A New Kroot Trail Shaper Leads The Way In Warhammer 40K

February 12, 2024 by brennon

Games Workshop showcased another Kroot miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 this week. The Kroot Trail Shaper is going to be another good cog in the machine as you look to overwhelm your enemies with your T'au/Kroot army.

Kroot Trail Shaper - Warhammer 40000

Kroot Trail Shaper // Warhammer 40,000

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This Kroot comes with a Kroot Rifle in hand and enough knives and other cutting implements to cut their way through combat once the shooting stops. I like the addition of that hunk of meat on the belt which has been painted with a sinister eagle. One Guardsman put "meat back on the menu" for the Krooter under the command of this Trail Shaper.

The Trail Shaper also comes with some handy rules for pulling the wool over your enemy's eyes. Trail Finding allows the Trail Shaper and his unit to pursue their foes doggedly, keeping the pressure up. Kroot Ambush also allows you to draw the enemy into one particular plan before vanishing into the natural world, redeploying your strength elsewhere or perhaps even sneaking into strategic reserve to strike at your foes later.

The miniature looks pretty awesome and I think all Kroot armies are probably going to be quite the thing when the range comes out later this year.

What do you make of the Trail Shaper?

"One Guardsman put "meat back on the menu" for the Krooter under the command of this Trail Shaper..."

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