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Age of Sigmar Project: The Lake Town Modular Gaming Table

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Cult of Games Member

Thanks for the dates πŸ™‚


I am really liking this format of smaller VLOG style videos all in one place. It gives the project a dedicated space on the site and allows us to easier follow the evolution.

Cult of Games Member

Excellent project and format.
When do we get to see a game played on it ?

Cult of Games Member

They are already selling AoS here in Germany. Saw it at a local shop when getting some paints.


Its so great to see Tommy Walsh back on the TV. Ive missed him

Seriously though….it is a great product from UK poundland.

How do they do a super glue and an activator and holder for a quid!!!!!!!

Its so flippin cheap!

Cult of Games Member

@warzan, thank for this the blog works great for these projects.

Cult of Games Member

The whole format is great and the content is even better…..thanks guys, great work!


I was on the verge of cancelling my backstage subscription as I felt the boot camps had kicked the hobby lab videos into the long grass but this has rescued me.

Are you trying to kill us with suspense by waiting till the last video to reveal the weathering technique?

Cult of Games Member

Looking great! I know you chaps have a very busy and tiring life running Beasts of War but you also have an awesome one! πŸ™‚

Cult of Games Member

Mordheim would be interesting to play on this board


I do believe this to be perfect for Mordheim and SAGA!

Cult of Games Member

SAGA would be my vote as well! I think that you should take that game up a bit more, missing proper coverage on possibly one of the best skirmish rulesets out there. And it has vikings! And irishmen, even!!


I voted for “something else” – change the buildings to corrugated iron shacks and have modern special forces (SAS, SEALs etc) raiding a pirate lair for a hostage rescue.


So, my question is, based on the new AoS fluff, what realm is this lake-town supposedly located? Essentially it appears everyone in this future warhammer world lives in one of Eight realms based upon the 8 lords of magic from the old warhammer world (light, death, life, fire, beasts, metal, shadow and heavens). Sigmar’s realm is the realm of the heavens. Where is this laketown?

Is it built on a flourishing lake in the realm of life?

Is it a town built on a lake in the realm of beasts, using the water as a protective barrier against rampaging orruks (orcs) goblins, ogres, and other nasties?

Cult of Games Member

The something else I have picked was On the Sevrn Seas or Pulp Action

Cult of Games Member

You guys must not miss the opportunity of playing Mordheim on this great table!

Cult of Games Member

What about playing Wild Wet Exodus?

Cult of Games Member

When John is lefthanded, the camera should be to the right. His left hand obscures what he does all the time when the cam is to the left like in these clips.


Mordheim on this Board would be cool πŸ™‚

Cult of Games Member

I must confess, I never expected to see two grown men vigorously sanding their schooner for our delectation in this series…

Cult of Games Member

Inspirational, with great tips to take away and build something myself.

Cult of Games Member

Looks great, but AoS is the last thing I’d associate this setting with. Compare with the battke setting in the Total War Dev video and it’s gone from…
“Now, in this deep menacing valley surrounded by lava we confront the approaching hordes of Orc menace”
“Rumble down the Jetty at 7 OK?” πŸ˜‰

But just let me loose with Malifaux, Mordheim, Bushido goes west or even the Hobbit and it’s a cracking table!

Cult of Games Member

A couple of weeks ago, we had the good fortune to use this table for our first Frostgrave game. 4 different war bands arrived in a boom town near the frozen city. One getting off the ship, another arriving on a pier, one who’d already established themselves in a tower and my Wildling inspired war band breaking into the Lake Town for a look at all the newcomers.

It’s a sight to behold.

The next game we played, they entered the city and we played on a ruined city terrain.


There is no replacement to going outside and using the real world as a reference no matter what you are modelling, even in Sci Fi or fantasy builds, using the outside as reference gives a grounding to your pieces that carry the viewer from our world and connecting it with a made up one. Look at some of the most successful films, books and games, they tend to be the ones that have some sort of logical natural reference to them. Even films such as horror of an acid bleeding ultimate beast as in Alien to the Hobbits of the Shire share a reference to our own world. I could not say that there is anything more important than going out at least once a month in all weathers to if you want the same place. I did this with two locations one an old train bridge with rusting plates etc, I tried to take pictures from the same point at the same thing to see how light ,weather and time of year so dramatically varies the same. The second was a field where the battle of Towton moor took place and the field where the route towards Pontefract castle took place. I have often thought not just of the battle but how these poor infantry, bowman and cavalry are chased down. Towton is known as the bloodiest battle on English soil where the small beck that has been there since well before and even now floods on occasions and makes itself known, historically ran red for an age after the battle. Pontefract is some easy 11miles away and have to cross the ferry at what is now ferry bridge the river Aire runs too deep to cross here. The pictures are bleak even in the summer and the fields according to the farmer who now grows his crops on these fields they yield a bumper crop every year in comparison to those that even abut the same. Driving on the road through where the fighting expanded to once the Lancastrians broke on that wintery weather shed day. When its misty and has snowed in the still morning air, I often stop in a parking space where the main fight took place and in that swirling mist see the shadows and hear the hungry cries of the crows, rooks and mad laughter of the magpies but cannot see them nor upon what they feed.
Now I aren’t going to get that from a computer image, I cant smell the damp soil.
I would say if you get any chance and you have one near research a local battle go to where it was and really look at the lie of the land etc. Then return as often as once a month and take pictures in whatever weather is upon the day.
Sorry I really do believe that without going out and actually seeing then you will never know what rust grows like etc.
Good Hunting
Chris G