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Face Down Tanks With Heer46′s PaK 40 Gun & Crew

12 hours ago 2

If you’re looking to take down some approaching tanks or maybe even try and level a building or two how about this new PaK 40 Gun & Crew from Heer46?

UK Games Expo Update: Security Update + More To See & Do At The Show!

18 hours ago 7

With the UK Games Expo just a few days away now they wanted to give everyone a quick update on where things stand in terms of security ahead of the event.


The Battle Of Midway 75th Anniversary: Turning Point In The Pacific [Part Two]

19 hours ago 28

More New Faces For The West On The Way From Knuckleduster

22 hours ago 1

Knuckleduster Miniatures is adding two more colourful characters to their line of Wild West minis. Kansas City Sal and “the Duck” are the new kids in town and ready to join your collection.

New 40mm Vikings Go Raiding From V&V Miniatures

3 days ago 6

V&V Miniatures continues to expand upon their Dark Age range with some new 40mm Vikings.

Grab A Bolt Action Airborne Starter Army From Warlord Games

3 days ago 11

Warlord Games has been adding to their selection of Starter Armies for Bolt Action as they dropped their British Airborne force into the mix.

Hobby Night Live Vikings

Hobby Night Live: Planning & Building A Viking Tabletop [Livestream Over]

3 days ago 70

We hope you were able to join us building and planning out our Kattegat Viking tabletop!

Step Back In History & Assassinate Targets With Flytrap Factory

5 days ago 2

Flytrap Factory is looking to step back in History as they explore a new genre with their metal range. Here you can see some of the Riflemen that they’ve been working on recently.

Napoleon Saga Marches Into Kickstarter From Oeuf Cube Editions

5 days ago 5

Looking to play some of the grand battles of the Napoleonic Wars, but don’t want to drag out hundreds of minis? Then you might want to check out this Kickstarter.

Perry Miniatures Meet Some Famous Napoleonic French Generals

5 days ago 0

As you look to expand upon your collection of Frenchmen travelling into Eypgyt under the command of Napoleon, Perry Miniatures has added two character packs into the mix.

Join The Mad Dogs With Guns Rules Coming In June From Osprey

6 days ago 2

Make sure to keep an eye out for Mad Dogs With Guns, a new rule set coming out from Osprey Games in June for your gangland warfare in 1919.

Join BoW Lance For A Livestream Paint Session Tonight 8pm!

6 days ago 6

If you just can’t wait for Hobby Night Live tomorrow make sure to check out BoW Lance (lancorz) on Twitch tonight from 8pm for another Painting Livestream.

The Old Major Makes An Appearance From Footsore Miniatures

7 days ago 3

Footsore Miniatures is asking for your help in choosing the next miniature in the Inter-war collection.

FireForge’s Burn & Loot Supplement Now Available

7 days ago 6

FireForge Games has now made their Deus Vult: Burn & Loot supplement available for you to buy over at their webstore. It’s time to go Viking and start plundering from your neighbours across the North Sea.

The Gallic Cavalry Thunder Into Victrix’s Collection Soon

8 days ago 3

Victrix are looking ahead to the enemies of Rome once more as they show off these Gallic Cavalry options which will be marshalling to take the fight to the Empire in the future.