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Villains & Superheroes Land This Month From Knight Models


Knight Models has been showing off a lot of the miniatures that are now available as part of their collection for both the DC Universe Miniatures Game and the Batman Miniatures Game.

Ravensburger Build Up New Castles Of Burgundy


The team at Ravensburger have taken their classic The Castles Of Burgundy and brought together a collected edition of the game which is due out this year.

Cubicle 7 Invites Us To Explore Rohan With New Region Guide


Cubicle 7 are helping you delve deeper into Tolkien's world with Adventures In Middle-earth and their new Rohan Region Guide which will be coming in the near future.

Explore More Of Gale Force Nine’s Wartorn Village Terrain


Gale Force Nine has added a few more options into the mix for their Wartorn Village collection beyond what we looked at last week.

Nuts Planet Let The Stag Knight Wander The Apocalypse


Nuts Planet has introduced another awesome character sculpt into the mix.

Give The Kings Of War RPG A Go With New Quickstart


Red Scar Publishing has made a Quickstart Set available for those who want to dive in and try out the Kings Of War RPG. 

Check Out A Mass Of New Weird World War DUST Releases!


The folks behind DUST 1947 dropped a whole bunch of new releases into the mix for those who want to get stuck into more Weird World War antics on the tabletop.

Watch Out For The Pentamind Championship At MSO 2019


Next week, Ryan is going to be heading to the Mind Sports Olympiad 2019 event held in London running from August 18th through till the 26th.

Gnomes Clash With Faeries In New Moonstone Troupe Boxes


Goblin King Games has now offered up two new pre-order options for those that want to delve deeper into the whimsical world of Moonstone.

Wargames Atlantic Tease Space Dwarves Plastic Kit


Wargames Atlantic has teased that they are going to be working away on a new plastic kit which might get people who like Dwarves excited.

Keymaster Games’ PARKS Takes You On A Wild Ramble


Keymaster Games are now taking pre-orders for PARKS.

MiniCrate Offering Last Chance To Snag Unique Miniatures


MiniCrate is offering up a chance to get your hands on their next miniatures with time running out to subscribe for models from their standard range and also Legend Of The Five Rings. 

Shine Bright In Darkness As A Knight-Azyros In Soulbound


Cubicle 7 continue their look at the wide range of archetypes available to you in Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound as they introduced the Knight-Azyros. 

R. Talsorian Get You Jumpstarted In Cyberpunk Red


R. Talsorian Games are getting more and more people jacked into Cyberpunk with their Jumpstart Kit for the new tweaked version of the game, Red.

Legendary Lodbrok Added To Footsore’s Viking Collection


Footsore Miniatures & Games has added another Viking legend into the mix for those playing the likes of SAGA. Here we have their take on the mighty Ragnar Lodbrok/Lothbrok.

Meridian Miniatures Sculpt Up An Oldschool Bugbear


Meridian Miniatures and the sculptor behind the company, Andrew May, is on Kickstarter right now funding a single miniature, the Oldschool Bugbear Champion.

Odd Characters Pop Up From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Northumbrian Tin Soldier always offer up a wonderfully quirky and characterful set of miniatures for use in your games.

Persians Get Unleashed For Footsore’s Mortal Gods


Footsore Miniatures & Games has now released a bunch of their Persians into the mix for those playing Mortal Gods.

Get Swallowed Up In So, You’ve Been Eaten By LudiCreations


LudiCreations are possibly the only game company I've seen to put out a game with a player count that goes from zero to two.

Top Your Tank With Jungle Fighter Torsos From MaxMini


If you're one of those folks who likes the Catachan forces in Warhammer 40,000 then take a peek at these new Tanktop Torsos from MaxMini.

Lucid Eye’s First Ghost Adventurer Hits Their Webstore


Lucid Eye has been showing off the first of their new Ghost adventurers. This Elf is one the first character for their range of plastic miniatures and he's looking pretty swish!

New Mutant Shroomanoids Go On A Wasteman Rampage


ThunderChild Miniatures has been building on the range of different Mutants available for you to pick up in Wasteman with the addition of the Shroomanoids!

Quirky Raiders Dive Into Fallout: Wasteland Warfare


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is expanding with lots of new releases from Modiphius this week.

Spellcrow Scamper About With Their Iron Skulls Goblins


Spellcrow is expanding upon two of their different ranges this week. The first releases come for their Battle For Morten collection and the Iron Skulls.

FFG Battle For The Bunker In Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games are battling for the Imperial Bunker with a new terrain release coming to Star Wars: Legion.

SITREP PODCAST: Talking Wargaming! The Drill Sergeant Rant!


We are back and we have a ripping episide for you! Want to hear the Drill Sergeant go off? Sit back and grab a cuppa and let it roll!

Armoured Ogres & Evil Knights Do Battle At Hasslefree


The Hasslefriesian facebook page has revealed a couple of new sculpts that should be making their way to Hasslefree Miniatures: an imposing ogre and a sinister armoured warrior. This particular ogre has quite an old-school fantasy adventurer look to them. […]

Commit Historic Backstabbing In Successors On Kickstarter


Phalanx Games have announced a Kickstarter to bring the classic game of ancient historical backstabbing Successors back to the tabletop.

The Dark Angel Legions Get Their Praetor & Dreadnought


Forge World has added some new goodies into the mix for the Dark Angel Legions during The Horus Heresy.

Mantic Showcase The Warriors Of The Northern Alliance


So, one of the new factions available in the Starter Set for Kings Of War is the Northern Alliance and Mantic Games has now shared a peek at all of the different options available for you as part of this army soon.

Rio Grande Announce New Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition


Rio Grande Games has announced that they are bringing a new deluxe edition of the classic board game Puerto Rico to the tabletop later this year.

Wild She-Orc Bust Unleashed By Black Sun Miniatures


Black Sun Miniatures are building on their array of awesome busts with this larger than life, wild She-Orc. 

Micro Art Studio Battle It Out In City Debris Terrain


Micro Art Studio is getting into the groove alongside other companies right now in creating terrain which would be useful for utterly blasted ruins, perhaps for use in Apocalypse games.

Rock Out With Wargame Exclusive’s Chaos Noise Maker


Wargame Exclusive has been showing off a new addition to their Chaos force, the Noise Maker.

PlastCraft Games Announce Their New Project, Dark Flow!


PlastCraft Games has introduced their new board gaming project, Dark Flow. Watch out for the launch on Kickstarter coming on September 17th. 

Para Bellum’s Dweghom Conquest Pre-Orders Start In September


Para Bellum Wargames have put forth a pretty awesome teaser for what's coming in September for Conquest. The Dweghom are on the march!

Spellcrow Tease Their New Dyniaq Card Game For Halloween


A short quirky card game is in the works from the folks at Spellcrow, building on the Dyniaq from their Fantasy world.

Warcry’s Varanscribe App Available For Building Warbands


Games Workshop has been building an app for those that want to start building up a warband in Warcry.

Pumpkin Bombs Go Flying In FFG’s Marvel Champions


Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off the first of their scenario packs for Marvel Champions: The Card Game.

Stonemaier Games’ Wingspan Takes Birdwatching Digital


Stonemaier Games is going to be taking the delightful Wingspan to digital formats with a release on Steam in the near future.

Delve Into A New Civilisation Game In Stonemaier’s Tapestry


Stonemaier Games has announced a new board game of civilisation building. One-to-five players can start weaving their own Tapestry.

Paws & Claws RPG Takes You On A Woodland Adventure


A new indie RPG has appeared on Kickstarter that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who grew up with the Redwall series: Paws & Claws.

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