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Magnus Brings The Big Guns To Zombicide: Invader


Magnus is the latest character preview for Zombicide: Invader by CMON and Guillotine Games. He is a hulking soldier with a lack of social grace but a solid grasp of the tactics needed to win a fight against the Xenos menace.

April Brings Anvil’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose To Kickstarter


April brings Anvil Industry’s Daughters Of The Burning Rose to Kickstarter.

Monkey’s Troupe Of Travellers Coming To Twisted Soon


Twisted is getting some new wanderers soon in the form of Monkey’s Troupe of Travellers.

Puppets War’s Spec-Ops Comes Sneaking Towards Release


Puppets War have previewed a new unit they are preparing to bring out for release.

Kromlech Sink Their Teeth Into A Set Of Gnaws


Kromlech has released a new set of Gnaws, who look ready to live up to their name.

Papierschnitzel Craft You A Feudal Japanese Samurai Village


Papierschnitzel is a company that is developing neat papercraft terrain which can be printed off at home and popped together with ease.

RN eStudio Draw Swords With Their Robotsams Release


A set of awesome looking releases has dropped from RN eStudio this week. Here are the brilliant looking Robotsams…

Alten Van Hellsing Is The Next Privateer Press MiniCrate Model!


Alten Ashley, the monster hunter in Privateer Press’ Warmachine & Hordes, is getting a significant upgrade with Alten Van Hellsing as part of the MiniCrate for May.

Add Ranged Firepower To Your Conqueror Models Dwarf Army


Conqueror Models have some new Dwarves for you to check out on their webstore. This time around we’re seeing the ranged contingent move up in support of your infantry with Crossbows and Bows at the ready.

USAopoly Announce Four New “Magical” Harry Potter Games


USAopoly is ramping up the magic this year as they announced 3 new Harry Potter games and one based in the world of Fantastic Beasts, all to drop this fall!

MoMMiniaturas Grab Their Minotaur By The Horns


MoMMiniaturas have shown off a new WiP for a monstrous Minotaur model.

Micro Art Launch New Infinity Terrain Line Precinct Sigma


Micro Art Studio has now launched their new line of Infinity terrain, Precinct Sigma.

War Banner Draw Swords With New Samurai + Pack Up Goodies For Salute!


War Banner has shown off a new preview for one of the Samurai models sculpted up by Stavros Zouliatis. Take a peek at this fellow…

Uwe Rosenberg’s Reykholt Arriving At SPIEL ’18 In English


The masterful Uwe Rosenburg, the mind behind wonderful games like Patchwork, Cottage Garden and not to mention Agricola has a new game arriving in English at SPIEl ’18 this year, Reykholt.

GCT Reveal Bushido Show Model For 2018 & The Risen!


GCT Studios have revealed the Bushido miniature that will be available at conventions, and indeed on their webstore for this year.

Solve The Mystery Of The Cryptid With Osprey’s New Game


Osprey Games are working on a new deduction game that will be available in September this year. See if you can solve the mystery of the Cryptid and come out with all the glory!

PWORK Lay The Foundations Of Frostgrave With New Mat Design


PWORK has added a new mat design to their collection specifically catered towards those exploring the frozen city of Frostgrave. Take a peek…

FireForge Bringing Plastic Northern Infantry Kit To Kickstarter


FireForge Games are working towards a Kickstarter this Summer which will allow them to create a range of Northern Infantry for their Forgotten World range.

Angry Joe Previews Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game


Joe Vargas (also known as Angry Joe) has revealed his Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game project which is coming to Kickstarter April 4th with the help of Jasco Games.

What Would You Like To See At AdeptiCon This Week?


Adepticon is almost here and we need to hear from you! The Beasts of War US crew is at your disposal from Thursday through Sunday (well, within reason!) and want to know what you’d like to see at the show.