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New Fantasy & Historical Soft Plastic Characters Arrive From Warhansa

8 hours ago 3

Warhansa doesn’t just work in resin as they have also been dabbling with soft plastic too. Leading the way for a raft of new releases we have these ‘toy soldiers’ with the Warrior & Assassin.

Salute’s Painting Competition Chalice & Epic Best In Show Prize!

9 hours ago 5

The Salute crew revealed some more details about their Painting Competition this year including the rather epic Chalice for Best In Show. If you ever wanted to drink like a warlord then this is something you need to aim for.

Tara The Silent Is The Model Of The Month From Reaper

10 hours ago 5

Continuing their year of Anniversary Models, Reaper Miniatures has now shown off the new one for March. Meet Tara The Silent, a daring Rogue and Assassin ready to slit throats and purse strings on the street of a Fantasy city.

The Arachnoid Prime Scuttles Forth From Puppets War

11 hours ago 4

Building on their range of alien bugs the folks at Puppets War has now found a new evolution of their Arachnoids, the Arachnoid Prime!

Cards Against Humanity Gets A Mass Effect Expansion Pack [NSFW]

12 hours ago 2

Everyone knows Cards Against Humanity (CAH) by now. This ‘party game for horrible people’ certainly opened up tabletop gaming to a whole new swathe of people and its newest expansion, teaming up with Bioware, brings Mass Effect to the party.

New Models & Bolt Action Offensive Event Tickets Available!

15 hours ago 1

Warlord Games has given us a bit of a sneak peek at what lies ahead for Bolt Action but firstly they have an event coming up on March 11th and there are a few tickets left for the Bolt Action Offensive.

New ALIEN: Covenant Prologue & Trailer Released

15 hours ago 12

With all of this talk of Exoplanets right now we’re all a bit fascinated by space. Well, maybe this will give you a few chills when you see the new ALIEN: Covenant prologue that popped up this week.

Paranoid Miniatures Show Off The Very Creepy Angler For Mythos

18 hours ago 4

What could be more frightening than getting up close to an angler in the dark waters of the ocean? Paranoid Miniatures figured out the answer for Mythos- running into one the size of a tiger on land!

Shieldwolf Miniatures Hints At Upcoming Kickstarter

21 hours ago 6

Shieldwolf Miniatures previews one of their characters for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Check Out The Otter Fisherman From Upcoming The Cult Of Barnacle Bay

22 hours ago 2

Elder Bane magic has corrupted the fishermen of Barnacle Bay for the upcoming cooperative dungeon crawl game from Red Panda Miniatures. Have a look at some sneak peeks for the WIP.

Assemble Your Aegis VII Mechanised Combat Unit From Zealot

1 day ago 3

Zealot Miniatures has added a cool new Sci-Fi creation to their webstore for those of you looking to have the most hi-tech gadgets on the battlefield. See what you think of the Aegis VII Mechanized Combat Unit.

Flytrap Factory’s Caveman VS Wild Characters Come To Life

1 day ago 5

The awesomely cartoony range of cavemen and beasts from Flytrap Factory as part of their successful Caveman VS Wild Kickstarter have come to life in both metal and resin.

Manorhouse Workshop Team Up With RGFX For The Fog Tower

1 day ago 3

Manorhouse Workshop has shown off another of their Fantasy/Medieval buildings which is looking rather nice indeed. This Tower has then been enhanced with the help of Real Game FX as fog billows forth from it, giving the gaming table an eerie look.

Mantic Games Preview A Brutal Walking Dead Diorama

1 day ago 3

Over on the Mantic Games Blog, they are currently running a bit of a Walking Dead: All Out War Week and that includes previewing some snippets from one of their upcoming diorama kits which might be familiar to folks.

Go Green For Warband Miniatures’ Goblin Wizzard

2 days ago 1

Warband Miniatures have released a spell caster whose magic is worse than its spelling, a malicious Goblin Wizzard.