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Making Your Own Epic Miniatures: Final Concepts & Renders!

Making Your Own Epic Miniatures: Final Concepts & Renders!

10 hours ago 14

We’re back talking to deaddave and his
new partner motioninpoetry from the
community as they finalise the concepts
for mighty Cor Tauri (yes, he has
a name now!) and get stuck into
working on the
renders for
the 3D model.

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower Launches On Kickstarter

12 hours ago 17

The Kickstarter for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower has launched and it’s already getting me excited for some really cool Cyberpunk board game fun! Come and check out what you get for pledging…

Exclusive Look At Proteus Mech & More Ships For Shattered Void!

16 hours ago 22

Check out not only the awesome Proteus Battle Mech for 15mm scale but also a host of the new Troops and even Ships for the world of Shattered Void by White Dragon Miniatures.

Weekender XLBS: X-Wing Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

Weekender XLBS: Star Wars: Armada Fever & Eldar Craftworlds Return!

2 days ago 94

Happy Sunday! As most of you
know Salute 2015 is just
around the corner and
that means we’re also
organising something
for you Backstagers!

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

3 days ago 272

We’ve been working away like mad
to get the Star Wars: Assault
On Hoth participation game
ready for Salute 2015!

VLOG: Star Wars’ Echo Base Switches On

3 days ago 31

Let there be light! Echo base has got the electricians in as we’ve used LED lighting to bring the Rebel’s ice home to life!


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer – The Force Is Strong With This One

3 days ago 22

Bintykin’s First Warmachine Battle Report: Cryx Vs Khador

3 days ago 50

Community member bintykins takes on the task of covering her first ever Battle Report for Warmachine where she takes on the might of Khador with her Cryx force led by Warwitch Deneghra.

Wolsung Stratagems: Supercharging Your Golem

4 days ago 2

Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio attempt to kill an Ogre Bruiser in one turn with one model in a game of Wolsung. To do it they have a behemoth of a Golem to help them (and a tiny one too).

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Setting Up The Perfect Charge

4 days ago 1

In the XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio get to grips with the charge mechanic and discover how using your support and biding your time affects it.

Try Something New – Become The Game Master

4 days ago 18

When it comes to role playing games, we all love creating ourselves a character and jumping into the game’s world. However, there is one part of role playing games that I know plenty of people are rather nervous about trying for themselves: taking on the role of the all powerful Game Master.

New Movie Trailer Is Out For Star Wars Force Awakens [Updated]

4 days ago 35

Keep your eye on the internet from Thursday and throughout the weekend as will be hosting a Livestream where they’ll be showing off the new Battlefront game from EA! [Update: Artwork + Trailer Added]

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Caucasian Skin & Tattoos Part 3

Skin Tone Tutorials: How To Paint Caucasian Skin & Tattoos Part 3

5 days ago 10

Welcome to the final part of Romain’s Caucasian
Skin Tone Tutorial series. We get to see the final
details and tattoo work on
our Gaspez-Art Barbarian.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint Trandoshan Hunters

5 days ago 2

Another Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide for the FFG Board Game By Sorastro’s Painting! This time it’s the Trandoshan Hunters who are some of the most interesting models in the game to paint…

Spiral Arm Studios Launching Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter Soon

5 days ago 32

Find out about the big Sci-Fi project from Spiral Arm Studios coming to Kickstarter called Maelstorm’s Edge! A highly polished rules set, exciting background and hard plastic multi-pose models are all to come!