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Maggie & Glenn In Wave Three For Mantic Games The Walking Dead: All Out War

15 hours ago 2

As part of their Wave Three previews for The Walking Dead: All Out War, Mantic Games have shown off some upcoming minis with our favourite zombie apocalypse couple Maggie & Glenn

Some Strange New Folks Be Wanderin’ Into Blackwater Gulch

2 days ago 0

Gangfight Games are adding some new characters to their wild west horror game Blackwater Gulch.

A Slimy Grootslang Slips Into Malifaux

2 days ago 3

The latest preview for Malifaux has revealed a horrifying creature for the Neverbron; the slimy skinned Grootslang.

Take Part In This Years Great Wargaming Survey!

3 days ago 7

Guy Bowers & Jasper Oorthuys of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine are coming to the end of another Great Wargaming Survey in conjunction with Karwansaray Publishing and you can still take part.

See The Dark Side With Jekyll & Hyde Busts By Infamy

3 days ago 3

Infamy Miniatures continue to add to their world of the weird with some new busts for collectors and painters. Here we have the twin sides of Jekyll & Hyde…

Abyssinia’s Lord Of Steel Flies To The Other Side

3 days ago 3

Wyrd Games have shown off a commander who will be leading the forces of Abyssinia in The Other Side; the master of fight and flight, The Lord of Steel.

The Master Steps Into Pulp City

4 days ago 1

It looks like we might soon be hearing more from Pulp City and in the meantime we get a look at The Master.

Knight Models Switching To Plastic For Batman Range?

5 days ago 33

Word has come through from Tales Of A Tabletop Skirmisher that Knight Models might be switching over to Pre-Coloured Plastic/Restic/Resin for their DC & Batman range in the near future.

VLOG: Wolsung Boot Camp Builds & Hobby Night Live Prep!

6 days ago 5

Get a quick run down of everything that has been going on this week in the BoW Studios.

Knight Models August Releases For DC Universe Miniature Game

6 days ago 16

We get to see fifteen stunning models for the DC Universe Miniature Game from Knight Models

New Resurgence Supplement Coming To Konflikt ’47

7 days ago 4

A new supplement is coming to Konflikt ’47 thanks to Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin. Resurgence sees the Japanese making their presence known in this Weird World War.

Customeeple Go Digging Around In Malifaux’s Crazy Cat Lady Manor

7 days ago 2

Customeeple have been digging around in the ruins of the world of Malifaux and found themselves Crazy Cat Lady Manor, a new terrain set for you to play your games around.

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Three Closes In On Final Days

7 days ago 4

Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Three is closing in on its finals days on Kickstarter.

Studio Miniatures Adds More Horror Characters

8 days ago 5

The latest batch of Horror Characters added to Studio Miniatures range

Bad Squiddo Games Tease New Vampire Hunters

9 days ago 4

A new range of miniatures is coming out next week from Bad Squiddo Games for all you Vampire Hunters looking to head out to the Wild West.