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Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain

23 hours ago 263

Welcome to The Weekender! We’ve got some
cracking stuff for you today including a look
at some brilliant terrain.

PlastCraft Bring Color-ED To The World Of Malifaux

1 day ago 10

PlastCraft Games have continued to grow their ColorED range of buildings which allow you to bring a bunch of pre-coloured and easy to assemble buildings to the battlefield with minimal effort. See what you think of their new Malifaux range…

Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – Building Begins

2 days ago 60

Warren has got his supplies and with the help of John is starting to turn his plans of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar inspired table into a reality. Many coffee stirrers shall be sacrificed to complete this table.

New Infinity Releases Hit For June!

New Infinity Releases Hit For June!

2 days ago 7

A whole bunch of new models are on the way
for the end of June for Infinity. See what you
think of this awesome selection.

I think there is something for everyone…

Flames of War FTW: Utilising Advanced Tank Rules

2 days ago 5

It wouldn’t be Flames of War without some tank battles and in this edition of FTW we delve into more advanced tactics as its time to utilise the special rules of the German and British tank squadrons.

FOW FTW XLBS: Fighting The American Sherman Jumbos

2 days ago 4

In this Backstage episode of Flames of War FTW Warren and Dave will be having a look at how nasty those Sherman Jumbo Tanks can be in games of Flames of War.

New Churches, Ruins & Desert Buildings From 4Ground!

2 days ago 13

4Ground are spoiling us this week with not only a look at their amazing new Church for the World At War 28mm Range but also a great new building for SAGA: The Crescent & The Cross AND some additional Fantasy terrain for the Ruins of Daldoor…

VLOG: Creating An Age of Sigmar Gaming Table – The Planning Phase

2 days ago 78

Warren’s getting excited for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and has decided to build a new gaming board to play the game on. In this first of a series of special VLOGs he sits down with Justin to plan out the project.

3 Colours Up: Magnetising Your Convergence Heavy Vector

3 days ago 9

Romain helps add some customisation to his epic Convergence Heavy Vector for Warmachine and shows off how to magnetise it for a pair of options in the box.

VLOG: The Weekender Is At Risk!?

3 days ago 38

First up, sorry for any panic we caused with that title! However, the guys are chatting about how we’re dealing with the way in which we make Weekenders. Stay tuned and hopefully everything will go ok.

Red Dragon Gaming: How Two Gamers Started A Terrain Making Business

3 days ago 10

All businesses start out somewhere and it’s fantastic to see a project grow. With that Nic and Sean of Red Dragon Gaming tell us how they came to be running a Terrain Making enterprise!

VLOG: Homemade Star Wars Podracing!

3 days ago 24

Midweek VLOG time! Lloyd and the guys have been thinking about what they want to do with that fancy Desert Table. How does Podracing sound?

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #1

4 days ago 5

We have more from Bandua Wargames western range, this time around its the Far West Shop #1. A place for your minis to pick a new six shooter or spurs for their boots.

New Rules Leak For Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar – Simple But Cool? [Fluff Update]

5 days ago 107

Some more leaks have popped up showing off a snippet of the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. I think they’re turning out to be both simple and rather fun so we’ll have to see how it all goes next week! We also talk about the new models! (FULL Rules now dropped + More Images)

Unboxing: Dreamforge Games – Eisenkern Keilerkopf APC

5 days ago 17

We have a monster of a vehicle from Dreamforge Games for this unboxing, the Eisenkern’s ‘Keilerkopf’ APC. It wouldn’t look amiss crushing Xenomorphs at Hadley’s Hope.