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Vlog: A Game for Salute – YOU Decide

12 hours ago 46

A HUGE thank you to all of the Backstagers who aided out call last week about data management. Secondly, we’re giving you the choice on what we bring to Salue this year.

Unboxing: Wolsung SSG – Ven Rier Agents

17 hours ago 1

We’re back for another unboxing from the world of Wolsung SGG and I have Lukasz joining me again to unveil the Ven Rier Agents from the Micro Art Studio.

Check Out Previews From The Horus Heresy Weekender

18 hours ago 12

Check out some shots from the Horus Heresy Weekender showing off more for the Mechanicum AND a preview of the upcoming Leman Russ for Forge World’s Primarch series…

Modern Wargaming With “Force-On-Force” Part One – Introduction

1 day ago 50

unclejimmy and oriskany join together to look at the rules set that featured throughout most of the Modern Wargaming series we ran last year – Force on Force. Come and find out more about the basics within…

40K Battle Report - Chaos Space Marines Vs Dark Angels

40K Battle Report – Chaos Space Marines Vs Dark Angels ... 32 UPDATES!

2 days ago 34

Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?

3 days ago 131

Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We’ve got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Weekender: Talking Kickstarter With Massive Awesome & Micro Art Studio

Weekender: Talking Kickstarter With Massive Awesome & Micro Art Studio

4 days ago 168

Welcome to a bumper Weekender where we
have not one but two interviews for you along
with a special pro-painted prize…

Age Of Tyrants: How To Build A Junkers Company

4 days ago 4

If you’re wondering on how to build armies for Age of Tyrants then they’ve put together this piece showing off a typical Junkers army for the game. Don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter…

VLOG: The BIG Data Storage Problem

4 days ago 55

The Beast has taken up a lot of data of the years and we’re asking you for some help on working out a long term solution to the quest we undertook five years ago…

Conquering Kings Of War – Legions Tactics

5 days ago 5

We’re back with Rich from Mantic talking about how to play with your Legions in Kings of War. These units are a massive hammer blow to the opponent but they can be trapped and draw a lot of fire from the enemy.

Conquering Kings Of War XLBS – Dealing With A Legion

5 days ago 0

So we’ve looked at how to play using Legions in Mantic Games’ Kings of War but how do you deal with them when you face them across the field of battle?

3 Colours Up: Painting An ALEPH Skin Tone – Part Two

6 days ago 6

Romain is back for part two to show you How To Paint some pale skin tones for those of the A.I persuasion! This time we’re taking a look at how to paint the face and modern hair of the ALEPH from Infinity.

Hobby Lab: Dual Scale Threshed & Ploughed Fields

6 days ago 43

We show you how to build some great fields
for your gaming table!

Note: An adult should supervise any younger
viewers who wish to follow this tutorial.

What’s In The Box: Bolt Action – German Grenadiers

6 days ago 15

Hey all, we’re back and for another unboxing of Bolt Action from Warlord Games. This time we’re looking at the German Grenadiers, a fond build for Justin as he plays Germans in his squad. How would you play the Grenadiers in your battle?

Meet The Races Of Awakening: Recon – On IndieGoGo This Weekend

6 days ago 1

Fat Man Productions are heading to IndieGoGo soon to fund their Sci-Fi project Awakening: Recon. Come and learn more about the races of their world and ask them some questions too!