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Wild West Exodus Opens for Unfinished Business!

2 hours ago 2

The Kickstarter has just went live, so jump in and see what you think…

Weekender XLBS: Last Year For Salute At ExCel?

13 hours ago 157

Happy Sunday! We’ve had quite the bonkers week that was compounded by a power cut on Thursday. That didn’t help! We’ve been hobbying away in the background sorting out AT-ATs, working on Boot Camp tables and Warren’s been looking through Citadel Combat Cards!

Weekender: Gaming At Different Scales & Are You The WWX Big Winner?

Weekender: Gaming At Different Scales & Are You The WWX Big Winner?

2 days ago 105

Wild West Exodus $30 Voucher Winner – Friday!

2 days ago 60

You could have been one of the lucky ones to pick up a $30 Voucher for the Wild West Exodus webstore! See if you’re the winner for today within…

Card Game Review: One Night Werewolf!

2 days ago 6

It’s time to check out a favourite card game of ours for down the pub! Check out this review of One Night Werewolf which should be a staple part of any game collection!

Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83

Leonard Nimoy Dies Aged 83 – You Lived Long & Prospered Spock

2 days ago 51

Leonard Nimoy, the man who played the role of Spock on the original series of Star Trek, has died aged 83.

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

2 days ago 3

DreadBall Academy: Game Time! Playing Xtreme!

2 days ago 11

Get ready for some extreme gaming as Warren gears up for some revenge in a game of DreadBall XTreme!

This is the low down and dirty street version of DreadBall where there’s no referee, practically no rules and plenty of dirty tricks to play on your opponent!

Interview: Burning Games - Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG

Interview: Burning Games – Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG

2 days ago 6

A new Sci-Fi RPG has been making a splash on
Kickstarter recently with its bold move away
from the traditional forms of pen and paper
role playing. I am of course talking about Faith
and I recently got to have a chat with one of
the game’s developers, Carlos Gomez Quintana,
about what we can expect to see in this
new game.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chats: Holy Order!

2 days ago 117

It’s time to get righteous with another Wild West Exodus Faction Chat where we’re looking at the forces of the Holy Order!

Wild West Exodus Week XLBS: Kickstarter Faction Preview!

3 days ago 77

Justin sits down with Sean from Outlaw Miniatures to preview the four new factions in the Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business Kickstarter which launches 1st March 2015.

How To Paint WWX Outlaw Underboss Frank James Part Two!

3 days ago 79

It’s time for Romain to gather his brushes and work on the Wild West Exodus Outlaw Underboss Frank James!

In this second part he’s going to be adding more shading, highlighting and then super detailing the steampunk details of this awesome miniature.

Gurn of the Every Other Week! – Haters Gonna Hate, Gurners Gonna Gurn

3 days ago 11

And so we return to Gurn of the Every Other Week, the place where we can all gather together to groan about what ticks us off. This time we answer your gurns on GW haters and the power of the imagination.

Game Hacks: SAGA Dice Betting For Boons & Busts!

3 days ago 7

Welcome to Game Hacks! This series will look at small but interesting little tweaks and additions you can make to your regular tabletop games. We’re kicking things off with some betting against the Norse Gods. Will you get a Boon or Bust?

WWX Demo Game: Union VS Enlightened Part Four!

WWX Demo Game: Union VS Enlightened Part Four!

3 days ago 113

It’s showdown time! Maybe you could call
it high noon or even a minute to midnight!
Whatever you want to call it it’s the finale
to our Wild West Exodus Demo Game!