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New Fictional & Factual Stoessi’s Heroes Pop Up This Month


Some new characters have popped up from the folks at Stoessi’s Heroes, each with a World War II theme.

Meet The Onna-Bugeisha From Bad Squiddo Games


Bad Squiddo Games have revealed some new releases coming to their webstore soon. Heading off to Japan this time around we have the Onna-Bugeisha, female warriors of Japanese nobility.

Battle For The Good Plonk With Minairons Miniatures’ Wine Cellar


Minarions Miniatures has added a new resin terrain kit to their collection in 1/72 scale. See what you make of their Wine Cellar…

Black Friday Bonanza – Find Your Tabletop Deals


It’s that time of year again, Black Friday. With loads of deals out there we’re looking to try and collate them all into one place. Make sure to comment on this post with any you spot and we’ll add them to the list!

Adepticon 2018 Registration Is Live Now!


If you’ve ever been on the fence about getting over to Adepticon, this should be your year! Adepticon 2018 registration is live now and will no doubt be full of all the gaming goodness you are looking for.

Eureka Fill Up the Farm With Animals


Eureka Miniatures are about to stock the tabletop farms with new 28mm animals.

Weekender XLBS: SAGA 2nd Edition; Our Thoughts On The New Rules

Weekender XLBS: SAGA 2nd Edition; Our Thoughts On The New Rules


Gorgon Studios Lay Down Fire With New Fallschirmjager


Gorgon Studios are laying down some covering fire with their new Fallschirmjäger releases for use in your World War II games.

Big Ol’ Boats Take To The Water From Burn In Designs


Some rather nifty looking boats are part of the previews popping up on social media from Burn In Designs.

Khurasan Preview New 15mm Models From Across The Ages


Delving back into the realm of Historical gaming we have some new 15mm models on the way from the boffins at Khurasan Miniatures.

Footsore Gangs Of Rome Previews + Exclusive Building Sneak Peek!


Footsore Miniatures have shared with us some previews of their upcoming game and range of models for Gangs Of Rome.

New UKGE 2018 Sponsors Announced [Updated]


The team behind UK Games Expo announce a new set of Sponsors including Warcradle Studios, CGE and HABA who will be supporting the show in 2018.

Listen To The Boom, Boom, Boom Of Flames Of War’s New Guns


Flames Of War has been granted some new armoured reinforcement in the form of three new vehicle packs featuring some neat plastic vehicles.

Black Scorpion Share New Tombstone Previews


Black Scorpion is beginning to deliver on their Tombstone Kickstarter, a Wild West skirmish game full of awesome looking miniatures.

Richard Borg’s The Great War Gets French Army Expansion


Teaming up with Plastic Soldier Company, Rich Borg’s The Great War is back on Kickstarter with a new expansion for The French Army.

Knuckleduster Announce The Date For Gunfighter’s Ball Kickstarter


Knuckleduster have announced that they will be launching the Kickstarter for their Gunfighter’s Ball on the 17th of November.

Gripping Beast Ride To Battle With Their Dark Age Cavalry


Riding into battle to support your Dark Age and Arthurian-era armies we have the Dark Age Cavalry from Gripping Beast.

Check Out Warlord Games’ Waffen-SS Camo Tutorial – What Do You Do?


Warlord Games have shown off their own tutorial for creating the Waffen-SS Camo Pattern that we’ve been seeing John try his had at Backstage this week.

Spectre Miniatures Call In The SAS With New Releases


Building on their selection of awesome Modern Warfare miniatures, Spectre has now released their SAS teams which can be used in all manner of different settings.

Miniature Building Authority Brings Shanty Town To Life


If you’ve gotten into modern wargaming recently, then you’ll be needing the perfect terrain to set the scene on the table and Miniature Building Authority has you covered. They’re Shanty Town project is live on Kickstarter now and full of all the buildings and incidentals you need to bring your table to life.