Punga Miniatures Unleash More Scampering Ratman Warriors!

June 8, 2021 by brennon

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Punga Miniatures has now released a bunch of additional 28mm Ratman Warriors for you to use when building up your Fantasy armies. This month, the focus is on the noxious and the twisted!

Master Molder - Punga Miniatures

Master Molder // Punga Miniatures

A couple of new character miniatures are at the core of these new releases including the Master Molder that you see above. Deep within their warrens, these Ratmen are sewing together all manner of strange beasts to make new creations and absorbing so much warpstone that they mutate and warp themselves.

To that end, you might need the likes of the Ratman above and his Pack Master buddy to keep your creations in check.

Pack Master - Punga Miniatures

Pack Master // Punga Miniatures

Despite floating around many different Fantasy races during my time with Warhammer and the like, the Skaven have always been a fun army. I even dabbled in making an army of Skaven way back in the day! I loved how they were just fun. Things might explode and your warriors would die by the bucketload but it would always be fun as it happened.

These new tinkerers are joined by a pack of deadly Giant Rats which look like they'd drag you away into their dens and turn you into bones in minutes.

Giant Rats - Punga Miniatures

Giant Rats // Punga Miniatures

If you want to get even more to fit this twisted theme then it is well worth checking out their webstore linked above. They have some huge Rat Ogres that desperately need a Pack Master to control them for example!

Plagued Vermin

You can also pick up some new pestilent followers for your Ratman army too. Leading the way is a new Command Group...

Plague Monk Command Group - Punga Miniatures

Plague Monk Command Group // Punga Miniatures

...but you can also fill out your ranks with this set of Plague Monks too.

Plague Monks - Punga Miniatures

Plague Monks // Punga Miniatures

These creatures are vicious and after facing them many a time in Vermintide, I could see them forming a solid core for your army. Once again, these third party miniatures showcase what you can do with posing and detail to make a tired old army pop. I imagine a lot of Skaven fans would be happy to snap these up.

Finally, we also have these Plague Disciples who are ready to bring the censers down on your head!

Plague Disciples - Punga Miniatures

Plague Disciples // Punga Miniatures

A great looking set of miniatures for those wanting to build up a new Ratman army. Those round bases make them perfect for the likes of Age Of Sigmar or Age Of Fantasy but I reckon they would also be pretty ace when dropped into a roleplaying adventure or two as well.

Are you liking these new Ratman Warriors?

"Once again, these third party miniatures showcase what you can do with posing and detail to make a tired old army pop..."

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