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Weekender XLBS: Environmental Rules In Games; How Would You Do It?

Weekender XLBS: Using Environmental Rules In Games; How Would You Do It?

2 days ago 117

Pre-Order Knight Models’ New Campaign Book & Get The Arkham Knight

3 days ago 10

When the pre-orders open for the new Arkham Knight Campaign Book, as part of the Batman Miniatures Game, by Knight Models you will get yourself a copy of the Arkham Knight himself along with three different head options.

Warlord Games Fight For Russia With The Daughters Of The Motherland

3 days ago 16

Warlord Games has put together a pair of new releases for Konflikt ’47 this weekend looking at some support for the Soviets and the Germans. Firstly we have the Daughters Of The Motherland.

Crooked Dice’s Masterminds Hire New Female Minions

4 days ago 6

Crooked Dice have been out doing another round of hiring for their evil schemes and this new set of Female Minions, due out May 1st 2017, are going to be filling some gaps in the market left by a lot of previously ‘fired’ minions.

Community Spotlight: Labyrinth Dwellers, Sinful Beasts & Icy Adventurers

Community Spotlight: Labyrinth Dwellers, Sinful Beasts & Icy Adventurers

4 days ago 13

Professor Pyg’s Twisted Mania Comes To Batman Miniatures Game

4 days ago 6

Knight Models have published a preview of a new gang for the Batman Miniatures Game, led by the manic genius of Professor Pyg.

Exclusive! Check Out Legendary Nura For Wild West Exodus’ Holy Order

4 days ago 7

The folks at Warcradle have given us an exclusive look at one of their new sculpts coming out for Wild West Exodus. Here we have the rather epic Legendary Nura of the Holy Order.

Let's Play: Walking Dead - D Day Z Day Beach Invasion

Let’s Play: Walking Dead – D-Day Z-Day Beach Invasion

4 days ago 14

Mantic’s Epic Walking Dead Diorama + Lee & Clementine Join The Survivors!

4 days ago 11

Mantic Games has now revealed their full diorama, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe which shows off the savage scene from the comics where Negan decides to punish the other characters.

Salute’s Painting Competition Chalice & Epic Best In Show Prize!

5 days ago 6

The Salute crew revealed some more details about their Painting Competition this year including the rather epic Chalice for Best In Show. If you ever wanted to drink like a warlord then this is something you need to aim for.

Paranoid Miniatures Show Off The Very Creepy Angler For Mythos

5 days ago 5

What could be more frightening than getting up close to an angler in the dark waters of the ocean? Paranoid Miniatures figured out the answer for Mythos- running into one the size of a tiger on land!

Monolith Announces Next Big Project – Batman The Board Game [Updated With Models!]

5 days ago 29

Monolith has announced their next big project as they are showing off prototypes of Batman: The Board Game at the 2017 Game Festival in Canne.

Mantic Games Preview A Brutal Walking Dead Diorama

6 days ago 3

Over on the Mantic Games Blog, they are currently running a bit of a Walking Dead: All Out War Week and that includes previewing some snippets from one of their upcoming diorama kits which might be familiar to folks.

100 Days To Go Until UK Games Expo 2017!

6 days ago 2

The UK Games Expo is now only 100 days away (2nd – 4th June 2017)! To celebrate this the team has revealed their new artwork for the event which looks absolutely fantastic.

Wing Kong Six Shooter Strolls Into Big Trouble In Little China: The Game

6 days ago 2

“When the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the Golden Six Shooters show up on the scene…you know you’re in BIG TROUBLE.” Everything Epic is showing off their latest awesome sculpt for their upcoming Big Trouble In Little China: The Game.