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Empress Miniatures Now Selling 1898 Spanish Range

1 day ago 2

Empress Miniatures are now selling the 1898 Miniatures range of Spanish Infantry for use in both the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War.

The Forces Of The Gauls Finalised By Victrix For Ancient Warfare

2 days ago 11

Victrix has now finalised the main infantry for the armies of Gaul that will be threatening the Roman Empire.

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

3 days ago 99

Join us in the wonderful world of Backstage
where we get to chat with you lovely
folks about our hobby and much more.

Catch The Train At Sarissa’s New Railway Station

4 days ago 5

Sarissa Precision have created another fantastic piece of terrain with their Railway Station. Does this set the scene for a bank robbery escape or maybe a battle between gangs?

Napoleonic Plastic British Cavalry Ride Out Soon From Warlord

4 days ago 10

New plastic British Cavalry is riding into the world of Black Powder soon from Warlord Games. There will be two new sets…

The Cuddly Toys Go To War With Battle For Teddysburg From Slave2Gaming

5 days ago 7

The Battle For Teddysburg is an alternative take on Civil War wargaming from Slave2Gaming and it’s not only quite charming but looks like a lot of fun too!

Control The Wildfires In Hotshots By Fireside Games

5 days ago 1

Wildfires are raging out of control and only the wildfire fighters can tame the beast! This May, players will be be able to try their luck and skill with the wildfires in Hotshots, as they roll the dice to try to save the day.

Blight Wheel Start Their Own Jurassic Park With A Styracosaurus

6 days ago 1

There were previews of this little fellow last year but now the Young Styracosaurus is available from Blight Wheel Miniatures for all of your Prehistoric adventuring on the tabletop.

Team Yankee Command School: Stalking your Prey in the Night

Team Yankee Command School: Stalking Your Prey At Night

6 days ago 0

We learn all about night vision and using darkness to your advantage in Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Command School XLBS: Night Fighting In Your Campaigns

6 days ago 1

We’re discussing how to include night fighting as part of your campaigns in Team Yankee and the effect it has on your games!

DarkOps Craft New Dropzone Commander City Buildings

6 days ago 4

Designed to be useful in your games of Dropzone Commander DarkOps has built a selection of neat buildings which not only add character to your tabletop but much needed cover too!

Streetscape Modern Terrain Makes A Return To Kickstarter

8 days ago 1

Slug Industries has returned to Kickstarter to try and get funding for their Streetscape terrain.

A High Kicking Dancing Girl Shows Off Her Skills From Knuckleduster

12 days ago 5

You can’t dive into the world of the Wild West without some Saloon Girls doing a high-kickin’ can-can.

The Fearsome Picts Of Scotland Invade Footsore Miniatures

14 days ago 4

Footsore Miniatures have announced that the warriors of the northern Picts are coming south this January.

Arthurian Knights Ride Into Battle With Saxon Miniatures

16 days ago 5

Saxon Miniatures are continuing to build upon their Arthurian range as they add some Knights for the new year very soon.