Delve Into GCT Studios’ Awesome Female Bushido Collection

April 9, 2024 by brennon

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GCT Studios put together a great collection of female miniatures for their 35mm Fantasy skirmish game Bushido last month. Before we head too deep into April and another wave of releases, let's take a look at what popped up for various factions.

Takashi Kumiko - Bushido

Takashi Kumiko // Bushido

We start with Takashi Kumiko for the Prefecture of Ryu. This miniature was added into the mix after a discussion about needing more female samurai in the range. She is now available to make fun, thematic lists and Takashi isn't a pushover. She has a low cost for inclusion in your warband and can deliver a critical blow when the time is right. The sculpt is also suitably cool and posed as if she's about to tackle a deadly foe.

Moving to the Ito Clan, we also have Ito Sadako.

Ito Sadako - Bushido

Ito Sadako // Bushido

If you like the snake-strike of the Ito Clan then you've now got that in samurai form. She is a capable addition to your collection with lots of melee options. She is available to avoid getting trapped thanks to her Sidewinder Ki Feat but also comes with a brutal slam attack which can shove around enemy miniatures and force them into the path of your warband.

The Descension is also getting stuck in with another winged warrior in the form of Ojobe.

Ojobe - Bushido

Ojobe // Bushido

She is one of the larger Tengu miniatures in the range but comes with plenty of offensive and defensive abilities to make her useful. She also comes with plenty of movement potential, allowing her to get to where she needs to be. She also features a unique Aura called Salvation which means for that turn, no models within it can be killed. This could really turn the tide should you use it at the right moment.

Embrace the power of the Minimoto Clan with the addition of Minimoto Akasuki and her heavy tetsubo.

Minimoto Akasuki - Bushido

Minimoto Akasuki // Bushido

I think the Minimoto Clan would be the clan for me in Bushido after looking at so many of their miniatures over the past few years. She represents the fury of the Minimoto Clan as the more damage she takes, the more brutal she becomes. She also has a high amount of wound boxes and a good armour trait meaning that until that point, she's still going to be a force to be reckoned with. An impressive new warrior for the clan!

All of these miniatures are available for you to scoop up right now and the April releases are just around the corner as well so watch this space!

Drop your thoughts on these new Female miniatures for Bushido below...

"I think the Minimoto Clan would be the clan for me in Bushido..."

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