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Let's Play Mantic Games' The Walking Dead: All Out War

Let’s Play Mantic Games’ The Walking Dead: All Out War

3 hours ago 33
Raglan Builds An Epic Warhammer 40,000 Battle-scape

Raglan Builds An Epic Warhammer 40,000 Battle-scape

9 hours ago 5

Check out this amazing set of terrain for use in Horus Heresy-era wargaming. As well as blasted ruins there’s a HUGE Dam to check out…

Mennes' Mini-Mash Up: The Butcher

Mennes’ Mini-Mash Up: The Butcher

1 day ago 18

We kick off a fantastic new mini-series for you as Tomas Mennes has joined us in the studio to bring you three amazing tutorials showing how you take apart, join and perfectly mash-up your models.

Get The Low-Down On The World Of FanHunter With Vesper-On

Get The Low-Down On The World Of FanHunter With Vesper-On

1 day ago 6

David Esbri of Vesper-On Games gives us the low-down on the world of FanHunter which is coming to Kickstarter soon with the board game Urban Warfare soon!

Unboxing: Major Prime Victoria Haley

1 day ago 5

Another day and another amazing Unboxing. This time John and myself are taking a look at Warmachine’s Major Prime Victoria Haley from Privateer Press.

Community Painting Picks – Heroes, Zombies & Dragon Towers

2 days ago 16

We’re back with some more Community Painting Picks where we’ve snapped up some of the neatest looking miniatures our forum members have been working on. Come and see what’s been on workbenches over the last couple of weeks…

VLOG: Castles Will Fall!

2 days ago 25

The Votes are in and it looks like 80′s New York mayhem will have to wait for another day. Now we’re going to be looking at smashing down castle walls!

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Farewell Wayne England Cover

Farewell To Warhammer 40k Artist Wayne England

2 days ago 22

It’s a sad day for tabletop gaming fans as Wayne England, one of the most prolific artists in the industry, has sadly passed away.

Anatomy Of An Air Compressor Part One – Introduction

2 days ago 49

Community member nakchak takes you through how to understand your Airbrush’s Air Compressor. In this first article we take a look at introducing you to the technology…

The Road To Kickstarter – The Calm Before The Storm

2 days ago 12

With the Kickstarter launch later today Massive Awesome offer up some last minute advice. Keep an eye out for the Shattered Earth Kickstarter which will begin at 6pm GMT!

Vlog: A Game for Salute – YOU Decide

3 days ago 67

A HUGE thank you to all of the Backstagers who aided out call last week about data management. Secondly, we’re giving you the choice on what we bring to Salue this year.

Unboxing: Wolsung SSG – Ven Rier Agents

3 days ago 4

We’re back for another unboxing from the world of Wolsung SGG and I have Lukasz joining me again to unveil the Ven Rier Agents from the Micro Art Studio.

Check Out Previews From The Horus Heresy Weekender

3 days ago 17

Check out some shots from the Horus Heresy Weekender showing off more for the Mechanicum AND a preview of the upcoming Leman Russ for Forge World’s Primarch series…

Modern Wargaming With “Force-On-Force” Part One – Introduction

4 days ago 74

unclejimmy and oriskany join together to look at the rules set that featured throughout most of the Modern Wargaming series we ran last year – Force on Force. Come and find out more about the basics within…

40K Battle Report - Chaos Space Marines Vs Dark Angels

40K Battle Report – Chaos Space Marines Vs Dark Angels ... 32 UPDATES!

4 days ago 37