Red Oak Town Expands With Second Set Of Pre-Painted Terrain

April 27, 2022 by fcostin

Keen on getting Wild West Exodus out on the table? Want to grow your western town of Red Oak? The Red Oak Town Set 2 has been announced from Warcradle Studios, expanding the range further in a re-release of iconic Warcradle Scenics models, now with no paint necessary: in full colour.

Red Oak Town Set 2 - Warcradle Scenics

Red Oak Town Set 2 // Warcradle Scenics

There are nine different types of building within the MDF set, with a chance to tinker at adapting for your own table. Starting off on a lighter note in the gunslinging town of Red Oak, the residents will need somewhere to hide when bullets fly and chaos proceeds upon the street.

Red Oak Residence - Red Oak Town Set 2
Red Oak Residence // Red Oak Town Set 2

All that's needed is a little rocking chair on that front porch, and you have yourself a common western homestead. Equipped with a front and back door for a quick escape, or entry! Erected for the common folk of the town, most likely to be found scattered across settlements on the West. I adore the rustic look-and-feel of the wood, bringing a shanty-design but humble abode for any townsperson or invader to fortify.

Multi-Levelled Town House - Red Oak Town Set 2

Multi-Leveled Town House // Red Oak Town Set 2

Or if you are looking for something for a resident who has a larger family or crew, the multi-leveled townhouse invites in the carnage.

Gallows - Red Oak Town Set 2

Gallows // Red Oak Town Set 2

Without sounding too grim, one of my favorite buildings here is the Gallows. A simple terrain piece that has more than the ability to set the tone for your table. Roll up your civilians next to the clock tower for the daily hanging in the gallows! Public shame and punishment is the one sure way to turn a bustling town into a macabre pit of fear.

There are nine different terrain pieces in the set. Along with the Residence, Town House, Gallows, and Watchtower; players will be able to add the Distillery, Clock Tower, Post Office, Cartwright, and Bank to their tables. If you already have your hands on a Cat House and Crematorium from the previous Red Oak Set, you can now expand further adding more character to a well-themed table for Wild West Exodus.

The Red Oak Town Set 2 will be heading over to pre-order soon on the 29th of April, ready for release in the back-end of May.

What do you think of the Red Oak Town Set 2? 

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"There are nine different terrain pieces in the set."

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