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Greg & Izzy Bring Their Tank Expertise To Dust

2 days ago 1

Dust Models have put up a new pair of heroes for pre-order to help the Allied forces in Dust; Greg and his canine companion Izzy.

Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

2 days ago 10

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Learn More About Z-Man’s Pandemic Legacy Season 2! [Spoilers]

3 days ago 4

While some gamers will want to know what lies ahead for the follow up to Z-Man’s massive success, Pandemic: Legacy, some might not so SPOILER WARNING in advance!

Deep-Cut’s New Mat Creates the Gothic Atmosphere of Gotham

4 days ago 5

Deep-Cut Studio recently released a new mat seeking to recreate the dark and sinister atmosphere of DC Comics’ most famous city; Gotham!

Knight Model’s Parliament Of Owls Assembles To Take Down Batman

4 days ago 5

Knight Models has assembled a new preview of what’s coming soon to the Batman Miniatures Game. Here we have the Parliament Of Owls, each of them seeking to take Batman’s head.

Train Your Pets With KLUKVA’s Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

4 days ago 0

Adding a Steampunk twist to a famous scientist isn’t a new thing but I don’t think I’ve seen Pavlov done yet!

Write-Off Your Car With Antenocitis’ New Ruined Terrain

4 days ago 5

Antenocitis’ Workshop has added some neat new terrain pieces to their collection with four Ruined Cars which can be used to adorn your city streets and show a wartorn landscape

New Arcanist Kandara Makes Her Malifaux Debut

5 days ago 11

Wyrd Games have published a piece of concept art featuring an all new Arcanist for Malifaux, the multi-armed magician Kandara.

Keep Your Entire Kingdom Death Collection Safe With Battle Foam

5 days ago 7

Available on both their US and UK store the folks at Battle Foam have now pulled together a whole range of bags and foam trays for you to keep your entire Kingdom Death collection safe. It’s quite a lot of foam!

Jim Gordon Fights Alongside Monolith’s Batman To Keep Gotham Safe

9 days ago 3

Monolith is showing off more of their Batman: The Board Game project, which is coming to Kickstarter later this year. This time we have GCPD’s finest with Jim Gordon.

Wolsung Boot Camp

Wolsung Boot Camp Tickets Now Available!

9 days ago 36

Tickets for the Wolsung Boot Camp alongside Micro Art Studio are now available to Backstagers!

Press Your Luck In Lucidity Six-Sided Nightmares Kickstarter

12 days ago 0

Weave through nightmares and try not to become one yourself in the Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares Kickstarter. This press your luck style game not only looks great, but offers you the chance to be good or bad- whether you like it or not!

The Neverborn Of Malifaux Have A Big Beastie On The Way

13 days ago 4

There’s nothing better than Malifaux Mondays, when we get a good look at new things in the works from Wyrd Games.

New Program Guide & Casts Coming Soon To 7TV 2nd Edition

13 days ago 5

7TV is going from strength to strength in its second edition and with that in mind, the Volume One Program Guide and more Cast Sets are coming to the tabletop from Crooked Dice over the next few weeks.

Pulp Alley Offers Up A Sneak Peek At Chinese Bandits

13 days ago 1

As part of their growing range, Pulp Alley has previewed one of their upcoming miniatures which will turn into a larger gang on the tabletop.