Support Rolls In For The Horus Heresy: Legions Imperialis Armies

February 12, 2024 by brennon

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Games Workshop are also reinforcing the armies of The Horus Heresy this weekend with pre-orders going up for 8mm scale support units helping out Solar Auxilia and Legiones Astartes armies. Use these to help your Loyalists or your Traitors turn the tide and secure victory for The Warmaster or The Emperor.

Solar Auxilia Support - Legions Imperialis

Solar Auxilia Support // Legions Imperialis

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The Solar Auxilia might not have the staying power of the regular Space Marine but they make up for it with an insane amount of firepower. This set comes with forty weapon platforms and auxiliary assets which can be used to pound your enemy into submission. You can bring your Rapier Batteries which can house quad launchers, laser destroyers and mole mortar arrays. You then have Tarantula Platforms which can use lascannons and hyperios missile launchers. There is also the deadly Cyclopse remote-controlled bomb which can send knock holes in pretty much anything.

The Space Marines are also going to be bringing a whole host of heavy firepower to the battlefield across a number of Dreadnoughts and more.

Legiones Astartes Support - Legions Imperialis

Legiones Astartes Support // Legions Imperialis

Much like the Solar Auxilia, you can bring a bunch of Rapier Platforms and Tarantulas into the mix to deal with your foes. You can also call on Leviathan Dreadnoughts and Deredeo Dreadnoughts with their mix of close combat and long-ranged weaponry to cause untold damage to your enemies. I do like the idea of rolling out a whole bunch of Dreadnoughts to show that you can't keep a good Space Marine down.

Tank Support

If you're looking to bring some heavy armour into the mix then you can also call on some Solar Auxilia tanks in this set. Get your hands on the Malcador Infernus & Valdor Tank Destroyers.

Malcador Infernus & Valdor Tank Destroyers - Legions Imperialis

Malcador Infernus & Valdor Tank Destroyers // Legions Imperialis

Boasting utterly devastating weapons, these are going to be good for punching a hole in the enemy defences. Whilst the Leman Russ is a workhorse, it just couldn't bear the weight of these brutal armaments. This set allows you to make two Malcador Infernus tanks and two Valdor Tank Destroyers for your Solar Auxilia forces.

Want to get your troops into the heart of the fighting? You can also pre-order yourself a set of Spartan Assault Tanks. You will have seen the big versions of these in the new The Horus Heresy boxed set in 28mm.

Spartan Assault Tanks - Legions Imperialis

Spartan Assault Tanks // Legions Imperialis

This set comes with four miniatures that you can assemble with an array of handy support weapons. As well as being good transport options, they can also hold their own and take on enemy armour if you require.

All of these miniatures can be used across Solar Auxilia armies and Legiones Astartes forces for both the Loyalists and the Traitors. You can also fold them into combined forces where human soldiers find themselves fighting against their super soldier allies.

The First Expansion Book!

A new book for The Horus Heresy is also available for you to scoop up this weekend.

The Great Slaughter - Legions Imperialis

The Great Slaughter // Legions Imperialis

The Great Slaughter is the first expansion book for Legions Imperialis which comes packed with a large narrative section covering the Loyalists and Heretics battling it out during the Beta-Garmon campaign. You'll also find new Detachments for you to choose from and rules for fighting battles using entire armies of Titans and Imperial Knights. A good use for all those Adeptus Titanicus forces that you've got lying around. There is also a full campaign system covering the infamous Battle For Nyrcon City.

A card pack will also be available separately covering the new options presented in The Great Slaughter for those who are completionists.

Will you be scooping up these new Legions Imperialis releases?

"The Great Slaughter is the first expansion book for Legions Imperialis..."

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