Battle Over A Promethean Complex With Warcradle Scenics

December 29, 2022 by brennon

Warcradle Scenics has dropped another awesome terrain kit for those looking to play interesting scenarios in Wild West Exodus and beyond. The Promethean Complex looks like it will be a suitably explosive place for a showdown.

Promethean Complex Refinery - Warcradle Scenics

Promethean Complex - Refinery // Warcradle Scenics

In the Dystopian Age, there are all sorts of chemical components and minerals that need to be refined. Well, the Promethean Complex is where all of that happens and you'll see lots of these popping up all across the land.

At the core of the collection is the Refinery itself. It features two towering structures in the middle of it that will be belching out fumes and around that, the Refinery is framed by awesome walkways and stairs. I really appreciate the platform at the top as well which is perfect for a proper showdown.

As well as the awesome core part of the Complex, there are also some outlying pieces of terrain that can be used to represent a sprawling range of industrial kits. Here we have a Derrick!

Promethean Complex - Derrick - Warcradle Scenic

Promethean Complex - Derrick // Warcradle Scenic

A few of these should be popped around the tabletop to really reinforce the theme I think. They will give the tabletop a pretty awesome look and feel and you could use these to line the way up to the Refinery itself. With a bit of extra weathering on these, they would look great when mixed in around big dunes of rubble and sand.

You might also find some places where the engineers and scientists get to work on turning raw materials into something usable. This is the Forge and again, this could end up being a great place for a showdown.

Promethean Complex Furnace - Warcradle Scenics

Promethean Complex - Forge // Warcradle Scenics

You could imagine the burly Forge Master bursting out of that little house nearby and charging at anyone who dares to get close to this fire-belching engine. You could drop this piece of terrain into a scenario and actually have a GM-style experience where the two factions fighting it out don't know what's going to happen as they fight around the Complex.

Adding to the drama of your experience, you've also got this awesome mix of Platforms and Walkways. Swing around these and do something properly Hollywood!

Promethean Complex Platforms - Warcradle Scenics

Promethean Complex - Platforms // Warcradle Scenics

This set would be the best second purchase when sat next to the Refinery I reckon. I think this would really make the Complex pop and it comes with a bunch of different bits and pieces for you to have fun with. You can pick up cranes, conveyor belts and more that can be used alongside the Complex and more pieces like the Forge. Make sure to check out the Mine Entrances as well over on the Warcradle Blog.

It should be noted that the Promethean Complex comes fully painted and all you need to do is get it stuck together and you'll be able to play games of Wild West Exodus. I think that this terrain would also be absolutely perfect for the likes of Malifaux and Necromunda.

Could you be tempted to dive in and pick this up?

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"I think that this terrain would also be absolutely perfect for the likes of Malifaux and Necromunda..."

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