A New Book Arrives For Wild West Exodus Fans, Lazarus!

October 25, 2022 by brennon

If you're looking to get your head around more of the lore behind Warcradle's Wild West Exodus then take a peek at a new book coming out soon from acclaimed writer Sarah Cawkwell called Lazarus.

Lazarus - Wild West Exodus

Lazarus // Wild West Exodus

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Here's the blurb for this upcoming novel...

"The Badlands of North America are a wild and dangerous place. It has been a generation since the end of the civil war, known as the Ore War, and the Union of Federated States has emerged as a dominant power on the world stage. But all is not as it seems and there’s something rotten in the prosperous frontier town of Provenance. The Union have sent Major Willa Shaw to investigate in an adventure that will see her cross paths with old friends and new and terrifying enemies. Can Shaw and her allies discover the origins of Lazarus before all hell breaks loose?"

All very intriguing indeed! I like the idea of diving into Lazarus and then using this as the backdrop to your continued games of Wild West Exodus. Make up some fun scenarios around these characters and their exploits and see if you can change fate or indeed follow the narrative.

Will you be giving this a read?

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"Make up some fun scenarios around these characters and their exploits..."

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