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Conan The Thief Sourcebook Arrives For Modiphius’ RPG

7 hours ago 0

Modiphius has now released the Conan The Thief Sourcebook over on their webstore in PDF format for you to download. Prepare for more adventures in the shadows with this new book…

Freebooter Preview What’s Coming With Debonn Concepts

8 hours ago 3

Freebooter Miniatures are looking ahead to more characters joining their pirate crews in their wonderful Fantasy world. Here we have some of their Debonn Previews including this lass first…

Descend Into Hell With RN EStudio’s Hades

9 hours ago 3

RN EStudio is descending into Hell with their version of Hades which is available on their webstore. However (at the time of writing) there are only a few copies of the model left!

What Are Your Thoughts On Lion Tower’s Stalwart Paladin?

10 hours ago 5

Lion Tower Miniatures completed their awesome Fantasy Adventurers Kickstarter a few months ago and The Hairy Painter is sculpting up one of their heroes

The Iguan Poacher Goes Hunting In Metal King’s RelicBlade

11 hours ago 0

Metal King Studio has been building up its game, RelicBlade, over the last few months and it’s growing into quite the community. Looking ahead they have just finished work on the Iguan Poacher, ready to go hunting.

Warmachine’s Spears Of Scyrah Strike From Privateer Press

14 hours ago 4

Building on the Retribution of Scyrah from Warmachine, Privateer Press has now added the Spears of Scyrah to their webstore. They will be available June 14th…

A Wyrd Lady Joins The Ranks For Malifaux’s Divergent Paths

17 hours ago 3

Some interesting Wrydos are joining the steampunk world of Malifaux in the upcoming Divergent Paths book from Wyrd Games. The latest combines fame, and ill-famed in what’s sure to make for interesting gameplay as they switch things up.

The Old Major Makes An Appearance From Footsore Miniatures

21 hours ago 3

Footsore Miniatures is asking for your help in choosing the next miniature in the Inter-war collection.

Mage Wars Reveals New Academy Forcemaster Expansion

21 hours ago 0

Why summon your own creatures when you can just control your opponent’s? The newest Mage Wars: Academy Forcemaster expansion puts this very thing to the test, but don’t worry, they have “creatures” too.

Cerberos Becomes Part Of The Godslayer Battle Box

1 day ago 5

Megalith Games are looking ahead to a Kickstarter in September of this year for Godslayer. One aspect of this is the Battlebox which collects together starter forces for the game and one of the beasts within will be Cerberos here…

FireForge’s Burn & Loot Supplement Now Available

1 day ago 6

FireForge Games has now made their Deus Vult: Burn & Loot supplement available for you to buy over at their webstore. It’s time to go Viking and start plundering from your neighbours across the North Sea.

Hit The High Seas With Dystopian War’s Republic Of Egypt Fleet

1 day ago 3

Making their way into the Mediterranean and then out towards the Atlantic we have the new Republic Of Egypt Naval Battle Group from the folks at Spartan Games for Dystopian Wars.

Face The Fearsome Death Knights In A New RuneWars Expansion

1 day ago 5

Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off more of what lies ahead for the Waiqar as RuneWars continues to build up a head of steam (or should that be necromantic magic?) this year.

The Gallic Cavalry Thunder Into Victrix’s Collection Soon

1 day ago 3

Victrix are looking ahead to the enemies of Rome once more as they show off these Gallic Cavalry options which will be marshalling to take the fight to the Empire in the future.

Mythic Games Shows Off Stunning 15mm Mini For Joan of Arc

2 days ago 10

Myhtic Games is starting to show off more of their exciting next adventure – Time of Legends: Joan of Arc. The level of detail they’ve managed to capture in 15mm is unreal – see for yourself!