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Dropfleet Commander - Shaltari Shooting

Dropfleet Commander – Shaltari Shooting

13 hours ago 8

Unboxing: Norsgard’s The Howling Horde

17 hours ago 6

We’re taking a look at the world of Norsgard today and start with a peek at one of their newest releases, The Howling Horde Starter Set.

Dropfleet Commander: Shaltari Mechanics

Dropfleet Commander – Shaltari Mechanics

2 days ago 16

With the Dropfleet Commander
Kickstarter in its final days we
take a further look into the game
with the first of three videos
this week.

First up a look at the mechanics of
the Shaltari fleet.

40k Charted: The Secret Tactics of Tank Shock!

2 days ago 24

One of the things we all remember about our games of Warhammer 40,000 are those watercooler moments and Tanks can end up being the focal point of a lot of them! With that in mind we’re sticking some tanks on the table and looking at Tank Shock.

Banners and Buildings of Lloydoslavia

Download The Boot Camp Lloydoslavia Designs

3 days ago 21

UPDATE: Roofs Added

Team Yankee Boot Camp Sunday

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Sunday ... 39 UPDATES!

3 days ago 1065

Join us this weekend as the Cold War goes hot and we take a look at Battlefront’s new Team Yankee game. It’s time to play more games!

AdeptiCon Talks EP 3: Warhammer 40k Tournaments

3 days ago 1

Dawn and Gianna meet up with Chris and Hank to talk about Warhammer 40k Tournaments which will be taking place at this years AdeptiCon!

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Saturday

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Saturday ... 43 UPDATES!

4 days ago 1119

Join us this weekend as the Cold War goes hot and we take a look at Battlefront’s new Team Yankee game and get stuck into some games!

Unboxing: Kraken Wargames Mat

4 days ago 17

We may be in the midst of the Team Yankee Boot Camp but when we got this mat from Kraken Wargames nothing was going to stop us from showing you how great it is.

Team Yankee Beasts of War Boot Camp Friday

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Friday ... 35 UPDATES!

5 days ago 1084

Join us this weekend as the Cold War goes hot and we take a look at Battlefront’s new Team Yankee game!

Entering The Warzone – Juggernaut Wall Smashing

5 days ago 2

It’s time for some brute force in our games of Warzone: Resurrection as we explore the wall smashing ability of the Bauhaus’ armed to the teeth Juggernauts. There’s a Imperial Commander holed up in a bunker and we need to root him out!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Taking A Bite Out Of Juggernauts

5 days ago 4

Justin may have found it tough going so far against the might of the Bauhaus Juggernauts but he has a couple of aces up his sleeve in the form of a pair of Imperial Greyhound LAFV’s. How will they get on?

VLOG: Team Yankee Boot Camp – 1 Day To Go

5 days ago 34

Excitement is fever pitch at Beasts of War HQ as people have already started to arrive from far and wide to take part in our Team Yankee Boot Camp starting tomorrow.

Gurn Of The Every Other Week – Where Have All the Gamers Gone?

6 days ago 24

I am very familiar with this latest gurn that has just come through from one of our Backstagers. It’s one I think anyone moving to a new place finds themselves facing: Where are all the gamers?

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A True Silver Stormcast Eternal

6 days ago 7

We set up shop again to start painting one of Games Workshops Age of sigmar Models, showcasing metallic technique with yours truly.