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Black Scorpion Lay Down The Law In Tombstone

1 day ago 3

The Black Scorpion team shared another preview for you this week ahead of their Tombstone Kickstarter. This time we’re checking out the Lawmen.

Knights Of Dice Tease New Malaysian Shop WIP’s For Sentry City

2 days ago 9

Looks like there is some more lovely buildings heading into Sentry City from Knights of Dice. Inspired by a recent trip, some Malaysian Shop Houses are currently under construction for their 28mm ranges.

Encounter A Ghost Town With 4Ground’s Dead Man’s Hand Terrain

2 days ago 6

To coincide with the launch of Curse Of Dead Man’s Hand, Great Escape Games teamed up with 4Ground to create a range of terrain perfect for the undead-ridden streets of this Wild West town.

15mm British Universal Carrier Now Available From Plastic Soldier

2 days ago 7

The Plastic Soldier Company has now released the 15mm kit for their British Universal Carriers. The kit comes with a few different variants allowing you to mix and match things on the tabletop.

Paint Up Your Desert Armies With Flames Of War Paint & Basing Kits

2 days ago 1

Flames Of War 4th Edition is hotting up (ah, desert puns) and more folks are picking up their armies ready to do battle. With that in mind, Battlefront has their new Flames Of War Paint Kits and a new Basing Kit specifically designed for each of the factions and the landscape you’re fighting for.

Highly Skilled Agents & Operators Join The Fight From Spectre Miniatures

3 days ago 5

Spectre Miniatures is expanding their range of high tier Operators and Agents for use in your Modern Warfare games on the tabletop.

Black Scorpion Start A Gunfight With Tombstone’s Mexicans

3 days ago 2

Black Scorpion continue their previews for what lies ahead as part of their Tombstone Kickstarter with a look at the Mexican faction. Will you be heading south of the border?

Let's Play: Test Of Honour

Let’s Play: Test Of Honour – The Samurai Miniatures Game

3 days ago 24

Take Aim With World War II Australians By Eureka Miniatures

3 days ago 2

Eureka Miniatures has previewed some of their upcoming Australians that will be making their way to the tabletop to fight out battles in the Pacific theatre of World War I

AdeptiCon 2017 Day 4 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day Four

4 days ago 44
AdeptiCon 2017 Day 3 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day Three

5 days ago 48

Daring Aussies & Japanese Soldiers On The Way For Bolt Action

5 days ago 11

Warlord Games has shown off some upcoming model sets for use with Bolt Action. They are looking back to the Pacific theatre this time around.

Plastic Dark Age Archers Coming To Salute From Gripping Beast

6 days ago 13

Some new plastic Dark Age Archers are coming to Salute from Gripping Beast. You can see a sample of them here, bows at the ready to take out their foes from range.

Venetian Casas Are Under Construction By TTCombat

6 days ago 7

TTCombat has been tinkering away on plenty more of their Venetian terrain for use with the world of Carnevale. Their latest prototypes include these Venetian Casas which will line the waterways.

Community Spotlight: Fresh Water Challenge Runners-Up

Community Spotlight: Fresh Water Challenge Runners-Up

6 days ago 10

Join us as we show off some of the Runners-Up from our recent Fresh Water Challenge.