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New Rules Leak For Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar – Simple But Cool? [Fluff Update]

7 hours ago 52

Some more leaks have popped up showing off a snippet of the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I think they’re turning out to be both simple and rather fun so we’ll have to see how it all goes next week! We also talk about the new models! (FULL Rules now dropped + More Images)

Unboxing: Dreamforge Games – Eisenkern Keilerkopf APC

9 hours ago 10

We have a monster of a vehicle from Dreamforge Games for this unboxing, the Eisenkern’s ‘Keilerkopf’ APC. It wouldn’t look amiss crushing Xenomorphs at Hadley’s Hope.

Win All 4 Demigods Painted

Demigods Evolution Demo Game + Win All 4 Demigods Painted

12 hours ago 130
TAG Deathmatch - Get the Rules Free

TAG Deathmatch! Try it Yourself with Free Rules

2 days ago 25

Want to try TAG Deathmatch?
Then Get the FREE rules PDF.

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Sunday

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Sunday ... 39 UPDATES!

2 days ago 201

It’s Sunday and that means big games today at the Boot Camp! The attendees are going to be using their full Infinity boxed sets alongside their TAGs and playing some awesome games on our tables.

Weekender XLBS: The Ben-isode – Lord of the Rings, Age Of Sigmar & More

3 days ago 136

We’re here with an early morning surprise XLBS! So, with that in mind – Happy Sunday! Warning we do touch on a topic of a more adult nature during this (Aspects of Game of Thrones), that may be less suitable for younger viewers.

More Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Empire & Chaos Models Sighted [Updated]

3 days ago 177

Next week heralds the return of Warhammer Fantasy in the form of Age of Sigmar and while we’ve been getting a few teasers the big reveals dropped today – leaks of both the Sigmarite and Chaos faction models!

Infinity Boot Camp: Saturday

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Saturday ... 60 UPDATES!

3 days ago 265

The Boot Camp team grab their armies and start the fighting today as they learn the basics of the rules in Infinity and then begin to look at expanding their force with some more models and a few more intricate rules.

Infinity Day 1 Live Blog Cover v2

Infinity Boot Camp Live Blog: Friday ... 20 UPDATES!

4 days ago 266

Attendees gather their armies and start working on building their teams for a weekend of awesome gaming.

VLOG: Lo-Fi Filming Update + Demigods Evolution Competition First Details

5 days ago 23

The cameras are all in use for filming so we’ve improvised for our latest update. We also have details on a Demigods Evolution demo game and competition PLUS what exactly is Sam up to in Japan?!?!

Q&A Time: John Harrison From The Weekend Workshop

Q&A Time: John Harrison From The Weekend Workshop

6 days ago 11

Community member bintykins
sat down for a chat with John
of The Weekend Workshop
which helps teach us
Wargamers how to paint
our miniatures that little
bit better!

VLOG: Infinity Boot Camp Finishing Touches + New Show

6 days ago 31

With the Infinity Boot Camp only days away our gaming tables (including Warren’s mighty, large…tower) only need a few finishing touches. Plus the studio is in use for the filming of a new series and themed week…

Unboxing: Warmachine – Khador Ruin Heavy Warjack

6 days ago 7

John has been adding to his Khador army for Warmachine and has picked up a doozy; the mace wielding character Heavy Warjack Ruin.

Unboxing: Flames Of War StuG G Platoon

7 days ago 20

John is back in his comfort zone as we take a look at the German StuG G Platoon for Flames of War. A box set of five tanks which can be built to either a early or late war design.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint Jyn Odan

7 days ago 3

Check out another painting guide for Imperial Assault by Sorastro where he shows you what do when painting up Jyn Odan!