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Bolt Action Boot Camp: Friday

Bolt Action Boot Camp: Friday ... 25 UPDATES!

16 hours ago 192
MERCS Short Story - The Lucky Hand

Fiction Fridays: MERCS Short Story – The Lucky Hand [PART 3]

16 hours ago 0

MERCS is a world filled with intrigue and covert corporate action and now J. L. Allan brings us into the world in this story of The Lucky Hand.

Warpath Alpha Rules Download & Exclusive Look At Enforcer Interceptor!

Mantic Games Warpath 2 Alpha Rules Download & Exclusive Look At Enforcer Interceptor!

16 hours ago 23

Backstagers can exclusively download the
Mantic Games Warpath Alpha Rules alongside
two Army Lists for you to try them out with
for both the Enforcers and The Plague!

Flames of War FTW: How To Deal With Dug In Infantry

21 hours ago 4

Dave and Warren are back for the third season of FOW FTW. This time they’re looking at the more vital tactical aspects of the game. To start things off they deal with dug in infantry; “The bane of everyone’s existence.”

Flames of War FTW XLBS: Dealing With Dug In Infantry Even More Effectively

21 hours ago 5

We’ve looked at dealing with dug in infantry so now we show you how it can be done more effectively than previously thought. This is a process that involves less points spent and Soviets armed with flamethrowers!

Skin Tone Tutorials – Demonic Red Part One

1 day ago 15

Welcome back to another Skin Tone Tutorial where today Romain is breaking out Kano from the Bushido miniatures game and shows off how to paint up one of the trickiest skin tones out there; Demonic Red.

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Final Countdown

3 days ago 26

We’ve hit the final countdown before the Bolt Action Boot Camp. The tables are 99% ready, the armies are in the studio, and the whole team is geared up and ready for the weekend invasion of the Riverside Studio.

Basics Of Kickstarter Part Three: What To Consider When Pledging?

3 days ago 6

Community member maledrakh takes us through the final pitfalls and ways to protect yourself when considering whether or not you want to back a fundraiser online…

Mantic Games Hangout: Dungeon Saga, Kings Of War & Prizes!

Mantic Games Hangout: Dungeon Saga, Kings Of War & Prizes!

3 days ago 27

We chatted with Ronnie Renton
of Mantic Games and got to ask
him questions about Kings of War,
Dungeon Saga and maybe a little bit
more on the Sci-Fi world of Warpath…

Unboxing: Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy – Jailbirds Character Box

3 days ago 7

We come face to face with more of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes. This time around around we come across a trio of deadly girls and their hippo that make up the Jailbirds Character Box.

The Forces Of The Abyss Rise Up For Battle In Mantic's Kings Of War

The Forces Of The Abyss Rise Up For Battle In Mantic’s Kings Of War

4 days ago 52

Mantic Games have got another huge
army coming to Kings of War with
the Forces of the Abyss. We’ve got
an awesome look at what’s coming
out for this army of demons from
the deepest, dankest pits…

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp – Getting into the (Electro) swing of things

4 days ago 35

The Bolt Action Boot Camp is almost here and the team has the music pumping to help them get into the groove when adding the finishing details to the tables the lucky boot campers will do battle on this weekend. Plus details on the Infinity Boot Camp.

Unboxing: Hordes Skorne All-In-One Army Box

4 days ago 9

We have another epic sized Privateer Press Unboxing as Justin swaps the Focus of Warmachine for the Fury of Hordes and unleashes upon us the Skorne All-in-One Army Box.

The Road To The 2015 Warzone International: Part Three

5 days ago 5

Community member siygess delves deeper into the tactics he’s going to try and employ when he joins in with the Warzone: Resurrection 2015 International Championship at the UK Games Expo at the end of May.

Exclusive! Download Print & Play Kit For Demigods Rising

6 days ago 6

The folks behind Demigods Rising have put together quite the treat for you Beasts of War folks. If you wanted to give the game then you can download the full Print & Play Pack now…