French Inbound For DWars & Sky-Bound WWX Hellions This May

April 27, 2022 by fcostin

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Yesterday, Warcradle Studios showcased their upcoming and new releases for both Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus. Being added to the roster of  May releases, these pre-orders will be gearing up soon; showcasing a new Battlefleet and reinforcements for Dystopian Wars and a familiar technically-advanced Enlightened unit gearing up to swoop into battle for Wild West Exodus.


Alliance Oriflamme Battlefleet Group // Warcradle-Studios

The pride of the Republique proceeds forwards in strength. The Latin Alliance is growing with haste, placing the French front-and-center with the French Oriflamme Battlefleet Set readying for the open seas.


Oriflamme Battleship // Oriflamme Battlefleet Set

This set of miniatures allows players to make a powerful naval force on the tabletop. At the head of the fleet, is the Oriflamme Battlefleet. With stunning craftsmanship, this battleship will be cutting through waves as fast as you can say Mozhayski.

Chevalier Class Option - Oriflamme Battlefleet Set

Chevalier Class Option // Oriflamme Battlefleet Set

The set contains the stunning Oriflamme Battleship, two cruisers that can be built in four different ways to tweak your own tactics, and four Ecuyere Frigates for a line of defense on the flank and a teamed-up targetted attack against enemy vessels.

For more information on each different build for the cruiser, players can get their preparations on the go by heading over to the Warcradle Blog, where they showcase each individual build that can make the Loire, Picardy, Chevalier, or Charlemagne Class ship.


Sultanate Frontline Squadrons // Warcradle-Studios

As the Anatolia Battlefleet has made preparation to depart onto the open seas with an impending release, The Sultanate is preparing accordingly for the reinforcements to parallel the Latin Alliance's recent movements. With the Sultanate Frontline Squadrons coming next month, providing players with a variety of interesting options to fortify and tinker.

These Frontline Squadrons will contain tour Temir Frigates and two Crusiers which can be built as an Iskandar, Izmir, Pasha or Sadrazam Class ship, or combined to unleash an epic Hurrem Grand Cruiser or fierce Mehmed Grand Monitor.


Apex Hellions Front // Wild West Exodus

And finally, The Apex Hellions are diving into Wild West Exodus, filling the skies with fear by the sound of clinking metal. These tinkerers are swooping forward bringing the Enlightened's iconic invention of vulture-like metallic wings into the fray. Making it even easier to prey on an opponent.


Apex Hellions Back // Wild West Exodus

These models may look familiar to you, previously being part of the Murder of Hellion Posse Set. However, they are set to gain their own limelight next month with their own separate sets. Meaning if you wanted two of these murderous and speedy units on your table, there's no longer a need to pick up the whole Posse box.

These new releases will be heading onto pre-order on April 29th, ready for the release at the back end of May.

What do you make of the new upcoming products for Dystopian Wars & Wild West Exodus?

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"With stunning craftsmanship, this battleship will be cutting through waves as fast as you can say Mozhayski."

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