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Anvil Digital Forge Work With Automata This Month On Patreon


Anvil Industry has shifted its focus to Automata for June on Patreon as part of their Digital Forge.

New Expansions & A New Enemy Coming To Core Space


Battle Systems has been talking about the future of Core Space and what they have planned in terms of Kickstarters and beyond.

Fight With Cyberpunk RED’s Youth & Monster Fight Club


Monster Fight Club has two more sets available for pre-order as they expand upon their miniature collection for those playing games of Cyberpunk RED.

Hasslefree Miniatures Show Off Three More Sci-Fi Badasses


Hasslefree Miniatures has shown off a few more previews of what's coming down the pipeline for their Sci-Fi collection.

Community Spotlight: Massive Transports, Classic Trolls & A One-Eyed Wanderer

1 month ago 5

We're looking at a titanic piece of terrain, a bellowing troll and a mysterious Norse God in this week's Community Spotlight.

Wargames Atlantic’s Gurkhas, Goblins & Einherjar Coming Soon


Wargames Atlantic have been previewing a whole bunch of different miniatures for various genres and time periods.

Contents Of Warhammer 40K Indomitus 9th Edition Launch Box Revealed

1 month ago 48

Take a look at all of the new miniatures included in the new Indomitus Launch Box for Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop.

Take A Ride On Knights Of Dice’s Sci-Fi Monorail Car


Knights Of Dice has been showcasing a new piece of wargaming terrain which is going to be added into the mix for their Easy District Sci-Fi line.

Mortian Share Work On Cyberrats Coming To Kickstarter Soon


Mortian are planning to come to Kickstarter soon to raise funds to make a Cyberrats Army that you could use in your Sci-Fi wargames on the tabletop.

Artel W Miniatures Add More Nookhaz To Their Iron Horde


Artel W Miniatures have been showing off some of the work-in-progress renders for their upcoming Nookhaz who are going to be joining the Iron Horde soon.

Call In The CDSU Battle Fleet From Brigade Models


Brigade Models recently posted up some more Spaceships for you to use in your fleet battles across Sci-Fi wargaming tabletops.

Gangs Of The Undercity Terrain By Death Ray Designs Previewed


Gangs Of The Undercity is closing in on its Kickstarter launch date next month and the team at Fragging Unicorns Game has joined forces with Death Ray Designs to create a set of stunning terrain to match their Cyberpunk/Fantasy skirmish wargame. 

Corvus Belli Face The Mastermind Taowu In Aristeia! Soon


Another alternative sculpt has been added into the mix for Corvus Belli's Aristeia!.

Corvus Belli Preview Their Infinity Releases For July 2020


Corvus Belli has a few more releases coming at the end of July for use in Infinity CodeOne. These new Support Packs and Remotes appeared as part of previews over on their webstore this week.

Terraforming Mars Big Box Coming Soon With Fancy 3D Tiles


Terraforming Mars is getting another expansion on Kickstarter this week but it's not quite the same as usual.

Hunt Your Bounty As Part Of War Scenery’s Yar’Kassy Kickstarter


War Scenery is on Kickstarter right now with their campaign to bring us all a set of awesome Desert City & Stronghold terrain for our Sci-Fi wargames set in a world far, far away. 

Unboxing: Phase I Clone Trooper Upgrades | Star Wars Legion


The Phase I Clone Trooper Upgrade expansion for Star Wars: Legion is being unboxed by Gerry today.

Fabius Bile & War Of The Spider Coming For Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop has been showing off some more previews for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress this coming weekend.

3D Print The Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Sanctuary Hill House


Modiphius has another 3D Printable File for you to check out when putting together wargaming terrain for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Here we have a peek at the Sanctuary Hill House.

Prowler Assassins & Calm Monks Released By Wargame Exclusive


Wargame Exclusive has released two new wargaming miniatures for use in your alternative Sci-Fi armies from the grimdark future.

Cyber-Demons & Their Slayers Drop From Hardcore Miniatures


Hardcore Miniatures has released two new kits for their Sci-Fi range this month. Some big chunky killers from a demon-filled realm have dropped into the mix starting with the Demon Crusher himself, armed and ready for a massacre. 

