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Play A Game In TTCombat’s Play Park

26 mins ago 0

TTCombat have released a new terrain set to give your minis a place to relax and play when they’re not battling it out for supremacy. Race to the swings at the Play Park.

Ramshackle Games Takes To Kickstarter With A Jet Bike Construction Kit

31 mins ago 0

How better to traverse the galaxy than on your own jet bike? Ramshackle Games has taken to Kickstarter with their Jet Bike Construction Kit to bring gamers customizable options to outfit bikes for their armies.

Trim Your Tree Gamer Style With D20 Lights From Think Geek

5 hours ago 0

Think Geek has found the perfect way to capture the spirit of Christmas with your passion for gaming with their new D20 String Lights. Deck the halls gamer style!

Khurasan Tank Out A Pair Of Tanks For Sci-Fi & Modernity

15 hours ago 6

Khurasan Miniatures have previewed a pair of tanks, each for a different type of game setting and scale, bringing your troops the the fire support of these heavy vehicles.

The Ogre Khan Leads A Mighty Army From Avatars Of War

1 day ago 2

A reminder that the Ogre Khan With Great Weapon popped up from Avatars Of War as an awesome new character for you to consider picking up to lead your raiding army coming down from the steppes.

Battle It Out Over The Grand Library From TTCombat

1 day ago 6

TTCombat has put together a wonderful looking new Grand Library which is perfect for your superhero games in 35mm scale although it would work just as well with 28mm models too.

Onslaught Show Off Sci-Fi & Fantasy Hellborn In 10/15mm

2 days ago 5

Onslaught has previewed some of their upcoming Hellborn Flesh Reavers who would be epic daemons to include as part of your Chaotic armies.

The Radru-Rashaar Prowls The Streets Of Carnevale

2 days ago 6

Adding to the range of previews for the new models in Carnevale we got to look at the monstrous Radru-Rashaar thanks to TTCombat.

4Ground To Produce Bushido Terrain For GCT Studios

2 days ago 7

4Ground are going to be working alongside GCT Studios to create a range of terrain for their amazing game, Bushido.

Nobles Mount Up On Pegasus From FireForge Games

2 days ago 7

FireForge Games are mounting up once again as they put their Nobles on some Pegasi to match their other Knights for use with the 9th Age.

A First Preview Of Gallic Infantry Appear From Victrix

3 days ago 6

Victrix are turning their eyes from the Roman Legions and instead they have looked towards the forests and sent scouts to find out what Gallic Warriors are amassing to fight the might of Rome.

Crooked Dice Add Sassy Ladies & Sharp Detectives To 7TV

3 days ago 5

A collection of new heroes has become available from Crooked Dice for you to use in your games of 7TV. Not only do we now have the Angels Of Justice (cue 70′s theme song).

Klaus & His Leprechauns Arrive In The World Of EDEN

3 days ago 4

As a Christmas gift for the world of EDEN the folks at Happy Games Factory has revealed their Klaus & Leprechaun set, the EDEN Legends.

The Magglet Dwarf Armies Arrive On Kickstarter

3 days ago 12

Magglet is a new company looking to bring a series of Dwarf Miniatures to the tabletop for use in your role-playing games and wargames too.

Eastern Zhou Period Chinese Take Shape From Khurasan

3 days ago 3

Khurasan Miniatures has previewed some of their upcoming models for their Ancient Chinese range. The Zhou Period Models here are the start of a new collection.