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Warhammer Fantasy, Pest Control

Warhammer Fantasy, Pest Control

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About the Project

Spring Clean Challenge entry 2021, Warhammer Fantasy Skaven

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Finishing the Bodyguard

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Skill 8
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I’ve now finished the next 20 rats, the Skaven Stormvermin, bodyguards to the warlords.

These were ones that had been fully painted previously, so rather than a full paint job, i just went in and “upgraded” the paint job.

For these, I did fully paint over all of the red and the metal armour on the bodies. This was because these were the two main and most visible colours so it thought they would require the most effort.

Everything else, the skin, fur, weapons etc, i would bring up to scratch through the highlighting.

I wanted to keep the fur dark, because, if i remember correctly from the old lore, Skaven born with darker fur tend to be destined for better things, (being elite troops, warlords and so on). I also didnt rust the weapons as much on these, as, being the elite, they are meant to have the best pick of weapons and armour, but i still kept them a little dirty as they would still have been scavenged/ not well cared for weapons.

I don’t know what will be next. Troops wise, I have either plague monks or Clanrats. I think i will probably go for the plague monks as there are less of them, and they are in a better condition ready to start painting, plus they will be in a different scheme to the Stormvermin above (whereas the clanrats will be in a very similar scheme)

Phase 1: Complete

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Have completed the first phase of my project, the 40 Skaven Night Runners.

They are not my best work, but as they are part of a large horde army, they will look good enough on the table top.

Next up will be my 20 Stormvermin, out of all my skaven, they are probably the ones with the best paint job, so i wont be stripping the paint off of them, just putting them back onto square bases, and just touching up the paint job a little bit to up the standard.

Phase 1: Complete

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I already regret this......

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Skill 7
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So i’ve finally got all 40 rats base coated and washed….why didn’t I choose an easier project????

I’ve not been putting too much effort into these, bearing in mind they are a small part of what will be a large horde army, so as long as they look good on the table in their units, i’ll be happy. So i was able to get to this stage fairly quickly, they are a bit messy, but will be relying on the wash and the highlighting to tidy them up. Then i can move onto another unit, most likely I will rebase the Stormvermin back onto squares, and because they were one of the few things that i did have fully painted, just go back and touch the paint jobs up a little to a better standard, as they were painted about 10 years ago when i was fairly new to the hobby.

Slow Progress

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Skill 8
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Slow progress since the last update. I did drybrush all the weapons to get that rusty weapon look, I used the Flames of War Gun Metal paint for this.

I’ve also started painting the cloth/leathers of Clan Eshin on the night runners, just using a black paint, which will be the main theme colour of these. This is going to take a while as, first off, i dont enjoy painting black, but secondly, im taking care to to paint over any straps or other bits of leather work that i want to keep brown. So far, 8 down, 32 to go…..

Slow Progress

I have also managed to get a couple of other things done though other than painting.

I assembled the plague furnace, meaning i now have both the plague furnace and the screaming bell, something i’ve wanted since i first saw them in a white dwarf several years ago.

Slow Progress

I’ve not based it yet as im wanting to put it on a rectangulr base,  but 60x100mm bases are impossible to find, 50x100mm, no problem, and I’m wanting to mount the models on the bases that they would have come with when released during Warhammer Fantasy Battle’s existance.

I also used the left over parts to assemble the Grey Seer, a bit of messing around was required as it is originally designed to sit atop the bell on the screaming bell, i hand picked some cork chunks for it to stand on, and chopped up the bells from the plague priests kit to put in place of the hand thats usually holding onto the bell.

The final bit I did was to strip the paint off of my original set of plague priests that i first got when i started the army, and put them back onto square bases, having only a year or so ago re-based them onto rounds. I used Bio-strip 20 to strip the paint off the models.

Slow Progress

For now I will be continuing to paint the black onto the Night Runners, and then maybe add some different browns for the rest of the leathers.

First Colours down

Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 11
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Quick little update. I decided to base all of the night runners in brown, figuring brown would be a good base for the fur, rusted metals, and skin, plus anything else i choose to paint in different shade of brown.

So now i have all 40 night runners, based in Rhinox Hide, and drybrushed with Doombull Brown

Any weapons or large bits of metal were given an additional drybrush of Troll Slayer Orange

Yeah, you got a rat problem....

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 10
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Greetings all, I hope you are all doing well, and if you aren’t, hope you start feeling better soon!

Decided this year that I would actually get stuck into the Spring Clean challenge. So far in 2021 my painting mojo has been at it’s peak, already having finished 86 models!!!! Let’s see how long i can keep this up before burning out.

Decided that I would enter this challenge with my Skaven, my favourite fantasy race, that i started over 10 years ago when i first got into the hobby in my late teens. Since then the model pile for the army has grown, whilst the “completed” pile….has grown a little, but not by much.

I had put off this project for a while. With the coming of Age of Sigmar, i decided i would rebase everything onto round bases….. and then “The Old World” was announced… Which quite frankly, I am very excited about. To be honest, Age of Sigmar doesn’t do anything for me, I find the rules ok, but the lore I cannot get behind at all, I don’t understand a fair bit of it, and it’s all a bit too fantasy for me, whereas i loved the dirty, medieval feeling of the Old World, and I thought the rules, whilst complicated, where enjoyable too. But I didnt know then what to do basing wise. Is the Old World going to stick with round bases? or will GW annoy a lot of people who have already re-based their armies and go back to square bases?

After a bit of research and a brief question session on one of the Facebook groups, it seems the general feeling is that the Old World game will be back on square bases, (some people seem to think that this has been confirmed). So I will be sticking with square bases. Fortunately a lot of my stuff is still on square bases, but there are a few pieces that I have already re-based, plus all the new stuff comes with round bases now anyway, so I will have to find replacements.

But to make things easy, I will start working on the models that are still on squares.

So this is my collection, as you can see, most of it has just been chucked in a box where it has remained for most of a decade, so there are a few broken pieces, fortunately I do have spare parts, but if i am missing anything, I then have an excuse to buy more models.

From what i remember that I have in the collection , there is:

80 Clanrats
60 Plague Monks
20 Storm Vermin
40 Night Runners
Plus a large assortment of weapons teams, characters and war engines.

I also have the Forgeworld Verminlord below, don’t worry, he’s not just chucked in a box, he sits atop my bookshelk facing off against my Mythic Games Dragon.

So that’s my collection so far, still got some models to assemble, got some models to put back onto squares, and still lots of models I want to buy…..

Im gonna start of easy, with the 40 Gutter Runners. I am also going to be reading through the old Skaven Army book, reminding myself of the lore, the characters and what it was that I loved about the Skaven. I feel like Age of Sigmar lost a lot of the humour that some of the Old World factions had, I loved that when playing Skaven, anything and everything, could, and probably did go wrong, whereas reading through the Sigmar Skaven book, that humour and sillyness no longer seems to be there, at least not at the same level….

Bring on the Old World!!!!

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