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Weekender: Wild West Exodus Chat & Warlords New Plastic Stug!

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Chat & Warlords New Plastic StuG!

23 hours ago 246

Kicking things off we should note
that you can win yourself a
copy of the Batman
Miniatures Game Rulebook
from Knight Models by
commenting on
this post!

Warmachine: What Keeps Me Coming Back?

1 day ago 64

What brings you back to your favourite game? Bintykins talks us through what brings her back to Warmachine and Hordes time and time again. Find out inside and let us know what drags you in again and again!

Q&A Time With The MYTH: Journeyman Team!

2 days ago 5

We got some time to quiz the folks on the Megacon Games team about their MYTH: Journeyman Kickstarter as it comes to a close over the weekend! Find out more within…

Drop Tactics – How To Use The UCM Katana

2 days ago 6

For this Drop Tactics we take a look at how UCM players can effectively use the Katana Light Tanks in Dropzone Commander, a lighter alternative to the Sabre Battle Tanks.

Drop Tactics XLBS – How Armies Can Stop The UCM Katana

2 days ago 4

So you’ve seen us discuss tactics for using the Katana in Dropzone Commander but now on Drop Tactics XLBS we look into how you can stop this UCM tank dead in its tracks.

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Special Deterrance Group Azra'il!

INFINITY Sneak Peek: Special Deterrance Group Azra’il!

2 days ago 15

We’ve received another awesome packet of intel from the folks at Corvus Belli for Infinity and the focus of it this time is the Special Deterrance Group Azra’il!

An awesome sound unit with a rich past allowing you
to go crazy with the look and design of the armour.

Game Hacks: Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

2 days ago 16

Do you have a pile of old Codices and Armybooks lying around? Break out Arbaal the Undefeated or The Doom Rider and start using some of the old Special Characters that are no longer ‘legal’. See what kind of mischief you can make!

Checking Out The Mighty Gullin From Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!

3 days ago 2

It’s time to take a look at possibly the coolest looking Iron Kingdoms Unleashed character from Privateers Press’ latest Adventure Kit release. See what you think of the funky Pygmy Troll Gullin Oathbreaker…

New Gangs & Penguin Take To The Street For The Batman Miniatures Game

3 days ago 12

New gangs for Two Face & Blackgate show up alongside the Gotham version of Penguin and even some Policemen that are trying to make sure they don’t cause too much havoc!

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part Two

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint African Skin Part Two

3 days ago 8

Romain moves on to the stages of painting his
technique for a beautiful African Skin Tone
on our little Kingdom Death Pin-Up miniature,
adding in another level of
deeper shading and highlights.

Take The Fighting Inside With PlastCraft’s TME Corridors!

3 days ago 6

You can now take your fighting inside out of the elements with this set of TME Corridors coming very soon from PlastCraft Games for use with their Designed For Infinity range. Take a closer look within!

The Purge Doctor Will See You Now For The Edge Kickstarter

The Purge Doctor Will See You Now For The Edge Kickstarter

3 days ago 3

Making Your Own Epic Miniatures: The Concept Stage!

3 days ago 60

We’ve all dreamed of making our own personal miniatures for the tabletop and deaddave is doing just that as he teams up with RC Studio Design on some initial concept work. Watch this space as we’ll be following the process the whole way through!

VLOG: Warren’s Orky Sub & Hobby Projects!

3 days ago 38

Welcome to your weekly dose of VLogging goodness where Warren has got into the swing of things when it comes to crafting his Ork Mega-Submarine.

The Raging Heroes Light & Darkness Kickstarter Launches & Funds!

4 days ago 23

The Raging Heroes Kickstarter for Darkness & Light has gone very well indeed so far and easily surpassed its Kickstarter goal. Check out the various armies and let us know which one is your favourite…