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Z-Man’s Lowlands Floods Out For Pre-Order


Z-Man announced that Lowlands, a new board game where you must tend your farm in the face of floods, is now up for pre-order.

Ride With Arquebusiers & The Knights Hospitaller In Pike & Shotte


Warlord Games keep your Pike & Shotte forces growing with some new releases.

New Female Samurai Preview From Bad Squiddo Games


Whilst they are still in the midst of a move, the Bad Squiddo Games team shared another preview for one of their Female Samurai which will be coming in the near future.

Community Spotlight: Armoured Hunters, Polish Soldiers & A Spiffing Spitfire

Community Spotlight: Armoured Hunters, Polish Soldiers & A Spiffing Spitfire


GameCraft Are Tournament Ready With New Legion & Bolt Action Trays


GameCraft Miniatures has two new Tournament Trays for you to check out on their webstore. The first of these is for use with Bolt Action models.

Stronghold Terrain Show Off Their Heroic SAGA Crusader Figure


In support of the release of SAGA: Age Of Crusades, the team at Stronghold Terrain has shown off the model they will be offering on their webstore alongside the German version of the book.

Meet The Onna-Bugeisha For Warlord Games’ Test Of Honour


Warlord Games has announced pre-orders for a new set, ready to soon grace the tabletops for Test Of Honour. Here we have the absolutely awesome looking Onna-Bugeisha Of Asakura.

Command & Colours: Ancients // Armies Of Momentum - Part One

Command & Colours: Ancients // Armies Of Momentum – Part One


Akaisamurai explores what makes Command & Colours: Ancients a fantastic representation of Ancient Warfare on the tabletop…

Khurasan Raise More 15mm Medieval Soldiers For Your Army


Khurasan Miniatures has shown off some new Medieval Soldiers in 15mm that might be a good fit for your armies 14th and 13th Century.

Garphill Games Preview RPG Set In The North Sea World


Garphill Games has revealed that they are going to be doing a Roleplaying Game set in their game world of The North Sea which has spawned a huge range of games.

V&V Miniatures Smash Enemy Lines Apart With Byzantine Cataphracts


Looking for some heavy cavalry to smash through the enemy lines and cause disarray? Well, that’s where the new Byzantine Cataphracts from V&V Miniatures might come in.

Anno Domini: 1666 Interview

Anno Domini: 1666 Interview


Get the lowdown on this historical miniature game launching on Kickstarter today!

Enter The Zen-Like Tang Garden With Thundergryph Games


Thundergryph Games has a wonderful looking game coming to Kickstarter soon. Here we have a look at Tang Garden which has you building a wonderful garden for nobles to visit.

Z-Man Set Sail And Announce Anchors Aweigh!


Z-Man have announced a new board game has appeared on the horizon. It’s time to cast off with Anchors Aweigh!


Centennial Gaming In The Great War – The Campaigns Of 1918: Part Four


We learn about the legend that is the Battle Of Belleau Wood…

Dziobak Announce New LARP: Gangs Of Birmingham


Dziobak LARP Studios, the people behind the College of Wizardry and Convention of Thorns blockbuster LARPs, have announced a new game set in 1920s England; Gangs of Birmingham.

PSC Games Head To Kickstarter With Martin Wallace’s Lincoln


PSC Games grow their expanding collection of Historical board games with Lincoln by Matin Wallace which takes you right into the struggle between North and South in American.

Tales of Blood & Plunder - Brethren of the Coast Vs. French Caribbean Militia

Tales Of Blood & Plunder – Brethren Of The Coast VS French Caribbean Militia


A Statue Of Neptune Gets Erected For Gangs Of Rome Tabletops


Designed to fit in with the next range of releases for Gangs Of Rome, War Banner showed off this new for a Statue Of Neptune over on the Facebook Group for the game.

Brigade Models Hunt Out Cold War Spies With New Kickstarter


Brigade Models are now on Kickstarter with a range of Cold War miniatures as part of their Spies & Patriots collection.