Let’s Play: Force Of Virtue – The Renaissance Skirmish Wargame | Masterstroke Games

March 26, 2024 by avernos

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Gerry is joined by the team from Masterstroke Games to play out the first scenario of a mini-campaign in their Renaissance Skirmish Wargame, Force Of Virtue. Gerry has been tasked with stopping some dastardly grave robbers from stealing important documents!


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Force Of Virtue is a skirmish wargame set against the backdrop of Rome and the rise of the powerful Borgias. You will grow and shape your warband over the course of campaigns in the ruined landscape of the Eternal City.

Making use of cards at the core of gameplay, you'll have to choose the best way to command your troops and come out on top in a cutthroat world!

Make sure to come back for more from Force Of Virtue soon!

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