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The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part Three]

4 hours ago 2

Welcome to the final article in the run up to our Flames Of War Boot Camp! Let’s see how more of the battles played out!

Weekender XLBS: Environmental Rules In Games; How Would You Do It?

Weekender XLBS: Using Environmental Rules In Games; How Would You Do It?

1 day ago 104
Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin' Stuff With WETA's GKR: Heavy Hitters!

Weekender: FoW Desert War Tactics & Smashin’ Stuff With WETA’s GKR: Heavy Hitters!

2 days ago 112

We’re back!

1864 Danish Dragoons Available Now From North Star

3 days ago 5

If you’re riding out to do battle during the Second Schleswig War then you’re going to need yourself some cavalry. How about the Danish Dragoons from North Star?

Perry Miniatures Preview Upcoming Cape Frontier Warriors & More

3 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures has been previewing some of what lies ahead for their various ranges. Kicking things off we have some models for their Cape Frontier Wars range.

Empress Miniatures Joins Forces With Paul Hicks On Late WWII GIs

3 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures and Paul Hicks have teamed up to bring you some late WWII American GIs in action!

New Fantasy & Historical Soft Plastic Characters Arrive From Warhansa

4 days ago 6

Warhansa doesn’t just work in resin as they have also been dabbling with soft plastic too. Leading the way for a raft of new releases we have these ‘toy soldiers’ with the Warrior & Assassin.

Salute’s Painting Competition Chalice & Epic Best In Show Prize!

4 days ago 6

The Salute crew revealed some more details about their Painting Competition this year including the rather epic Chalice for Best In Show. If you ever wanted to drink like a warlord then this is something you need to aim for.

New Models & Bolt Action Offensive Event Tickets Available!

4 days ago 2

Warlord Games has given us a bit of a sneak peek at what lies ahead for Bolt Action but firstly they have an event coming up on March 11th and there are a few tickets left for the Bolt Action Offensive.

Set Sail For Adventure! British Vs. Pirates Kickstarter Review

4 days ago 8

Arrrrrrrrrrh, you looking for adventure on the high seas? Then look no further than the British VS Pirates Kickstarter from Apollo Randall.

Manorhouse Workshop Team Up With RGFX For The Fog Tower

5 days ago 3

Manorhouse Workshop has shown off another of their Fantasy/Medieval buildings which is looking rather nice indeed. This Tower has then been enhanced with the help of Real Game FX as fog billows forth from it, giving the gaming table an eerie look.

The Spanish Have Joined British VS Pirates On Kickstarter

5 days ago 4

More enemies of the pirates are heading our way as the Spanish have been added to the British vs. Pirates Kickstarter! Now you can add even more beautiful art and characters to your game with the latest add on option.

100 Days To Go Until UK Games Expo 2017!

5 days ago 2

The UK Games Expo is now only 100 days away (2nd – 4th June 2017)! To celebrate this the team has revealed their new artwork for the event which looks absolutely fantastic.

Panzer Orders A WWII Card Game Hits Kickstarter

5 days ago 2

There is a new WWII-themed card game on Kickstarter called Panzer Orders.

Footsore Miniatures Muster SAGA Aetius & Arthur Warbands

6 days ago 16

Footsore Miniatures has put together three new SAGA warbands for you to snap up as you head out to do battle in Aetius & Arthur.