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Punga Miniatures

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Punga Miniatures Unleash More Scampering Ratman Warriors!


Punga Miniatures has now released a bunch of additional 28mm Ratman Warriors for you to use when building up your Fantasy armies. This month, the focus is on the noxious and the twisted!

Punga Miniatures Bring The Undead To The Football Pitch


Punga Miniatures are closing in on the FINAL HOURS of their Kickstarter packed full of Vampires, Egyptians & Necromancers.

Restoration Takes On Kickstarter With Return To Dark Tower


Restoration Games are on Kickstarter right now as they delve into Return To Dark Tower which is an update on a classic board game which featuring an imposing electronic tower! 

Board Punga’s Pi’Rats Kickstarter For More Ratmen Teams


Punga Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for not one, but three new fantasy football teams full of characterful ratmen miniatures. Rats On A Sinking Ship Two of the teams feature ratmen of a nautical ilk. The first is the Kickstarter's […]

Punga Miniatures Announce New Fantasy Football Team


Avast,ye landlubbers! There be some keelhaulin' to do, cos I smell a rat! Punga Miniatures have released preview images for their latest fantasy football team, and they'll steal your booty and your brie!

Punga Work On More Furry Renders & Tease New Board Game


Punga Miniatures has been working on a few more renders for their Canitaurs & Felitaurs Kickstarter they ran not too long ago.

Weekender: Are Space Marines Dead?


We're talking about Blitzkrieg 1940 with TooFatLardies and asking if it's about time to drop the old Space Marines entirely.

Punga Close In On Final Week For Canitaurs & Felitaurs Kickstarters


You might have seen us talking about the Canitaurs & Felitaurs from Punga Miniatures before as they are charming and exceptionally fun models.

Punga Miniatures Take Canitaurs & Felitaurs To Kickstarter Today!


Punga Miniatures is going to be taking to Kickstarter later today with their Canitaurs & Felitaurs Kickstarter.

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