kickstarter soon from James Hewitt, Sophie Williams and Zatu Games!

Tell Your Own Space Opera With Leder Games’ Arcs In 2023


Leder Games are turning their attention from the realm of Fantasy toward Sci-Fi in 2023. Arcs is a board game coming next year and will offer up the chance to play out your own space opera on the tabletop. 

First Look At The Full Mark VI Horus Heresy Space Marine Kit!


Games Workshop is diving right into Warhammer: The Horus Heresy over the next month or so. With the new boxed set on the horizon, they started things off with a preview of the new multi-part plastic kit for the Mark VI Space Marine Tactical Squad.

New Explosive Adventures Await In Galaxy Trucker Expansion


Czech Games Edition has announced an upcoming expansion for the relaunched edition, entitled Keep on Trucking - expanding into new space plumbing adventures.

Dr. Grordbort’s Is A Quirky New Sci-Fi RPG Coming Soon!


Dr. Grordbort's Scientific Adventure Violence is a wild-looking new "retro-futuristic role-playing game" that is coming to Kickstarter later this year from a collaborative team of designers and artists. 

Raging Heroes’ New Sister Heroine Arrive For Easter!


The Raging Heroes webstore has opened up for Easter and a new selection of 32mm miniatures are available for you to snap up! Two new Sisters Heroines lead the way as great options to lead your new Sisters force on the tabletop.

Community Spotlight: Blood Angel Dioramas, Kingdom Death & The Silver Bayonet!


We dive into a fantastic diorama making project for Warhammer 40,000 PLUS check out Kingdom Death miniatures and terrain with a smattering of The Silver Bayonet!

What Inspires The Lazy Forger’s Stunning 3D Printing Designs? | Designer Interview


Gerry sits down with the minds behind The Lazy Forger to discuss their design process and what inspires their stunning 3D Printing range.

Dive Into The Star Wars: Legion Shadow Collective Starter Set!


The Shadow Collective is making its way to the tabletop for Star Wars: Legion! The new Starter Set is now available to pre-order, offering up a new way to take to the tabletop in Atomic Mass Games' Sci-Fi wargame set in a galaxy far, far away. 

Snag The Last Prospector Miniatures For Osprey’s Stargrave


North Star Military Figures has now started taking pre-orders for new The Last Prospector bundles and more ahead of the release of the brand new Osprey Games' Stargrave expansion. 

Investigate Before Bedtime In Tales From The Loop Board Game


1-5 players head off to cooperate on investigating the anomalies occurring across town. You just need to make sure you are home before dinner's on the table! 

New Sci-Fi Sindari Voidfarers Invade Kromlech’s Webstore Soon


A new set of miniatures are going to be added to Kromlech's webstore on 8th April. The Sindari Voidfarers are stepping out of their warp gates, ready to enact their intricate plans. Could these be a good crop of alternative Sci-Fi miniatures?

The Tyranids Swarm Into Warhammer 40,000 This Weekend


Games Workshop is firing up pre-orders for the new Tyranids Codex and Combat Patrol. If you've wanted to dive into Warhammer 40,000 as the endless Xenos swarms then you'll want to keep an eye out this weekend. 

It Was A Double Bluff! Warhammer 40K’s Squats Minis Teased!


Earlier today, Games Workshop dropped a Warhammer 40,000 trailer that was teased late last night. The trailer opens with an utterly ruined spaceship in the depths of the void.

Grab New Pre-Painted Gothic Terrain From Deep-Cut Studio


Deep-Cut Studio has added a new collection of pre-painted terrain for your 28mm wargames. The new set is designed for Sci-Fi Gothic battlefields, perhaps like Warhammer 40,000.

Community Spotlight: Titans, Sagas Of Symbaroum & A Military Bust


Dive into a new Community Spotlight looking at some Adeptus Titanicus, a huge roleplaying game project and finally a great piece of work on a modern military bust.

Ares Expedition Develops With Three New Expansion Options


Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is back on Kickstarter from FryxGames and Stronghold Games with THREE new expansions which grow the game experience in different ways. Discovery,  Foundations and Crisis are on the cards.

Face The Void And Pre-Order The Death In Space Sci-Fi RPG


Death In Space from Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell is now up for pre-order over on the Free League Publishing webstore. Are you ready to dive into a new Sci-Fi roleplaying game?

Tinker With Spaceships Big & Small In Battle Systems’ Core Space


The folks at Battle Systems have put together a set of pre-orders for those seeking to add some spaceship goodness to their games of Core Space.

Four New Roleplaying Books Coming From Osprey In 2022


Osprey Games have a whole host of roleplaying content lined up for release throughout 2022. There should be a little something for everyone within this collection, whether you're into something a bit "Clockpunk" or perhaps more Historical options. 

Snap Up New Warhammer 40K Battlezone Fronteris Terrain


Games Workshop has put together a new set of terrain for you to use when diving into your games of Warhammer 40,000. Battlezone: Fronteris – Nachmund is going to be available to pre-order as a big set this weekend.

Wrath & Glory Starter Set & Gamemaster’s Screen Hit Soon!


Venture into the grimdark of Warhammer 40,000 with some brand new products coming up from the folks at Cubicle 7 for Wrath & Glory. A new Starter Set is on the way alongside a Gamemaster's Screen to keep your scheming hidden!

[Studio Update] AdeptiCon 2022 Corvus Belli Seminar


Come and dive into one more video from Corvus Belli to cap off Infinity Raveneye Week. Here, Carlos goes through a big update on everything new for Infinity AND beyond.

Vanguard Miniatures Fire Up New 6mm Corsair Pattern Mechs


Vanguard Miniatures have a neat range of 6mm miniatures called Defeat In Detail. Their range is pretty expansive and has been designed for use with the likes of Epic but they could also be used for a range of other games as well. The most recent mech release for this is the Corsair Pattern Light Battle Strider.

Morat Aggression Forces VS Military Orders Corvus Belli Demo Game | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Another video for you this week, this time from Corvus Belli. Here we have their Infinity Demo Game showcasing a clash between the Morat Aggression Forces and the PanOceania Military Orders. A great way to give you another look at the new releases from Raveneye Week.

Pre-Order Wargames Atlantic’s Sci-Fi British & Ancient Goth Warriors


Wargames Atlantic has now fired up pre-orders for two new sets of plastic miniatures. Both the Sci-Fi and the Historical crowd are catered for with these 28mm kits and we start off with the awesome Sci-Fi British, the Bulldogs!

Where Next & What To Buy? Morat Aggression Forces – Battlebox & Beyond | Infinity #RaveneyeWeek


Want to know what to buy next and where to go with your Morat Aggression Forces? Watch our Infinity Raveneye Week breakdown as part of this Battlebox & Beyond video.

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