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It’s Hammer Time With Scibor’s Upcoming Hero

53 mins ago 0

Bringing to mind the mighty Valten from the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, Scibor has shown off a work-in-progress character with a pair of hefty looking hammers.

Just What Is The Mantic Games Terraincrate Teaser All About?

4 hours ago 4

Mantic Games teased something new over on Social Media this week with this teaser image popping up for Terraincrate…

Who Is The Shining Supreme Pulp City have Previewed?

4 hours ago 0

Pulp City have published a preview for a new supreme who will be joining the roster of heroes and villains fighting to command the city.

Wargame Exclusive’s Imperial Wolves Prime Heads To Battle

15 hours ago 5

Wargame Exclusive has added their new Imperial Wolves Prime to their webstore as a limited edition piece. Standing at 56mm he is quite the imposing figure.

Midlam Miniatures Serve The Undead Pharaoh On Kickstarter

16 hours ago 1

Midlam Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter to fund a small set of miniatures that serve the Undead Pharaoh!

Meet The Soldiers Of Warforged: First Contact

17 hours ago 2

Some more background and artwork surfaced over the weekend for Warforged: First Contact and so it provides us with a neat opportunity to explore the races and characters a bit more for Reforged Studios new game.

Black Scorpion Start A Gunfight With Tombstone’s Mexicans

19 hours ago 2

Black Scorpion continue their previews for what lies ahead as part of their Tombstone Kickstarter with a look at the Mexican faction. Will you be heading south of the border?

Skilled Hunter Hakzabo Joins The Tengu Of Bushido

22 hours ago 3

The world of Bushido welcomes another model soon as we show off the model for Hakzabo. We saw his rules last week as part of a little sneak peek into the future of the game but now we get a look at this agile hunter for the Tengu.

Crooked Dice Gather Their Female Minions Coming To Salute 2017

1 day ago 1

We previewed the Female Minions not long ago from Crooked Dice that are coming to the tabletop for Salute 2017. Well, here’s a better look at how they’ve turned out…

Take Aim With World War II Australians By Eureka Miniatures

1 day ago 2

Eureka Miniatures has previewed some of their upcoming Australians that will be making their way to the tabletop to fight out battles in the Pacific theatre of World War I

Throw A Hail Mary Pass With The Blood Bowl Troll

1 day ago 8

Games Workshop has been winding up their throwing arm to throw one hell of a hail mary pass with their new Blood Bowl Troll!

MaxMini Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Hogs Of War

2 days ago 4

MaxMini have released a new set of brutish Hogs of War heads to let your army make pigs out of themselves.

Plastic Dark Age Archers Coming To Salute From Gripping Beast

3 days ago 13

Some new plastic Dark Age Archers are coming to Salute from Gripping Beast. You can see a sample of them here, bows at the ready to take out their foes from range.

Hasslefree’s Warrior Women Wrap Up Warm For Winter

3 days ago 6

Over on Social Media, we’ve been seeing more characters coming to life from Hasslefree. They are lead by Glory here, who you might recognise as inspired by a certain album cover.

The Totally Illegal Dwarf Deathroller Churns Into Blood Bowl

3 days ago 12

Forge World has trundled out quite the illegal piece of kit for the Dwarfs to use in Blood Bowl. See what you make of the Deathroller which has trapped some poor hapless Goblin!