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Community Spotlight: A Bit Of Everything, Infinity & Tiny Ancients!


We have a look at a cunning scheme, some Infinity goodness and the plot to bring lots of Ancients to the tabletop as well. Some great stuff for everyone!

Infinity Deathmatch: TAG RAID – Introducing The Core Box


Join us as we introduce the Core Box for Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid and take a look at what's inside! Corvus Belli has done a fantastic job on the models and components in this new board game! 

Jaghatai Khan Joins Forge World’s Horus Heresy Collection


Jaghatai Khan, the Primarch of the White Scars has been revealed by Games Workshop and Forge World for their Horus Heresy collection. This is another of their big, impressive resin miniatures that can lead the way on the battlefield or simply stand as a display piece.

Trailer – Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid – Stake Your Claim On Kickstarter!


Check out the awesome Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Trailer for Corvus Belli's upcoming Kickstarter. Stake your claim and challenge the beasts of Planet Dawn for its resources. 

Kromlech’s Orc Tigerwagon Returns This Christmas + New Guns!


Kromlech had another Orky announcement this month! Orktober might be over for this year but December brings us the return of the Orc Tigerwagon for use in your Sci-Fi armies of the grimdark future.

Grab Your Orky Sci-Fi Objectives From Deep-Cut Studio


Deep-Cut Studio has now released a set of themed Sci-Fi Ork Objective Markers for use in Warhammer 40,000. Are you going to snag these zoggin' things for yourself?

Dune RPG Collector’s Edition Rule Books Available Now


After the initial release of the Core Rule Book, Modiphius has recently released some extremely special collectors editions for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium.

ALIEN RPG Starter Set Review | Free League Publishing


We give some thoughts on the ALIEN RPG Starter Set from the folks at Free League Publishing. Does this give you a good introduction into the horrifying world of Xenomorphs and backstabbing Corporate stooges?

Exclusive “Da Red Gobbo” Returns To Warhammer 40k This Christmas


This year's Warhammer 40k limited edition miniature has been revealed, bringing Da Red Gobbo back to the tabletop, atop of his Bounca to cause much Christmas Chaos of 2021. 

Build Your Grimdark Space Bears Army With Puppets Wars’ Bitz


Working alongside YouTube channel, Tabletop Time, Puppets War has designed a new range of limited edition bitz for making your very own grimdark Sci-Fi Space Bears army on the tabletop. 

Arcadian Elves Grace Raging Heroes’ Heroes Infinite Patreon!


Raging Heroes has a brand new set of 3D Printable miniatures for their Patreon backers this November! The Arcadian Elves are soaring into battle and stepping from their towering portals to do battle with the younger races of the galaxy.

Mask The Heresy In Your Home With Warhammer 40K Candles!


Fill up your nostrils with the scent of Warhammer 40,000 with a whole candle range coming this Christmas - no I am not joking.

Star Wars’ The Book Of Boba Fett Gets First Trailer


The Book Of Boba Fett, the next big series from Disney for the Star Wars franchise, has got its first trailer.

Adeptus Custodes Clash With Genestealers In 40K Shadow Throne


Games Workshop are going to be introducing two new Codexes into the running for Warhammer 40,000 before the end of 2021. Adeptus Custodes and Genestealer Cults are going to be getting new books and a new boxed set, Shadow Throne. 

Stay Spooky With Spectre Miniatures’ Sci-Fi Hunter!


Halloween might be over but the spooks keep coming thanks to Spectre Miniatures. Right up until 3rd November, you'll be able to get your hands on The Hunter, a special Halloween miniature this year that could be dropped into your modern military wargames on the tabletop.

Who Sent The Signal? Those Dark Places RPG Halloween Special


The OTT crew try and work out who sent the signal in a Special Halloween Let's Play of Those Dark Places, the RPG from Jonathan Hicks and Osprey Games.

Community Spotlight: Draugr, Ork Pit Stops & Europe In Flames


We check out some more awesome painting from the community looking at some Draugr, a bit of Orky goodness for Orktober and finally some Normans for use during Dark Age battles.

4Ground Build Up Sci-Fi Objectives & Protect A New Bridge


4Ground has been working away on a few smaller colour kits based on the work of Laser Cut Architects and Things From The Basement. We start with some Sci-Fi goodies as we take a look at some Industrial Crates that could be used as objectives in games.

MÖRK BORG Goes Futuristic With Upcoming RPG, CY_BORG


MÖRK BORG has been quite the hit for Free League and it now returns to the tabletop via Kickstarter (13th November) with a Sci-Fi twist. CY_BORG is ready to drown you in a world of cyberpunk goodness!

Explore Brutal Cities Super New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Terrain Releases


The fourth wave of the Brutal Cities collection is now available for you to snap up from their webstore. This stunning range of 28-35mm MDF terrain takes cues from brutalism architecture and provides fantastic pieces which could be used for a mix of different Sci-Fi games and Fantasy too. 

The Traitor Legios March Forth In Adeptus Titanicus With New Book


Games Workshop are bolstering another of their smaller games this weekend with pre-orders going live for the new Traitor Legios book for Adeptus Titanicus. It's time to play as the bad guys...

