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Privateer Press Templecon Livestreams Friday Feb 6 Saturday Feb 7

VLog: Event Coverage & Dropzone Boot Camp Gets Green Light

4 hours ago 30

It’s all go today! Lloyd is gearing up to test out our new event coverage system, Warren has caught the plague, but is soldiering on to get the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Weekend up and running while Justin and John have been in the studio filming away and having more thoughts on Bolt Action.

Giving Malifaux A Go – First Impressions Of The Game!

4 hours ago 7

After a few months of being badgered about it I finally cracked and started to play some games of Malifaux by Wyrd Miniatures. I think I might have been bitten by the bug! See what my first impressions of the game have been…

Unboxing: 4Ground District I Bank

7 hours ago 5

We’ve got another amazing looking kit from 4Ground! This time it’s the District I Bank, part of the Jesserai Urban Zone range designed for use with Dropzone Commander.

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Book

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Book Up For Pre-Order February 2nd!

1 day ago 33

Pre-orders for Angel Giraldez’s Masterclass Volume I: Painting Miniatures From A to Z using a bunch of Infinity miniatures will be going up for pre-order on February 2nd 2015! This is going to be a limited run and once it’s gone it’s gone so if you want one you better be quick…

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer

A New Take On The Fantastic Four As Teaser Trailer Pops Up!

1 day ago 18

Unboxing: Plastic Soldier Company – 1/72nd Scale Panther Ausf A

1 day ago 22

The Tank God (John) and Justin are looking at another tank from The Plastic Solider Company. This time it’s the turn of the Panther Ausf A With Zimmerit in 1/72nd Scale.

Infinity's Amazing New February 2014 Releases!

Infinity’s Amazing New January 2015 Releases!

2 days ago 14

Well looks like the guys behind Infinity
have been working their socks off for us
once again with the new minis
for their game…

From what we’re hearing we’ll
be expecting these minis to
appear around the February
15th mark and I can’t wait to
get my hands on them for
a closer look!

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Magic & Monsters Expansion!

2 days ago 0

The new Orcs Versus Dwarves Magic & Monsters Expansion has popped up from Lords of War and it’s adding in a whole new level of complexity to the game! See what I think of the new units, new rules and of course how it all plays together!

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & BoW Boot Camp Green Light?

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & BoW Boot Camp Green Light?

4 days ago 140

Happy Sunday! On the XLBS
today we’ll be talking
about all the cool hobby
stuff we’ve been
getting up to!

Weekender: Talking Licensed Games & Events On The Horizon!

Weekender: Talking Licensed Games & Events On The Horizon!

5 days ago 78

Welcome to another
episode of The
Weekender! Today
we’ll be talking about
quite a big topic
in the tabletop
industry at the
moment and that’s
working with
corporations and
licensing games!

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Choosing The Factions!

5 days ago 82

Welcome to a tale of three gamers getting into World War II! We’re sitting down for a chat about what’s going to be happening in our new Bolt Action show and the first step is to pick the factions we’re going to be playing as!

Conan The Warlord Busts $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter [Update!]

6 days ago 29

Conan becomes a Warlord and Kerim Shah joins him in the battle against his numerous foes as the Kickstarter closes in on the $1 million mark. [Robert E. Howard Tribute joins the Stretch Goal list!]

Miniatures ER: Wolsung - Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 5!

Miniatures ER: Wolsung – Fixing Harriet Kinsley Part 5!

6 days ago 9

It’s time to finish up this repair job
from Romain of Harriet Kinsley
from the Micro Art Studio game,
Wolsung SSG.

Has she made a full recovery?

VLOG: Shiny New Site Upgrades & More!

7 days ago 49

Another weekly Vlog and loads more crazy happenings here at the Riverside Studio for Beasts of War. This week Warren and Lloyd have been working like lunatics to get the latest round of new shiny bells and whistles fitted to the website.

Terminator Hangout With Alessio Cavatore!

7 days ago 41

If you didn’t know already River Horse, with Alessio Cavatore at the helm, are going to be kicking off a Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game this summer with Warlord Games doing the distribution. We had a Google Hangout chat with the man himself on Wednesday at 7pm/19:00 GMT and got some of your questions answered.