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Farewell to Chaos Space Marines Week


So that's it... the Chaos Space Marine Codex has been dissected and we hope you enjoyed the analysis. So, as a final word from the guys, we'll sum up our thoughts on the Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Battlefield Autopsy: Chaos Space Marines New Codex


The guys report back on some test games they played using the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. Check it out to see what happened.

Unboxing the Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion


The guys have a look at the new Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion, but what will they think of this single mini plastic kit?

Chaos Space Marines: The Psychic Powers


They're new, but we've been burned by random Psychic powers before. We all know Darrell's aversion to anything random, so what words of wisdom will he have to help your aspiring sorcerers?

Chaos Space Marines: The HQ Section & Champions of Chaos!


The Chaos Space Marines get access to a lot of named characters and with the change to Elite for many of the previous Chaos staples, how do the HQ choices influence your choice of army?

Chaos Space Marines: Potential Allies


The Chaos Space Marines are pretty potent, but do the guys have any thoughts on potential allies to make them even more fierce?

Chaos Space Marines: Heavy Support Section


Filled with new walkers, the Heavy Support section also sees the first instance of the new Flak missiles, from the Warhammer 40K 6th edition rulebook... but are they worth the points?

Unboxing the Forgefiend & Maulerfiend Kit


They're new for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition... they're new for the Chaos Space Marine Codex. But will the kits stand up to the hype or are they just for Chaos Space Marine fans?

Chaos Space Marines: 1500pt Black Legion Starter Army


Andy has created a starter army for budding Chaos Marine players. He's gone with Black Legion, to leave room for you guys to tweak the list. But was that the right choice?

Unboxing the New Plastic Raptor & Warp Talon Kit


It's the latest kit for Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40K, but is the Raptor/Warp Talon kit a winner, or will it be relegated to the bits box?

Chaos Space Marines: Fast Attack Section


It received a new plastic kit in the form of the Chaos Raptors & Warp Talons... but does the Fast Attack section hold up to the might of the other sections of the Codex?

Unboxing the Heldrake… New Chaos Space Marine Flyer!


The guys take a look at the new Chaos Marine Flyer... the Heldrake!

Chaos Space Marine Week: Painting a Bloodletter of Khorne


Blood for the Blood god...!!! Paint for the Frenchman...!!! Romain needs some allies for the Chaos Marines and what better than a fearsome Bloodletter of Khorne!

Chaos Space Marines: The Elite Section


The Elite section is the largest in the new Chaos Marine Codex and you'll find many of your old 40K favourites have made the leap from troops to elite... but what does that mean for your Chaos Marine army?

Chaos Space Marines Week: The Troops Section


The first section we want to cover is the Chaos Marine troops section, it may be small, but it's arguably the most important section and has one of the brand new units for Warhammer 40K 6th Edition... the Chaos Cultists!

Chaos Space Marines Week… Let’s take a first look!


The new Warhammer 40K Chaos Marine Space Codex is out and the guys give you a bit of an overview of the changes, plus some teasers on the sort of thing you'll see during the week.

Chaos Space Marines Week… Backstage Exclusive!


Starting Monday 8th October, we'll be running a Chaos Marines Week, featuring the new Codex... but just for you Backstagers... here's a sneak peek at the sort of things you can expect to see.

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