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Build German Blitz or Maultier with Warlord Games New Kit for Bolt Action

22 mins ago 0

Warlord Games have a new German hard plastic kit for Bolt Action that can be built as an Opel Blitz truck or Opel Maultier half-track.

The Scene Armour Up With New 15mm Post Apocalyptic Boat

2 hours ago 1

Climb aboard a new Armoured Post Apocalyptic Boat

The Army Painter Announces Four Faction Paint Sets For Runewars

2 hours ago 1

Pick up customised paint sets for all current factions in Runewars

Wargames Foundry Release Collectable Box Sets

4 hours ago 3

Wargames Foundry releases 28mm metal miniature sets covering a range of settings

Hasslefree Ready A Stern Scifi Soldier

10 hours ago 0

Hasslefree Minis have previewed a new scifi soldier in a suitably stern pose.

Plaid Hat Tell A Bed Time Story With New Game Stuffed Fables

10 hours ago 5

Plaid Hat Games have new story telling board game up for pre-order, letting you explore the nightmarish world of a bed time story; Stuffed Fables.

Greebo Team Up With Crawling Chaos For A War Of Titans

14 hours ago 1

Crawling Chaos Games are teaming up with Greebo Games to bring out a new boxed game; War Titans Invaders Must Die.

Modiphius Unleash The Super Mutant Behemoth For Fallout

1 day ago 3

See the factions for the Post-Nuclear wasteland continue to flesh out

Impudent Mortal Offer MDF 15mm Terrain Starter Kits

1 day ago 1

Get started into 15mm with entry level MDF terrain sets

Maggie & Glenn In Wave Three For Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War

1 day ago 3

As part of their Wave Three previews for The Walking Dead: All Out War, Mantic Games have shown off some upcoming minis with our favourite zombie apocalypse couple Maggie & Glenn

Odin The Adventurer Hits The Road From Gorgon Studios

1 day ago 3

Odin and his apprentice are out seeking adventure with these 28mm metal figures

Fantasy Flight Games Let Loose Waiqar the Undying’s Cruel Cavalry

1 day ago 4

The Waiqar get a hard hitting and terrifying fast attack option

Petition Appears For IKEA To Make Affordable Gaming Tables

1 day ago 21

A petition has started on to persuade IKEA to start producing a range of affordable tabletop gaming tables.

A Hulking Monster Looms On The Horizon In Eden

1 day ago 2

Happy Games Factory have put out a sneak peak for a new miniature coming out in September for Eden.

A Victim Of MoMMiniaturas’ Evil Aliens Appears

2 days ago 2

MoMMiniatures have shown off a new, particularly disturbing model, which may have fallen victim to their race of aliens.