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A Long Weekend Zombie Apocalypse!

4 hours ago 4

Taking a long weekend to do some hobbying is something we should all do once in a while and community member cpauls1 has done just that with some Mantic Zombies! Learn about how he posed and painted this undead horde…

Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter Blasts Off To Great Success!

10 hours ago 11

See what you make of the new Kickstarter for Maelstrom’s Edge from Spiral Arm Studios that has burst through its target goal. It’s being touted as the next generation of Sci-Fi wargames so come and give it a look…

Beasts of War Salute 2015 Live Blog

Salute 2015 Live Blog: The Days Fun ... 71 UPDATES!

2 days ago 143

It doesn’t seem like a year since we were last at Salute but it has been and this years Salute 2015 has kicked of at the ExCel Centre in London.

Salute 2015 Live Blog Assault On Hoth

Salute 2015 Live Blog: Assault On Hoth Participation Game ... 11 UPDATES!

2 days ago 29

Salute 2015 Live Blog: The Painting Competition! ... 19 UPDATES!

2 days ago 14
Salute 2015 Live Blog: Friday Set-Up

Salute 2015 Live Blog: Friday Set-Up ... 17 UPDATES!

3 days ago 50

It’s almost time for Salute 2015 to get started but first there’s a day of setting up for traders and exhibitors to get ready for Saturdays big show.

Flames Of War FTW XLBS: Getting Ready For Season Three

Flames Of War FTW XLBS: Getting Ready For Season Three

3 days ago 19

Flames of War For The Win is coming back
for its 3rd season. Before it does Warren &
Dave discuss their FTW experience so far &
look forward to whats coming up.

Deadzone Mega Battle Report Part 2

Deadzone Mega Battle Report: Part Two

4 days ago 14

Welcome back for the final part of our
Deadzone Mega Battle Report where
Warren has been hammering the
Plague forces of the wonderful
James M. Hewitt formally
of Mantic Games.

3 Colours Up Tips: How To Paint Red Hair & Body Hair

3 Colours Up Tips: How To Paint Red Hair & Body Hair

5 days ago 5

We’re back for another 3 Colours Up Tips
where Romain is showing us how to paint
Red Hair and also (since Barbarians
don’t tend to wax) some Body Hair too.


VLOG: We’ve Finished The Star Wars Battle of Hoth Gaming Table

5 days ago 38

After weeks of preparation our Battle of
Hoth participation game for Salute 2015
is finally complete.

Dead Earth Games' Next Project Revealed: The Shattered Crown

Dead Earth Games’ Next Project Revealed: The Shattered Crown

5 days ago 11

Warriors join mighty armies to make a name for themselves and write their deeds into epic tales with The Shattered Crown, coming to Kickstarter soon from Dead Earth Games. Read more about the game within…

Unboxing: Flames of War Sherman Armoured Platoon

5 days ago 14

Justin and John unbox a platoon of five British Armoured Sherman tanks for Flames of War which you can build into either a Sherman V or Firefly VC.

Exclusive! Check Out The New PlastCraft ColorED Terrain For Infinity

6 days ago 16

See what you make of these amazing looking pre-coloured terrain pieces for use with Infinity thanks to PlastCraft Games’ new range called ColorED.

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Guardiani Oblati

6 days ago 12

Rob from Prodos Games joins John for a Warzone: Resurrection unboxing where we look at the Guardiani Oblati of the Brotherhood. He’s also brought with him a painted pair to show off too!


Infinity Sneak Peek: Tiger Soldier With Boarding Shotgun

6 days ago 15

We’ve got an awesome sneak peek at the Tiger Soldier with Boarding Shotgun for Yu Jing! This is a massive update on the original sculpt so check it out…