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Final Few Days For The Devil’s Run: Route 666 On Kickstarter

53 mins ago 1

The Devil’s Run: Route 666 from Word Forged Games has entered it’s final few days on Kickstarter and they’ve not only got quite the awesome package for you to pick up as a main pledge but some neat stretch goals too…

MERCS Short Story - The Lucky Hand

Fiction Fridays: MERCS Short Story – The Lucky Hand [Final Part]

58 mins ago 0

MERCS is a world filled with intrigue and covert corporate action and now J. L. Allan brings us into the world in this story of The Lucky Hand. – Final Part Out Now!

Drop Tactics – How To Control The Mighty Hades

5 hours ago 1

We take a look at the behemoth of the PHR army; the Hades Super-Heavy Walker and discuss how Dropzone Commander players can utilise this beast and its tail mounted Super-Heavy Rail Repeater to terrorise opposing forces.

Drop Tactics XLBS – Combating the PHR Hades

5 hours ago 0

You’ve seen how PHR players can utilise the Hades walker but what about tackling the beast if you’re a UCM, Scourge or Shaltari player? In this video we show you how your Dropzone Commander army can fight the Hades on land and in the air too.

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Floating Gun Syndrome

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Floating Gun Syndrome

23 hours ago 21

In the course of our gurns, we have played with miniatures that are unpainted and even unassembled. Now we come to a gurn about when those minis just aren’t built right and the horrors of floating gun syndrome.

Recreating Mad Max Vehicles In LEGO

Recreating Those Mad Max Vehicles? Try Them In LEGO & More!

1 day ago 17

Want to rebuild those awesome vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road? How about checking out this work one man has done with LEGO and then see what else we suggest for giving it a go!

Skin Tone Tutorials – Demonic Red Part Two

1 day ago 7

It’s time to check out the second part of Romain’s Demonic Red Skin Tone Tutorial today! In this part he’s moving on from the base layers and adding another level of shading and muscle definition to Kano from the Bushido range.

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Five

2 days ago 11

The final mission for the Warzone: Resurrection International this weekend at the UK Games Expo goes under the microscope of siygess from the community. He also shows off his awesome custom Warlord!

VLOG: Infinity Boot Camp Prep Begins & New Shows

2 days ago 32

The Bolt Action Boot Camp has come and gone so with the team just about recovered the clean up has begun. With one Boot Camp complete our thoughts now turn to the next one for Infinity at the end of June.

Unboxing: Bolt Action T34/76 Plastic Tank Set

2 days ago 13

Justin and John unbox an influential and innovative tank design in the form of the Soviet Army’s T34/76 Medium Tank Plastic Boxed Set for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action.

Infinity Sneak Peek: Scylla & Drakios - Steel Phalanx NCOs!

Infinity Sneak Peek: Scylla & Drakios – Steel Phalanx NCOs!

2 days ago 28

We’ve got another fantastic and exclusive sneak peek for you today for Infinity. Check out
Scylla & Drakios!

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Capitol Heavy Infantry

3 days ago 12

Rob from Prodos Games joins us once more to look at the impressively detailed sculpts of the Capitol faction’s power slamming Heavy Infantry for Warzone: Resurrection.

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Four

4 days ago 3

Community member siygess takes us through more of the missions he could face at the UK Games Expo this weekend when the Warzone: Resurrection International kicks off. Do you think his tactics are sound?

Infinity Teaser: Human Sphere N3

Infinity Teaser: Human Sphere N3 Coming Soon(ish)!

4 days ago 21

The Human Sphere is coming to N3 and we have some of the details and a teaser trailer within…

Bolt Ack Ack AcKtion!

Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Battle Report ... 27 UPDATES!

5 days ago 106

Bolt Action meets Mars Attacks in this epic Battle Report Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Download a Free Set of Rules Inside.