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Board Game Review: Explore The Supernatural & Solve A Murder In Asmodee's Mysterium

Board Game Review: Explore The Supernatural & Solve A Murder In Asmodee’s Mysterium

8 hours ago 4

Objective Infinity: Utilising Camouflage

12 hours ago 2

Sometimes on the Infinity battlefield it pays to stay out of sight until you need to make that vital kill and in this episode Carlos of Corvus Belli shows Justin how to utilise Camo skills effectively.

Objective Infinity XLBS: Camo Countermeasures

12 hours ago 0

It can be tricky to fight an opponent in camouflage cover but fear not as Carlos is going to divulge a few countermeasures you can employ in your games of Infinity to turn the tables.

First Captain America: Civil War Trailer Hits The Internet

13 hours ago 16

The Captain America: Civil War trailer has hit and it’s quite the doozy! Captain America squares off against Iron Man with other heroes having to choose sides…

Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?

1 day ago 33

Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We’ve collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them…

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus’ Legendary Wyatt Earp & Dr. Carpathian

2 days ago 3

We’re in the studio for another unboxing as we find out more about two Legendary models from Wild West Exodus.

New Infinity Models Strike For November!

New Infinity Models Strike For November!

2 days ago 16

Another awesome round of
releases have hit from
Corvus Belli for their
Sci-Fi game, Infinity.

Which one is your favourite?

40K Charted: The Chaos Gods Explored – Slaanesh

3 days ago 36

It’s time to get stuck into one of the stranger Gods from the Warhammer 40,000 universe by Games Workshop. Do you have what it takes to resist the lure of Slaanesh?

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

4 days ago 246

Join us for a relaxing Sunday
morning with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re chatting
about the revival of Specialist
Games From Games
Workshop and more…

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To Watch XLBS

AdeptiCon Talks EP 2: Interview With Wyrd Games

5 days ago 0

Dawn and Gianna have recruited Sean Overton from Wyrd Games to talk about what’s in store for us at AdeptiCon.

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground's Sci-Fi Buildings

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings

5 days ago 381

Come and join us for an epic Weekender
where we’re talking Team Yankee &
4Ground Terrain AND giving away
some awesome prizes!

Final Renders For Dawn's Jezebel Miniature Revealed

Final Renders For Dawn’s Jezebel Miniature Revealed

5 days ago 41

Dawn’s Jezebel miniature is just weeks away from being a reality. Follow along on her progress as Prodos converts the fantastic artwork of Paranoid Miniatures’ artist, Shane Cook, into 3D sculpt.

Conquering Kings of War – Taking Aim With Shooting

6 days ago 0

Even in the fantasy world of Kings of War your troops can lock, load and shoot their way to victory. Rich from Mantic Games shows Justin how he can incorporate these units into his army.

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Wheeling In The Warmachines

6 days ago 4

It’s time to wheel out the heavy duty firepower as in this XLBS edition of Conquering Kings of War we take a look at the mighty Warmachines and the effect they can have in battle.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A Star Metal Stormcast Eternal

6 days ago 11

Welcome back to another metallics tutorial from Romain as he shows you how to paint a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Liberator in a Star Metal scheme.