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FireForge Clad Themselves In Amour With Their Foot Knights


FireForge Games have clad themselves in armour and are ready for battle as their Foot Knights XI-XIIIc are now available in a new plastic set.


An Update From The Front – Join In With Firestorm Stripes Today


Battlefront has dropped an update on Firestorm Stripes,
the massive Team Yankee campaign which
follows the battles in Europe between NATO
and Warsaw Pact.

Renaissance Take To Kickstarter With Ace Dark Age Terrain


Renaissance Miniatures have taken to Kickstarter to help create some awesome Dark Age tabletops.

Perry Preview Plastic Line Chasseurs A Cheval For Salute Release


Perry Miniatures are bringing more rather fantastic looking plastic miniatures to Salute this year. This time around it is a set of mounted Line Chasseurs a Cheval.

Grab Your Rifles For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte Preview


Warlord have provided us with a quick glimpse of some new minis marching their way into Pike & Shotte.

Let's Play: Joan of Arc - Siege of Orléans

Let’s Play: Joan of Arc – Siege of Orléans


I’m back with Ben and Léo from Mythic Games for a mighty onslaught as we play out the Siege of Orléans in Joan of Arc.

Spectre Miniatures Have Recruited The Famed Green Berets


Spectre Miniatures is expanding their lines with one of the most recognized military units in the world.

An Avanti Arsenal Drops This March For Flames Of War


The Flames Of War team has shown off some of the new Avanti miniatures which will be coming to your tabletop to support the Italians in World War II.

The Samurai Armies Grow In New Footsore/War Banner Previews


Footsore Miniatures & the War Banner Facebook Page have been showing off more of the upcoming Samurai models that will be gracing the tabletop as part of the Warring Clans range.

Elladan Raises A Warband Of Mighty Scots


Elladan have gathered a warband of mighty Scots, ready to strike a blow against the English South of the border.

Watch Out For Teotihuacan: City Of Gods This Year


Keep an eye out for the worker placement and tile placement game, Teotihuacan: City Of Gods which is coming out later this year from NSKN Games.

Classic Snowdonia Board Game Getting 3rd Edition Deluxe Run


It looks like the classic board game, Snowdonia, is going to be getting itself a new edition and indeed a Deluxe run out via Kickstarter this Spring.

Battlegroup Torch Book Now Available For Pre-Order


Plastic Soldier Company have opened up pre-orders for their newest Battlegroup book, Torch. This new book takes you into the desert war and expands on the campaign with more options for wargamers.


Baptism By Fire: 1943 // Americans In Tunisia – Part One


We get stuck back into the Desert War with a new series looking at the Americans and their battles in Tunisia…

Defend The Gamecraft 28mm Drawbridge From Advancing Allies!


GameCraft Miniatures have added their revised design for the 28mm Drawbridge to their webstore. A perfect chokepoint for some World War II clashes on the tabletop.

Community Spotlight: Oldhammer Monsters, Raidin' Vikings & Modern Brits

Community Spotlight: Oldhammer Monsters, Raidin’ Vikings & Modern Brits


Pre-Order Warlord’s Blood Red Skies For Fighter Ace Models


Warlord Games wanted to remind folks that you can still get your hands on the pre-orders for Blood Red Skies, their new dogfighting game in World War II.

Pop Along To Napoleon Crossing The Foyle Event This Weekend


There’s a neat event happening at Ebrington Square in Londonderry this weekend, Napoleon Crossing The Foyle…

Two Viking Heroes Pop Up On Stronghold’s SAGA Store


Stronghold Terrain has added two Viking Heroes to their collection for those interested in leading a new SAGA warband on the tabletop.

Arcane Wonder’s Senshi Coming To The Tabletop In May


Arcane Wonders are going to be releasing their new game, Senshi, in May this year. I wanted to take a minute to find out more about this neat looking little game…