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Protect The Skies With Artel W’s Darting Ospreys Warriors


Artel W Miniatures haven't quite launched these new miniatures into the skies of grimdark Sci-Fi worlds yet but the new Darting Ospreys are looking very nice. If you're eager to add to your Space Elf armies then watch out for what Artel have planned.

New Hulking “Lawtomata” Crush Crime In Necromunda Soon


Want to lay down the law in Necromunda? If the Palanite Enforcers can't subjugate the crowd then they might want to call on their hulking Sanctioner Pattern Automata to do the business for them. You have thirty seconds to comply...

Bring The Talent Of Asajj Ventress To Star Wars: Legion Soon


Previewed earlier this month, we're soon going to be seeing the deadly Asajj Ventress making a name for herself on the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. A new Atomic Mass Games Operative Expansion is on the way for this killer apprentice in the service of the Sith and the Separatist Alliance. 

Explore Immortal Tombs With Warcradle Scenics’ New Set!


Warcradle and the Warcradle Scenics crew have been showing off some amazing new Sci-Fi terrain for you to explore with your grimdark armies. This time around, your forces are delving deep into Immortal Tombs!

Frank N Stine Join The Wrestling In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam


TTCombat gets some new personalities for Rumbleslam with a new set dropping this weekend. See what you make of the funky pairing that is Frank N Stine!

Community Spotlight: Dusty Undead, Bot War COILS & Judge Dredd!


Build armies of the dead, dive into the awesome world of Bot War with some amazingly well-painted miniatures and finally, get a look at a stunning Judge Dredd project!

Crooked Dice Preview New Villains & Moon Crews For 7TV


Crooked Dice has been previewing some of the new Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures that are going to be added into the mix for 7TV and beyond in the month of March. Leading the way is one of my favourite miniatures, the impressive Abomination!

The Aeldari & Drukhari Get New Warhammer 40K Boarding Patrols


Games Workshop isn't slowing down when it comes to releasing Boarding Patrols it seems. More factions are going to be getting smaller 500-point armies for playing out the new Boarding Actions game mode for Warhammer 40,000.

Hit Video Game, Apex Legends, Getting New Board Game


Glass Cannon Unplugged has been teasing their new board game that is going to be coming to Kickstarter in May 2023. They are going to be bringing the video game antics of Apex Legends to the tabletop.

New 28mm Space Dwarfs Hit Kickstarter From Magglet!


Magglet are back on Kickstarter with their newest campaign focused on the Space Dwarfs and building up their newest army! Some revamped troops are in the mix alongside plenty of additional miniatures, handy for bringing that 80s and 90s vibe to Sci-Fi tabletops.

New Warhammer 40K Space Marine Miniatures Strike This Weekend


Games Workshop are adding some new Space Marines into the mix (yes, even more!) this week. Pre-orders go live for the new Strike Force Agastus which offers up a way to get your hands on all of the new miniatures before their general release. 

Infernus Abominations Stalk The Battlefields Of The Horus Heresy


Games Workshop has previewed another strange and twisted miniature for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. Whilst the Loyalists can call on the Divisio Assassinorum, the Traitors use the deadly Infernus Abominations to do their dirty work in the shadows. 

Pre-Order Tales From The Loop: They Grow Up So Fast


Free League Publishing are expanding the world of Tales From The Loop with another supplement! Pre-orders are now available for They Grow Up So Fast which is available digitally now but with books being delivered in August 2023.

Community Spotlight: German Armies, 15mm Necromunda & Raising The Black!


Join us for a look at some amazing Historical wargaming projects and also something a little different for the world of Necromunda!

Evil Cometh With Masters Of The Universe Battleground Wave 4!


Masters Of The Universe Battleground expands once more from the folks at Archon Studio with Wave 4 now available to snag from their webstore! More evil villains come to the lands of Eternia with The Power Of The Evil Horde.

