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Vlog: Boot Camp Tables, AT-ATs & Heroic Package Arrives

16 hours ago 23

It’s time for your weekly look at what’s been going on at Beasts of War HQ. This week has been pretty manic so far and it’s showing no signs of slowing down even with the mid-week hump!

Infinity Arachne: N3 Movement Edition – Location, Location, Location

16 hours ago 5

Movement is a pretty big part of any wargame and the changes to it in N3 of Infinity have made for some really awesome cinematic fights. If you want to find out about the changes check them out within!

Exclusive! Deadzone Hard Plastic Veer-Myn On The Way!

21 hours ago 25

Mantic Games have dropped a rather interesting data-pack in our laps! The Veer-Myn are ready to slink their way into the world of Deadzone so keep an eye out for a new hard plastic multi-part kit with their new Kickstarter.

Unboxing: Bolt Action Panzer IV Plastic Kit

22 hours ago 12

Justin and John take a look at a plastic Panzer IV kit for Bolt Action which allows you to make one of three versions of this famous tank.

Salute Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere Folks! [Update!]

23 hours ago 37

After a weekend of people wondering we’ve had confirmation that Salute isn’t going anywhere and it won’t be leaving the ExCel centre anytime soon either [Statement From South London Warlords Added!]

VLog: BoW's Big Content Clean Up!

VLog: BoW’s Big Content Clean Up!

2 days ago 65

Book Your Bolt Action Boot Camp Ticket Now! (SOLD OUT!)

3 days ago 56

World War 2.5 – Gaming An Alternate History [Part Three]

3 days ago 44

In this penultimate part of World War 2.5 from community member oriskany we see the French mounting a bloody defence, Polish resistance fighters popping up to harass the Soviets, and a heroic last ditch attempt by German forces protecting civilians to stop the Russian war machine outside Nuremberg.

Wild West Exodus $30 Voucher Winner – Final XLBS Winners!

3 days ago 64

You could have been one of the lucky ones to pick up a $30 Voucher for the Wild West Exodus webstore! See if you’re the winners from The Weekender XLBS!

Wild West Exodus Opens for Unfinished Business!

4 days ago 31

The Kickstarter for Unfinished Business has gone live so you can head on over and check out the new factions and more for Wild West Exodus!

Which of the four new factions are you going to be picking up? Let us know in the comments!

Weekender XLBS: AT-ATs Take Shape For Big Salute Hoth Game!

4 days ago 216

Happy Sunday! We’ve had quite the bonkers week that was compounded by a power cut on Thursday. We’ve been hobbying away in the background sorting out AT-ATs, working on Boot Camp tables and Warren’s been looking through Citadel Combat Cards! Poll Added! Help settle the AT-AT dispute!

Weekender: Gaming At Different Scales & Are You The WWX Big Winner?

Weekender: Gaming At Different Scales & Are You The WWX Big Winner?

5 days ago 120

Card Game Review: One Night Werewolf!

6 days ago 7

It’s time to check out a favourite card game of ours for down the pub! Check out this review of One Night Werewolf which should be a staple part of any game collection!

Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83

Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83 – You Lived Long & Prospered Spock

6 days ago 52

Leonard Nimoy, the man who played the role of Spock on the original series of Star Trek, has died aged 83.

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

6 days ago 3