Sedition Wars Firebrand Powersuits: Maul & Mattock

September 1, 2011 by beerogre

Check out the latest releases from Studio McVey for Sedition Wars... the Firebrand Powersuit!

First up the Firebrand T.H.I. Maul

Seditionwars: Firebrand T.H.I. Maul

Next the Firebrand T.H.I. Mattock

Seditionwars: Firebrand T.H.I. Mattock

These look amazing, so if you're looking for some heavy support for your sci-fi warriors, then here's the models you've been waiting for.

Oh and if you are interested here's a bit of the fluff for them:

The Thorn Heavy Industries Utility Carapace was originally intended for deep immersion in hostile industrial environments. Designed to withstand physical loads of pressure and gravity that would kill unprotected bodies, these suits made the ideal protection and heavy weapons units for the Firebrand's battle with the Vanguard.

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