Xenos & Chaos Sets Join Warhammer 40K’s Boarding Actions


Games Workshop are getting around to helping the Xenos forces of Warhammer 40,000 with some new Boarding Patrol sets that are going to be coming up for pre-order soon. These will give you good starting points for playing out games of Boarding Actions on the tabletop in the tight confines of grimdark Sci-Fi space hulks. 

New Rough Riders & Astra Militarum Heroes For Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop will be expanding their offerings for the Astra Militarum of Warhammer 40,000 this weekend. Pre-orders are going live for a new Combat Patrol plus additional miniatures that can be used to focus your force and get them fighting fit on your Sci-Fi tabletops.

Hired Steel Episode Three Premiers Tonight


If you're a fan of Battletech and love the aesthetic of massive war machines shooting, punching, stomping, and occasionally dropping on other mechs heads from above, then you should check out this ongoing fan film.

Three New Boarding Patrol Boxed Sets Coming To Warhammer 40K


Three new Boarding Patrol sets have been previewed by Games Workshop for use in the new game mode for Warhammer 40,000, Boarding Actions. The close-quarters combat of this new game mode can now be enjoyed by new forces for the Tyranids, Necrons and the Grey Knights. 

Warlord Fight A Block War With New Judge Dredd Expansion!


Warlord Games has fired up pre-orders for their new Judge Dredd expansion, Block War! Get stuck into a brutal clash inside the towering structures of Mega-City One and beyond with your Judges and a mess of different gangs. 

Check Out Infinity’s New Releases For March 2023!


Some excellent new miniatures are going to be dropping in the month of March from Corvus Belli. 2023 is already looking great for Infinity with a bunch of miniature sets popping up for a variety of different factions in this 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish game.

New 40K Kill Team Set & More Pre-Orders Drop This Weekend


Games Workshop are going to be diving into a whole host of Sci-Fi skirmish game goodness this weekend. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is landing on tabletops once again with pre-orders available for the newest set in the series, Soulshackle. 

Kromlech Unleash The Caste Enclaves On Your Sci-Fi Tabletops


Kromlech has dropped their newest range of releases for your Sci-Fi wargames. With a whole host of alternative options for use with a grimdark wargame or two, the Caste Enclave are on the hunt and looking to expand their empire. 

Pre-Orders Go Live For Atomic Mass’ Star Wars: Shatterpoint


Atomic Mass Games are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish wargame set in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Shatterpoint is landing later this year and has been designed to focus on the dynamic duels between heroic and villainous characters in a Saturday morning cartoon style. 

Unboxing: Orc Mega Clanker | Kromlech


Gerry goes back to the workshop and unboxes one of the Orc Mega Clanker miniatures for use in your Grimdark Sci-Fi wargames. Kromlech has put together a brilliant new 28mm detailed miniature!

Community Spotlight: Starship Troopers, Snowy Beards & Warhammer Fantasy!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at some bugs battling Starship Troopers alongside some snowy Dwarves and a trip into the realm of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Let’s Play: Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay – Imperium Maledictum – Will We Survive The Sump? | Cubicle 7

2 months ago 1

Join Gerry, Ben, Justin and Padraig from Cubicle 7 for a Let's Play of their new Warhammer 40,000 Roleplaying Game, Imperium Maledictum. The team head down into the depths of a Forge World to see if they can upset the balance between three warring factions. Will they survive their encounter?

Battle MORE Xenos With New Wrath & Glory 40K RPG Supplement


Cubicle 7 dropped another awesome preview of a new supplement coming soon to Warhammer 40,000: Roleplay - Wrath & Glory. Threat Assessment: Xenos will feature more foes for your band of mighty grimdark heroes to face during sessions. 

Snap Up Old Bones Issue #1, A Joseph A. McCullough Zine!


Play some of Joseph A. McCullough's wargames and want to get your hands on some bonus material for them? Well, Old Bones is a new zine from McCullough himself that offers up fun bonus content and Issue #1 is available now.

