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USAriadna Vs PanOceania 150pts Battle Report

10 hours ago 130

USAriadna Week heats up with our first
battle report of the week. A fight
between the USAriadna force that
comes in the Army Pack and the
PanOceania troops from Operation
Icestorm in a 150pts clash.

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Super Detailing Loch Death

12 hours ago 44

Another entry in the Loch Death project as Warren plays around with adding those extra little details to the table bringing it to life.

Infinity: USAriadna Troop Profiles & Sectorial Army List

Infinity: USAriadna Troop Profiles & Sectorial Army List

16 hours ago 223

Here’s the one that you veteran Infinity
players have been waiting for as we
take a look at and discuss the new
trooper profiles plus the Sectorial
Army List for the new USAriadna

Awesome sauce will be poured
as Carlos puts it.

Infinity: Designing The USAriadna

Infinity: Designing The USAriadna

1 day ago 303

USAriadna Week continues with a discussion
on the design process of the latest army to
hit the Infinity universe.

Not only that but there is some sweet looking
concept art to show off as well like this trooper
here and more…

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Layout Test

1 day ago 46

Work on the Lake Town inspired table for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar continues apace as the framework is being laid out to see what works best…

USAriadna Army Pack Unboxed

Infinity: USAriadna Army Pack Unboxed

1 day ago 519

Exploring & Unboxing The Contents Of Journey: Wrath Of Demons

2 days ago 25

The fine fellows at Marrow Production have sent us a copy of their long-awaited game, Journey: Wrath of Demons! Come with Dawn on a two part, exclusive journey and explore the beautiful contents of the box…

Final Hours For Demigods Evolution On Kickstarter!

2 days ago 0

Demigods Evolution closes in on the final few hours of its Kickstarter campaign. With that in mind they have unlocked a whole bunch of new heroes and there is a vast array of different models to get within your pledge.

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Age Of Sigmar Retributors & Ionus Cryptborn

2 days ago 4

Part two of a new range of Painting Tutorials is also up from Games Workshop. This time, Retributors and Ionus Cryptborn!

Games Workshop Painting Tutorial: How To Paint Age Of Sigmar Liberators & Prosecutors

2 days ago 2

Games Workshop are back with another set of seven (yes, seven) painting tutorials for Age of Sigmar. Check it out!

Forgeworld Open Day

Forge World Open Day 2015 Live Blog ... 26 UPDATES!

3 days ago 30

Community member @deadave has headed up to Nottingham for the Forge World Open Day! He will be dashing around grabbing pictures of all the awesome models and seeing what tasty morsels he can get out of the designers there too!

Weekender XLBS: Do Points Costs Matter & Podracing Tips!

Weekender XLBS: Do Points Costs Matter & Star Wars Podracing Game Mechanics!

3 days ago 196

Happy Sunday! Today we
Delve into the Mechanics of
Age of Sigmar & Start to
Design our own take on

FREE 7 Day Backstage

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

4 days ago 352

Welcome to The Weekender! We’ve got some
cracking stuff for you today including a look
at some brilliant terrain.

PlastCraft Bring Color-ED To The World Of Malifaux

4 days ago 11

PlastCraft Games have continued to grow their ColorED range of buildings which allow you to bring a bunch of pre-coloured and easy to assemble buildings to the battlefield with minimal effort. See what you think of their new Malifaux range…

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Building Begins

5 days ago 64

Warren has got his supplies and with the help of John is starting to turn his plans of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar inspired table into a reality. Many coffee stirrers shall be sacrificed to complete this table.