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Conquering Kings of War – Charging Your Cavalry Into Battle

17 hours ago 2

It’s time to take to our saddles as we charge our cavalry onto the battlefields of Kings of War. Justin and Rich from Mantic Games take a look at how to utilise these chargers in battle. Badgers may make an appearance…

Conquering Kings of War XLBS – Fight Alongside The Heroes Of Mantica

17 hours ago 0

We get off our horses as Justin and Rich take a look how your army in Kings of War benefits from utilising Heroes to great effect ensuring the tide turns in your favour.

Get Inspired! Essential Reading For Your Games – Gothic Horror

1 day ago 8

October is here, the month where we celebrate all that is creepy and cheesy. And what better way to spend this season of scares than researching perfect background material for your own games of Gothic Horror?

VLOG – Upgrading Computers & P-VLOG Tutorials Coming Soon

1 day ago 24

Welcome to the VLOG for this week. We’re a little late but that’s because we’ve been really busy at BoW HQ. Warren is setting up our computers to run with Windows 10 and John has been filming some painting tutorials…

3CU: How To Paint A Warzone: Resurrection Immortal – Part Two

1 day ago 3

We’re back with another part in the new series showing you how to paint the Immortal from Warzone: Resurrections’ Cybertronic faction.

Unboxing: Battle Foam Privateer Press Tournament Bag

2 days ago 11

Warren joins Justin to check out a limited edition Privateer Press Tournament Bag from Battle Foam perfect for transporting your armies far and wide. We’ve got “Khador Red” and “Cygnar Blue” to look at but which colour will the guys opt for?

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing Using The Creature Feature Leopard Stencils

3 days ago 17

We’re taking a look at another of the HS Stencils from Anarchy Models today focusing on the Creature Feature Leopard Stencils from the new Kickstarter.

Getting To Grips With The Mechanics Of Warpath 2.0

Getting To Grips With The Mechanics Of Warpath 2.0

4 days ago 39

If you’ve been wondering about the
mechanics and units of Warpath
2.0 by Mantic Games then you
won’t want to miss this video…

Mantic Close In On Final Few Days On Kickstarter For Warpath 2.0

4 days ago 8

Mantic are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter for Warpath 2.0 and it has been quite the frenetic campaign with a whole bunch of new factions entering the mix…

Exploring The World Of Purgatory - Where Did It All Begin?

Exploring The World Of Purgatory – Where Did It All Begin?

4 days ago 9

Purgatory Miniatures got in
contact to tell us all about
their new game concept
which turns the idea of
angels and demons on
its head.

Find out more on how the
project came to be and their
aims for the future…

Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide: How To Paint Boba Fett

5 days ago 2

Sorastro’s Painting is back painting up some more of Star Wars: Imperial Assault this time focusing on the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett who is arguably one of the coolest characters in the films…

Anarchy Models – Airbrushing With Micro Hex Grid Stencils

5 days ago 20

Brian has been in the studio showing off how Anarchy Models’ new Micro Hex Grids work with your airbrush to create amazing effects…

Weekender XLBS: FoW Team Yankee Boot Camp Coming Soon!

Weekender XLBS: FoW Team Yankee Boot Camp Sold Out

6 days ago 350

Sit back and relax with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re getting stuck
into a whole bunch of
interesting topics bought
up in the tabletop
gaming world
this week…

Team Yankee
Boot Camp:

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone

7 days ago 462

We’re back with a jam
packed Weekender
where we dig into
some of the awesome
news that popped up
during the week.

How Does One Make The Wyrd Leap Into Malifaux?

How Does One Make The Wyrd Leap Into Malifaux?

7 days ago 40

Follow Dawn along as she explores the Wyrd and
wonderful steampunk world of Malifaux. Discover the
ins and outs of stepping into a new game through the
eyes of a relatively new
tabletop gamer…