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Let's Play Kingdom Death Monster - Lantern Year Four

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Four

21 hours ago 27

It’s time for us to adventure off into the world
of Kingdom Death: Monster on the hunt of a
Lion in this nightmarish world…

The Steam Imp Shimmers Into Being For Twisted

1 day ago 7

This little fellow, standing at 24mm tall, is one of the latest additions to the world of Twisted by Demented Games. Meet the Steam Imp.

Warlord Games Offers Spec Ops “Lock & Load” Bundle For Project Z

2 days ago 8

Warlord Games is making it much easier to get into their zombie apocalypse game Project Z with this bundle.

Mortimer Zachariah Unlocked For Topexx Dominion Kickstarter

2 days ago 0

Any good steampunk story needs its medicine man, and Topexx Dominion has added the perfect fella to their Steampunk 35mm Minis Kickstarter.

Meridian Boost The Ranks Of The British In Steam & Aether

3 days ago 1

Meridian Miniatures has added to their Steampunk range with some new models for the British in Steam & Aether. Take a look and see what you think.

Onyx Path & Nocturnal Media Return To The Scarred Lands

4 days ago 0

Onyx Path have a selection of new releases on DriveThruRPG, bringing out supplements for both the World of Darkness and returning to the Greek mythology inspired world of the Scarred Lands.

Anti-Air Vehicles & Big Stompy Walkers Available From DUST This Month

4 days ago 3

Building on their range of models for the Axis and Soviets the folks behind DUST 1947 has put together a collection of new vehicles.

Topexx Takes To Kickstarter With Colorful Steampunk Characters

5 days ago 0

Topexx Dominoins have some great steampunk miniatures on Kickstarter to help bring their WIP steampunk RPG game to life. Have a look at the wonderful characters they’ve created in their Steampunk 35mm Miniatures project.

Wyrd Games’ Fantastic The Other Side Allegiance Video Shows Off New Miniatures!

5 days ago 24

In just a couple weeks, Wyrd Games will be taking to Kickstarter with their next miniatures game, The Other Side. This week’s Monday Preview is a fantastic video trailer that explores the four Allegiances for their upcoming game.

New Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Hits

5 days ago 12

The new Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer has arrived and it’s awesome! You can check it out and let us know your thoughts on the film’s upcoming second outing.

The Pelicopter Goes On An Expedition From Scale75

5 days ago 2

Scale75 show off another fantastic looking Steampunk creation from their quirky world of Smog Riders. Here we have the aptly named Pelicopter!

British Armour & Soviet Terror Come To Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

5 days ago 5

Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin has put together a couple of new sets for you to pick up for Konflikt ’47 including some British Armoured Infantry and a Soviet Terror Squad!

Play A Game In TTCombat’s Play Park

6 days ago 7

TTCombat have released a new terrain set to give your minis a place to relax and play when they’re not battling it out for supremacy. Race to the swings at the Play Park.

Battle It Out Over The Grand Library From TTCombat

7 days ago 6

TTCombat has put together a wonderful looking new Grand Library which is perfect for your superhero games in 35mm scale although it would work just as well with 28mm models too.

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

7 days ago 128

We dive into some more mysteries today
as we thinking about the Vikings
heading to South America!