Tiger and Sidewinder… Resculpted for Heavy Gear!

April 2, 2012 by beerogre

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Despite its age, the Sidewinder is still a deadly Gear... it's fast, agile and packs a considerable punch.  An ideal upgrade to any trooper Gear, the Sidewinder adds a lot of firepower for a fraction of the cost of a Black Mamba and can be in any Southern Faction, Leagueless or Port Arthur force.

Sidewinder... Resculpted for Heavy Gear!

The Tiger is the predecessor of the Jaguar, but don't brush it off as obsolete!  It is a dangerous and fast Gear that makes an excellent upgrade from your standard Hunter.  The Tiger can be used by any Northern Factions and again by the Leagueless and Port Arthur factions.

Tiger... Resculpted for Heavy Gear!

The brand new re-sculpts features a new ball and socket system, allowing for much more dynamic posing options, new leg poses and new weapon options.

Will you be upgrading your Heavy Gear force with some classic Gears?

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