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Seek Revenge With KLUKVA Miniatures’ Raziel Coming Soon


Sculpted by Arnaud Bellier, the team at KLUKVA Miniatures shared some of the work going into Raziel for their models paying homage to Legacy Of Kain.

Watch Out For New Infinity Decals By PlastCraft Games


PlastCraft Games are going to be releasing a new set of Decals soon for you to use on your Infinity models.

Oathsworn’s Burrows & Badger Book Taking Shape


Oathsworn Miniatures showed off a quick look at the rules for Burrows & Badgers as they take shape under the wing of Osprey Games.

Run Last Click! Android: Netrunner Revised Core Set Now Available


Android: Netunner and its Revised Core Set is now available for you to snap up from Fantasy Flight Games.

Head Into The Underhive With New Deep-Cut Studio Mat


Building on their range of mats, Deep-Cut Studio is taking us down into the Underhive with their new mat design. As you might imagine, it’s kinda perfect for Necromunda.

Join Monolith In Batman: Gotham City Chronicles February 2018


The full name of the new Batman Board Game from Monolith has been dropped, Gotham City Chronicles, and it will be coming to Kickstarter in February 2018.

Grab Yourself The Prussian Ice Maiden Super Carrier For Dystopian Wars


If you like yourself some Dystopian Wars then watch out for this pre-order as Warcradle has made the Prussian Ice Maiden Super Carrier available for you to pick up.

Rebel Minis Give Sneaky Look At Upcoming Mech Releases


A selection of new Mech models is going to be available from Rebel Minis in the new year. On social media, they shared one of these Mechs giving you a taster of what to look forward to.

Footsore Miniatures Tease Byzantine Range Coming Next Year


Footsore Miniatures headed to Facebook to show off this particular chap, a Byzantine Warlord atop his dashing looking steed.

Warlord Preview Upcoming Panzer 38(T) Zug Kit Coming Soon


A new Panzer kit is on the way from Warlord Games soon. This time they’re adding the Panzer 38(T) into the mix for your games of Bolt Action.

Funky Urkin Get Slashing On The Steampunk Streets Of Twisted


Demented Games recently went through the process of showing off how their Urkin Slashers came to life in Twisted over on their Facebook Page.

ClearHorizon Preview Their 28mm Hades Banshee VTOL


Ever since we saw the 15mm scale version of the Hades Banshee VTOL, folks have been asking ClearHorizon Miniatures if they’re going to make a 28mm piece too. Well, they answer and they previewed just how big the kit is on Facebook this week.

Dark Future Girls Get Stuck Into Gang Warfare From Elladan


Elladan have been tinkering away with their Dark Future range and come up with this gang of women for you to use in your gritty Sci-Fi games.

Greebo Summon More Sculpts For Their Alastoran Kickstarter


Greebo Games have revealed some new renders of the diabolical Alastoran models they will be bringing to Kickstarter next month.

A Host Of Sci-Fi Knight Heads Roll Out Of Kromlech


Kromlech have released a whole bunch of new head options, featuring different patterns for your scifi legionaries.

Gray Dominators Take Control In Archon’s Chronicle X


Chronicle X from Archon Studio is just around the corner and they continue to show off some of the impressive models for the game including these Gray Dominators here who will be leading the nefarious aliens into battle.

Mithril Release Three Lord Of The Rings Miniatures For Christmas


Mithril continues to produce Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth based miniatures for hobbyists and Christmas sees three miniatures hit their webstore.

Thomarillion Mount Fantastical Decorations On Their Ships


If you’re looking for a Fantasy boat to throw into your games then maybe the range from Thomarillion could be of aid.

V&V Miniatures’ New Dark Age Warlord Swings His Axe


V&V Miniatures continue to impress with their range of resin models for use in your Dark Age warbands. Their latest model is this Warlord with his hefty looking Dane Axe in hand.

Plenty More Fallschirmjäger On The Way From Heer46


Lots more of the Fallschirmjäger will be heading your way from Heer46 in the near future as they showed off some of the early 3D render work on the models over the last few days.