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Temo Brings His Poison To Bushido’s Jung Pirates

3 hours ago 1

GCT Studios have revealed a new crew member of the Jung Pirates of Bushido, the escaped slave and jungle fighter Temo.

Band Of Brothers: Epic Battles Battle Pack One Now On Kickstarter

6 hours ago 0

Worthington Publishing is back on Kickstarter with the newest expansion for their hex and counter game Band of Brothers. Epic Battles Battle Pack One (say that five times fast) is the latest expansion to expand your WWII games.

Everything Epic Shows Off Lightning For Big Trouble In Little China

7 hours ago 1

Get ready for a wild ride from Everything Epic as they area ramping up activity for their much anticipated, Big Trouble In Little China Board Game. This week they are showing off one of the Three Storms, where Lightning is sure to strike!

TTCombat Gather The Faithful In Their New Chapel

17 hours ago 4

TTCombat have released a new terrain piece, a grand cathedral that would prove a suitable home for a Papal force in Carnevale.

West Wind Tease Secrets Of The Third Reich British “Bulldog” Walker

1 day ago 7

West Wind Productions showed off another big Walker for the world of Secrets Of The Third Reich. This time it’s a British creation, the “Bulldog”!

ThunderChild Bring Back Haramborg On Kickstarter

1 day ago 4

Simply put, a massive cyborg Gorilla is the main focus of this new Kickstarter from ThunderChild Miniatures. Welcome, Haramborg, who is here to smash things to pieces in the Post-Apocalypse.

Atlantis Preview Dwarven Female For Upcoming Kickstarter

2 days ago 11

Contrary to what Gimli believes in Lord of the Rings it appears as if Dwarven women do indeed exist. Atlantis Miniatures has put together this preview showing off one of the sculpt styles for their upcoming Dwarf Kickstarter.

Miranda Ashcroft Arrives In Infinity Thanks To O-12 Preview

2 days ago 11

Miranda Ashcroft is returning to our tabletops for games of Infinity as she gets a new sculpt. Previewed by O-12 here is the rather awesome looking model.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Video Game On The Cards From Cyanide

2 days ago 5

Focus Home Interactive & Cyanide Studio are working together to bring Werewolf: The Apocalypse to the digital realm with its own official video game.

Galatus Dreadnought & New Grav Tank Arrive For The Legio Custodes

2 days ago 9

Leading the way for the Legio Custodes this week we have some new releases from Forge World including the mighty looking Custodes Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought.

Nemesis & Artemis Previewed For Code Orange’s Collision

3 days ago 1

Code Orange Games has shown off more for the Nyx faction in Collision over on Facebook revealing both Nemesis and Artemis for the game.

V&V Miniatures Gather More Vikings For A Raid

3 days ago 4

Battling their way up off the shore from their boats for a raiding action V&V Miniatures has shown off a new set of Vikings in 28mm scale for your wargaming needs.

Check Out Brother Vinni’s Faithful Post-Apocalyptic Bot Dog

3 days ago 2

Brother Vinni has now added a faithful hound to their range of Post-Apocalyptic creatures that could either be a guard dog battling you or your noble ally.

The Bloodoak Creaks Into Life From Warploque For ArcWorlde

3 days ago 5

The Bloodoak has been finished off by Warploque Miniatures for use in the magical land of ArcWorlde. You can see an assembly video within too.

Celestial Creatures Join The Shael Han Of Wrath Of Kings

3 days ago 13

Wrath Of Kings is continuing to produce a number of amazing miniatures including some new warriors for the Shael Han. Here we have two new Celestial sets from CoolMiniOrNot.