Games Workshop Talk Details Of Warhammer 40K Crusade System


Games Workshop talked more details of their upcoming Crusade system which is going to be implemented in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. 

CMON Announce Masters Of The Universe: The Board Game


Just when we thought that the nostalgia mines couldn't be dug anymore, CMON has stepped into the ring to announce they are working on Masters Of The Universe: The Board Game which is due to come to Kickstarter in 2021.

Go “Over The Top” With Anvil Industry’s 3D Printing Patreon


Anvil Industry has joined a number of other miniature wargaming companies in taking to Patreon to fund 3D Printable models.

Monster Fight Club Reveal Three New Cyberpunk RED Sets


Monster Fight Club has got more awesome Cyberpunk RED miniatures in the mix for those who are looking to pack the streets during their roleplaying games.

Fantasy Flight Games Release New Solo Rules For X-Wing


Fantasy Flight Games have been offering up more ways to play their games this week with the release of Solo Rules for those who want to take on The Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance in X-Wing by themselves or with a friend. 

Join A Buddy In Monsterpocalypse’s Megaton Mashup


Monsterpocalypse, the game of miniature monster mayhem, is getting a cooperative expansion this month with Megaton Mashup!

Skies Of Fire; T’au & Imperial Navy Clash In Aeronautica Imperialis


Games Workshop is back into the swing of things as they previewed what's popping up for pre-order next week.

Olmec Games’ Ulaya Chronicles Kickstarter Hits Final Hours


Olmec Games has now moved into the final day or so for their Ulaya Chronicles Kickstarter.

Awaken Realms Launch Nemesis Lockdown Kickstarter


Awaken Realms has now launched their Kickstarter for Nemesis Lockdown, a big expansion to their hit board game, Nemesis.

Warhammer 40K Necron & Space Marine Action Figures Coming Soon


Games Workshop wasn't content with talking about a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 last weekend. They also talked about turning their wargaming miniatures into action figures from McFarlane Toys!

Victoria’s Penal Guard Soldiers Go Pop With New Torsos


Victoria Miniatures continue to build on their collection of alternative options for use in the grimdark future. This week saw them release a new pack of Torsos to use alongside their Penal Guard.

Conquer The Realm Of Metal On Deep-Cut’s New Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio continues their journey through the Mortal Realms and presents us with another Gaming Mat for those looking to battle in the Realm Of Metal.

Imperial Terrain Show Off New Sci-Fi IT4 Recon Ship


Imperial Terrain is a company I've not really looked at before but they are doing some great stuff in the realm of 3D Printing.

Ulaya Chronicles Moves Into Final Week On Kickstarter


Olmec Games have been powering towards the final week on Kickstarter for Ulaya Chronicles, their smaller-scale experience set in the world of The Drowned Earth.

Loads Of Spooky Necrons Rise For Warhammer 40,000’s Newest Edition


We got the lowdown over the weekend on what Games Workshop has planned for the next edition of Warhammer 40,000 but this also led to some swankier pictures showing up of the new models which are coming our way. 

The Adeptus Mechanicus Fire Up Warhammer 40K Pre-Orders


Games Workshop are going to be firing up pre-orders once again and leading the way is a bunch of new Warhammer 40,000 releases.

Unboxing – Hive Bringer | Wargame Exclusive

2 months ago 2

We're unboxing something alternative and chaotic from the Wargame Exclusive range today. Meet the mighty Hive Bringer and bow before his reaping scythe.

The Big Warhammer 40K Preview – A New Edition! [Videos Within]

2 months ago 46

Games Workshop has a big new Warhammer 40,000 Preview coming today, details of which are included below.

Battle Kiwi Tease More For Their Upcoming Sci-Fi Range


Battle Kiwi has been getting back into the action when it comes to their Sci-Fi Terrain releases and it shouldn't be long before this funky piece ends up in their collection. 

Archon Prep New Wave Of Starfinder Miniature Releases


Archon Studio has been showing off some previews of their next wave of Starfinder Miniatures to work alongside the roleplaying game by Paizo.

The Little Soldier Company Grow Their Sci-Fi Tenoch Range!


The Little Soldier Company is known for its Noggin The Nog miniatures but did you also know they make a set of Sci-Fi miniatures for The Tenoch?

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