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Defend Kromlech’s Hive City Ventilation Shafts


Building on their range of terrain options for those playing games in the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000, Kromlech have produced another piece, the Hive City Ventilation Shaft.

Puppets War Release Wild Cossack Heads


Puppets War has released some new heads which would be pretty awesome for those looking to create cunning and deadly fighters.

Warlord Games Preview The Kreelers For Strontium Dog


Warlord Games are also adding to another of their Sci-Fi worlds with Strontium Dog revealing The Kreelers who are coming soon.

Games Workshop’s Ambot Drops Into Necromunda Next Week


Games Workshop has some vehicular releases coming to their webstore next week.

Askar Mercenary Warriors Arrive In Warlord’s Gates Of Antares


The Askar, a previously lost race, have arrived in the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares from Warlord Games.

Three Forge World Bounty Hunters Stalk Their Targets


Forge World has now put up for pre-order their band of surly Bounty Hunters for use in Necromunda and of course the wider world of Warhammer 40,000 if you so wished.

Vicious Vacuuming In Mechanica, Now On Kickstarter


Do you remember when you were a child and dreamed of the day you owned a Roomba factory? Nope? Me neither.

Unboxing: Sci-Fi Heresy Girls

4 weeks ago 16

Gerry and Justin check out the Sci-Fi Heresy Girls from HeresyLabs' Kickstarter last year which funded in just 24 minutes.

4Ground Preview New Urbes Mortis Rubble & Ruins


4Ground have been previewing some more of their new terrain which is due to be hitting tabletops soon. The new Urbes Mortis collection will be a range of ruins for use with your heroic Sci-Fi miniatures.

Catalogue Curious Creatures In Darwinauts


Congratulations! After decades of hard work, scientists have opened a portal to another dimension filled with alien life.

Dystopian Wars Open Beta Ending Soon


The guys from Warcradle Studios are in to chat about the Dystopian Wars open beta.

WizKids Resurrect Warhammer 40,000: Relic Board Game


Back in 2013, Fantasy Flight Games produced John Goodenough's Warhammer 40,000 board game Relic. However, when the licencing rights were lost to Games Workshop the popular game based on the Talisman game system fell out of publication.

Khurasan Miniatures Showcase New Scav Tribes


Khurasan Miniatures have released images of their upcoming Scav Planet K tribes for sci-fi wargaming.

GW Showcase New Commissar For Black Library Celebrations


On the 23rd and 24th February, Games Workshop will be hosting the annual Black Library Celebrations. Fall into the fiction of the Warhammer worlds, and attend the events this weekend to pick up plenty of brilliant books and gaming goodies!

Monsterpocalypse Unboxing: Sky Sentinel


Justin and Gerry look at the Sky Sentinel for Kaiju-themed miniature game Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press.

Kromlech Take & Hold The Sci-Fi Hive City Mansion


Kromlech has shown off another of their larger MDF pieces for those building Sci-Fi cities.

New Infinity Releases – March 2019!


We're checking out the new releases for the world of Infinity as Corvus Belli show off figures arriving in March.

Games Workshop Reveal Three New Games At NY Toy Fair


Games Workshop has revealed three new games coming to the tabletop from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Age Of Sigmar.

Monsterpocalypse Unboxing: Deimos-9


Check out the Martian menace monster Deimos-9 for Kaiju-themed miniature game Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press.

Fix The Fight In Futuristic Board Game Fired Up!


In the near future, entertainment will have changed. It will have evolved beyond traditional sports in stadiums and into a larger than life spectacle where digital warriors will compete against one another inside the cyberspace arena in bloodless conflict sports.

Puppets War Give Their Sci-Fi Warriors A Samurai Edge


Puppets War has been adding some new options into the mix for those looking to build Sci-Fi soldiers. Check out the Samurai Reaper Helmets and traditional Samurai Helmets.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Sculpting Muzzle Flash


Today Tomas swings by the Hobby Lab to show us how to sculpt Muzzle Flashes!

Warlord Games Unveil Tesla Anti-Tank Gun


Warlord Games have returned with a new Konflikt '47 weapon. Designed by US scientists to decimate their enemy, America has discovered how to wield the power of their new, field-ready Tesla Cannon!

Community Spotlight: Ultramarines, HeroQuest Foes & KeyForge Travellers!


Come and join us for another look into what you've been doing in our project section with some great painting and designing!

Fantasy Flight Games Announce KeyForge: Age Of Ascension


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next set of cards for KeyForge. Welcome to the Age Of Ascension as the Crucible opens up to new opportunities.

Deep Cut Get Techie With New ALEPH Infinity Mat


Deep Cut Studio has designed a new mat for their collaboration with Corvus Belli. This time around we're seeing their ALEPH Mat for those getting stuck into games of Infinity.

Exclusive! Check Out New Starter Set Gangs For Punkapocalyptic


We've seen quite a few of the new previews for Bad Roll Games' Punkapocalyptic and its new Starter Set but we have been given a little nudge as to what will be in the full thing when it releases in April/May this year.

WizKids Conquer Moons In Europa Base Alpha


In this game from WizKids, you're looking to control the moon by establishing the most effective base upon its surface.

Fight Over A Downed AT-ST In Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has been working away on a new terrain piece and objective for use in Star Wars: Legion. Here we have the new Downed AT-ST coming soon.

GameMat.Eu Release New Double-Sided Sci-Fi Mat


GameMat.Eu has combined two of their newer mats into a double-sided design. This new pairing brings together the ChemZone look and the Necropolis design. 

Smuggle & Adventure In FFG’s Star Wars: Outer Rim


Embrace life on the edge of the galaxy in Star Wars: Outer Rim from Fantasy Flight Games, a new board game coming in the near future from the team where you get to play as iconic characters on both sides of the divide between the Empire & Rebellion.

2000AD On The Tabletop: Part Four – Past, Present & Future


We're back with Moji after a bit of a hiatus as he finishes off his series on 2000AD in its many guises; past, present and future!

The Drowned Earth Unboxing: Wayfarers Starter Set


Meet the band of mercenaries roving the post-apocalyptic lands of miniature skirmish game The Drowned Earth.

The Dreaded Ambull Finds It’s Way Into Blackstone Fortress


The Dreaded Ambull is getting added into the mix for Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress as a new expansion from Games Workshop, offering you a new foe to face.

Control Cruel Seas In Nemo Rising: Robor The Conqueror


The sea is everything.

Scouts & Skulls: Artel W Release New Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures have released images of their latest 28mm and 54mm characters.

Hvarl Red-Blade Leads His Space Wolf Great Company Into Battle


Hvarl Redblade has been put up for pre-order by the folks at Forge World so the Jarl Of The Fourth Great Company is now ready to roll out and bring death to his enemies in true Space Viking style. 

The Wild West Just Got Wormy In Terror Below


Lately, there have been strange goings on in the wide, open spaces of the Nevada desert.

Piece Together The Mystery In Ravensburger Escape Puzzles


Following the success of their escape room games, Ravensburger have returned with a new type of puzzle mystery which is set to keep gamers guessing!

Punkapocalyptic Tease New Miniature Releases


Punkapocalyptic have showcased their latest additions to the hit tabletop game, and they're looking pretty suave.

Shadowspear Battlebox Brings New Miniatures To Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has designed a new Battlebox for use in Warhammer 40,000 featuring Space Marines going up against Chaos Space Marines in Shadowspear.

Experience Existential Angst In Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss


In an interview with OnTabletop earlier this year, Jamey Stegmaier discussed a Stonemaier expansion to Euphoria in 2019. Now, we have more details and a first look at Euphoria: Ignorance Is Bliss.

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