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Introduce yourselves (New member thread)

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    Hi there.

    As it’s good netiquette and good manners one introduces when joining a club/group/forum. This is a thread for new members but I encourage old/senior/veteran members to join in.

    Please feel free to share as much or as little information about yourself as you like.

    To break the ice I will start. (I’m keeping it efficient, you might want to do it in any other way, feel free to do so)

    • Name: Tim
    • Build Date: 4th August 1975
    • Status: married, one daughter.
    • Location: Oldenburg, Germany
    • Occupation: self employed IT guy. (“sysadmin for hire”)
    • Current miniature games played: Blood Bowl, X-Wing, Battletech but mainly Star Wars: Legion

    So, now it’s up to you.

    PS: I was under the impression we had such a thread already but it seems that was on the old homepage? At least I couldn’t find anything.


    Cult of Games Member

    This is a great idea Sundancer, I’ll  chip in.


    I’ve only been around the site for about a year but I love this place and when I went to the boot camps I loved it even more.

    Name: Paul
    Build Date: 31 May 1989
    Status: single
    Location: Belfast, NI
    Occupation: IT Guy (I feel like this might be a popular job in this thread)
    Current miniature games played: Whatever I can get my grubby mitts on at the minute but specifically 40K, Kings of War, Flames of War, SPQR (until something better gets released), Dropfleet and dropzone (I haven’t had a game of these but I’m desperate too.)



    @sundancer it’s always a good refresher plus to see who is where and playing what.

    • Name: Chris
    • Age: 36
    • Married
    • Living in Sheffield (via Herefordshire, Manchester, Leamington Spa, Bochum Germany)
    • Occupation: Research Software Engineer, Doctorate in Computational Chemistry, podcast host of Darker Days Radio, freelance writer for Wrath and Glory, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Vampire the Masquerade 5th ed, freelance writer for CYBR magazine
    • Current miniature games played: Warcry, Necromunda




    Hi, I’m Robert, and I have a mini-collecting problem!  I’m 41, am a founding member of the UMA (Unpainted Mini Army) from Armagh, Northern Ireland.  I always wanted to be Mike McVey and I love trains, rugby and heavy metal alongside the mini obsession.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Martin
    Build Date: 12th October 1979
    Status: married, four children.
    Location: London, England
    Occupation: CIO/CTO Consultant
    Current miniature games played: Everything and Anything… I am in this hobby for the pure fun and joy of it, I don’t get mixed up in the politics or wrongs or rights of the industry purely just the joy of it.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Daniel
    Spawned: 19th December
    Status: Married. One sprog and one on the way.
    Location: Newcastle, Blighty
    Occupation: Software Consultant (I feel that this falls under the IT guy umbrella @lordsanes predicts).
    Games Currently Played:
    Dungeons & Dragons, Wrath & Glory, Malifaux: Through the Breech, Warhammer 40K: Kill Team, Aeronautica Imperialis, trying to find some games of Burrows & Badgers and get up to enough GW minis for Warhammer 40K.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Dennis
    Build Date: 19th August 1964
    Status: married, one daughter.
    Location: Kansas USA
    Occupation: 650 ft below ground in an old salt mine-Keeper of other people’s secrets and Hollywood’s Treasure (film original prints, props, ECT ECT,)
    Current miniature games played: Flames of War, Star Wars: Legion, Test of Honour, Blood and Plunder, Force on Force, Specra Operations, Uboat the Board Game, Big Trouble in Little China the Board Game………and many many more!

    I also build and fly  RC Aircraft, sail RC Sailboats and enjoy technology……computers (hardware and software), Audio and Video recording editing and compositing) and 3D Printers (which have recently become a passionate pass time)


    Not to mention a love for old cars.  Usually small two seater cars but I also have a 1955 F100 and a CBR900RR Fireblade.


    Cult of Games Member

    There was a time before I was a member of this site, but it was all such a long time ago.

    • Name: Simon
    • Build Date: 1972
    • Status: partnered up
    • Location: Birmingham, UK, looking to move north (see “Status”)
    • Occupation: Pro nerd (yes another)
    • Current miniature games played: Frostgrave, Dreadball, Warhammer Underworlds, Shadows over Brimstone (WLTM more skirmish games)

    Other than games I do gigs and watching sport (football, cricket, can sometimes be talked into going to rugby union).



    I’ll join in 🙂

    • Name: Ben
    • Build Date: 3rd October 1987
    • Status: Partner
    • Location: Stourbridge, UK
    • Occupation: Written Content Editor // Staff Writer 😉
    • Current Miniature Games Played: Burrows & Badgers & a host of different board and card games

    Looking forward to seeing folks getting involved if they’re new and sharing the games they love!


    Cult of Games Member

    Hi there.

    Name: Dylan
    Build Date: 4th March 1996
    Status: Single, Live in a Shed.
    Location: Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia.
    Occupation: Student (Law)/Charity Work
    Current miniature games played: Heaps, see my Projects, double it and mix in a bunch of obscure nonsense. Really like Black Powder and WWII.



    Name: Ben
    Build Date: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
    Status: Married.
    Location: Parts Unknown (near Manchester)
    Occupation: Project Manager for Steamforged Games.
    Current miniature games played: Mainly playing board and card games but getting in some Batman & DC and will be playing Marvel.


    Cult of Games Member

    Name: Steve
    Build Date: 1966
    Status: married,
    Location: Lisburn NI
    Occupation: Big Brother,  well UK Government really

    Current miniature games played: Not really playing at the moment but enjoy ADLG Dux Bellorum and some others. I used play a lot more than I do now but have always loved rpgs

    Used to do viking reenactment, played cricket a few other sports which is now taking its toll on my body










    Thanks so much for this @sundancer

    Name: Warren
    Build Date: 7th May 1976
    Status: Married, 4 Kids Daughter 8, Boys 6, 4, 2
    Location: Coleraine, Northern Ireland
    Occupation: One of the Team here at OnTableTop
    Current miniature games played: Mainly D&D adventures with my Kids just at the moment, don’t have the balls to face @dignity‘s Alpha Strikes lol


    Cult of Games Member

    Hi all!

    Name: Don
    Build date: 1972
    Status: married, 2 teenagers, plus one perpetual grad student
    Location: Victoria, BC Canada
    Occupation: municipal engineer
    Current games played: Core Space, Pulp City, Infinity, Burrows & Badgers


    Cult of Games Member

    ·        Name: Dawid

    ·        Build Date: 25th February 1978

    ·        Status: married, two teenage daughters and one more on the way.

    ·        Location: Northern Dublin

    ·        Occupation: homestay dad/student (used to run my own law firm until last year),

    ·        Current miniature games played: none played as I struggle to find opponents in new place, still love Infinity and Frostgrave. I focus on painting and building and develop my new love to 3d printing and designing.

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