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GameCraft Miniatures Paintable Cobblestone Bases


GameCraft Miniatures shown off new 25mm and 60mm acrylic bases.

Micro Art Studio add some Ruined and Forest Oval Bases


New sets of resin 60mm bases from Micro Art Studio

Check Out Epic Sci-Fi Concept Sculpts From Flytrap Factory


Flytrap Factory has shown off their sculpting prowess with some new concept pieces which might make their way to the tabletop in the future. See what you think of Blockade & Spider.

A Stunning Archangel Miniature is Available On Kickstarter


Whether you are looking for an angel to game with or an angel to bring to life with paints, you need to have a look at the Heroes - Archangel Kickstarter. You can pick up this beautiful angel in 32mm or 60mm!

Holy Chess Game, Batman! Deluxe Batman Chess Set From Noble Collection


If you're a Batman fan looking for a chess game that would make Robin say, Holy Chess Game, Batman- then take a look at The Noble Collection! This Batman Chess Set is back lit, on the cityscape of Gotham with all your favorites in tow.

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