Aeronautica’s Plastic Thunderhawk Gunship Soars Into View


Aeronautica Imperialis fans can finally get their hands on the plastic Thunderhawk Gunship that was previewed many moons ago by Games Workshop. One of the most iconic vehicles in the Space Marine line-up will be hitting battlefields soon.

New Void Elemental Flows Forth From Creature Caster Soon


Creature Caster are working on another impressive sculpt for their range of monsters and demons. This month they are hoping to summon forth the Void Elemental that is going to be sucking all of your souls down into the darkness. 

Theorists & Demon Bouncers Pop Up From Antediluvian Miniatures


Antediluvian Miniatures always put together some quirky releases and this month is no different. They have offered up something for those playing a few Sci-Fi games and those wanting to indulge in a smidge of demonology! 

Head To Chalnath With New 40K Kill Team Boxed Set This Weekend


Games Workshop are heading to Chalnath this weekend with a new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team expansion that sees the Adepta Sororitas going up against the T'au Empire. 

The Thing Is Prepping To Infect The Tabletop For February 2022


Fans of the 1982 cult movie The Thing, will be intrigued to know that after a successful Kickstarter, The Thing: The Board Game will be headed to retail in February 2022.

Head Down The Corridor Of Doom In Sci-Fi Zombicide Scenario


We are headed down the Corridor of Doom by Hannah Sjösted and players will need a copy of Zombicide Dark Side and Zombicide Invader to play.

Shadowhawk Mech Painting Tutorial | Battletech


Join John for a new Battletech Painting Tutorial where he shows off how to paint one of the Shadowhawk Mechs from the "A Game Of Armoured Combat" Starter Box by Catalyst Game Labs. 

Community Spotlight: Battletech (Yes!), Grimdark Muties & Moonstone Magic


Some great miniatures in different scales from across the various genres of tabletop gaming. Get a peek at some mechs, monsters and muties!

Needy Cat Games & Zatu Join Forces For Steel Colosseum!


Needy Cat Games had some news over the last few days as Robot Fight Club has taken on a new life alongside their partnership with Zatu Games. Steel Colosseum is coming to Kickstarter next year alongside their new publisher. 

New Space Marines Legion Available To Pre-Order On Forge World


Light up the coals - as Forge World's pre-orders are up on the table. Bringing Warhammer fans two new kits to reinforce their 40k armies.

23 ‘Best Of Asmodee’ Titles Available On Humble Bundle Now!


Humble Bundle is teaming up with Asmodee Digital and Breast Cancer Research Foundation to bring Play Pink and many other popular tabletop titles to digital for a fraction of the price.

The Combined & Steindrage Drop Into Infinity’s TAG Raid


Corvus Belli has been sharing more of the contents of their upcoming Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid game that will be popping up as a Kickstarter Exclusive soon.

The God-Busta Is Back! Grab Kromlech’s Epic Orktober Creation


Kromlech, due to popular demand, has re-released their massive Orktober creation, the God-Busta Megastomper. This towering creation was sold out VERY quickly when Orktober began but it is now going to be available to order until 31st October. 

Snap Up Victoria Miniatures’ Van Diemen’s World Devils


Victoria Miniatures has put together a brand new squad of female soldiers for you to use in your 28mm Sci-Fi games. Get a peek at the Van Diemen's World Devils that are available for you to snap up over on their webstore.

Warhammer Day Details Announced – Including Two New Miniatures!


Returning once more on the 30th October 2021 is Warhammer Day - a day to celebrate all things Warhammer. Whether you are painting, assembling or playing - the 30th of October is your day to get stuck in.

Official Cowboy Bebop RPG Incoming From Don’t Panic Games!


Cowboy Bebop is getting its own official RPG from the French publisher, Don't Panic Games heading over to Kickstarter in 2022. 

Dare You Battle Hardcore Miniatures Mighty Cyber-Moose?!


Hardcore Miniatures is getting you ready to be super quirky over the next few months what with Halloween arriving soon and Christmas on the horizon. See what you make of the towering Cyber-Moose that can be dropped into your 28mm Sci-Fi wargames.

Deep-Cut Praise The Lord Of Plagues With New Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio have been showing off a new Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargaming mat which would be pretty great for those looking to battle it out across an infested realm. See what you make of their Rotten Garden.

New Star Trek Fluxx Expansions Adds Archer & Porthos To The Deck


There are two new expansions on the way for Fluxx from Looney Labs, with the announcement for the Archer Expansion and Porthos Expansion for Star Trek Fluxx. 

Visit Crooked Dice’s Colony 87 Once Again On Kickstarter


Crooked Dice are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with another Sci-Fi project that looks to expand on the characters and personalities that you'll find at Colony 87. Take a peek at some of the upcoming 28mm miniatures here. 

Reap In Fame & Glory In Goldenstar: Galactic Tournament


Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament pits 2-4 players into a combat arena fighting tooth and nail (or claw!) for fame and glory.

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