NEW Dreadnought & Dark Angels Box Set For Warhammer 40,000


Some big reveals from Games Workshop for a variety of games in the wake of the big LVO showcase and Warhammer Preview. First up, we're taking a trip into the world of Warhammer 40,000 and seeing what the Space Marines are going to be getting their hands on.

Sci-Fi 28mm Saracen APC (Alternative 40K Vehicle) Painting Tutorial | GGWargame

2 months ago 2

In this tutorial, John paints up an alternative Chimera miniature from GGWargame for use with your Astra Militarum armies of Warhammer 40,000. This would be great for use with your Cadian armies and the paint scheme could be replicated on other Sci-Fi vehicles. 

Dive Into Sci-Fi Skirmish Game, Mars: Code Aurora, In March


Designed by Samy Maronnier and Hugo "Minus" Nivesse and released originally in 2020, Mars: Code Aurora is a Sci-Fi skirmish game that has quite an awesome following in France. Well, it looks like we're going to be getting a re-release of the game via Studio Tomahawk and over on the North Star Military Figures webstore in March 2023.

Osprey Announce New Books For Frostgrave, Stargrave & More


Osprey Games have quite a packed calendar when it comes to wargames. Joseph A. McCullough has been at it again with a whole host of new books coming out covering Frostgrave, Stargrave and The Silver Bayonet. The man can't be stopped!

Bombshell Miniatures Tease New Counterblast RPG Kickstarter


Bombshell Miniatures dropped a little teaser this week that they're going to be working on a new Kickstarter project soon. Their Sci-Fi world of Counterblast is going to be getting a Savage Worlds-compatible roleplaying game in March.

Slave2Gaming Show Off Next Wave Of Ma.K 15mm Releases


Slave 2 Gaming has been showcasing some of the new releases coming to their Ma.K Collection. This set of 15mm miniatures will be coming soon and will be added to the Maschinen Krieger collection based on the SF3D board game by Kow Yokoyama.

Osprey Reveal The Doomed! Quick Horror Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargaming


Osprey Games has announced a new quick and rules-light Sci-Fi skirmish wargame with a Horror twist. The Doomed is coming out later this year from Chris McDowall in June and will have you diving into a bit of Apocalyptic Horror Hunting!

Warhammer Preview Coming To Las Vegas Open This Week


The Las Vegas Open hits this week and with that, we get a new Warhammer Preview from Games Workshop. The preview is going to land on Thursday night for Americans at 10pm PST but over here in Blighty, it will be a 6am wake-up if you want all the lovely news in your eyeballs. 

Unboxing: Ulaya Chronicles – Hero Miniatures | Olmec Games


Gerry is back in the sweltering jungles of the far future with more from Ulaya Chronicles and a look at the 32mm scale Hero Miniatures that you can buy from Olmec Games to upgrade your board game AND use in The Drowned Earth miniatures game.

Character Creation In Warhammer 40K RPG: Imperium Maledictum!


Cubicle 7 have been chatting more about their upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum roleplaying game set in the grimdark future. In their latest article, the team talk through more details about character creation after you've sworn yourself to a Patron.

Sky-hunter Jetbikes Come To Warhammer: The Horus Heresy!


Games Workshop dropped another preview for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy this week. The forces of both the Imperium and Chaos are going to be getting themselves some additional aid in the form of the Sky-hunter Scimitar Jetbikes!

Kromlech Tease New Sci-Fi Range Coming Soon


Kromlech has been showing off a few teasers of what's coming later this year. Will we be bowing down to the Greater Good with some new Sci-Fi miniatures?

Osprey Games Announce Upcoming RPGs For 2023!


Osprey Games have a pretty packed schedule when it comes to releases for 2023. They have been growing their roleplaying game offerings in particular over the last year or so and there are plenty of interesting titles on the way.

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