Hawk Wargames Warm Up the Mechs for Dropzone Commander

May 16, 2012 by brennon

Some more 10mm beauties have surfaced from Hawk Wargames. Check out these titanic mechs and a rather snazzy looking fighter from their upcoming range in Dropzone Commander

Odin Heavy Walker - Post-Human Republic

Seraphim Strike Fighter - United Colonies of Mankind

It might just be because the Walkers have the name ‘Odin’ in them but those are looking pretty special. That’s not to say the Seraphim Strike Fighter isn’t! Loving the fact that those Mech-walkers will stand head and shoulders over everything else at a whopping 31mm! Another thing to note is how the sleek and carefully shaped form from other Post-Human craft has worked its way into this stomping great walkers.

Are the Post-Human Republic your favourite faction so far? If not, who is?