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Human Metal Detectors And Demons of Hell Join Hellboy Kickstarter


Mantic Games’ Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game is entering its final few days, and as it does more characters join the team.

IDW Games Bring Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack To Kickstarter


Featuring some of your favourite cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon channel, Splat Attack is a new fast-paced board game on Kickstarter right now from IDW Games.

New Heavily Armoured Officers Land For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47


Warlord Games has added some new units to their Konflikt ’47 collection, giving you new leaders to stand at the forefront of your army.

Knight Models Invite New Superheroes To Their Miniature World


Knight Models has invited a whole bunch of new and re-vamped superheroes and villains to their collection for both the Batman and DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Ride Into Punkapocalyptic With New Biker, Spark


The Punkapocalyptic world by Bad Roll Games has got itself a new post-apocalypse survivor in the form of Spark this week.

Reclusive Phoenix Summon The Slumbering Oblivion On Kickstarter


Reclusive Phoenix is on Kickstarter right now with a small project to bring together a range called Slumbering Oblivion. This features creatures and more from the Cthulhu mythos with a focus on some awesome Deep Ones.

The Angelic Gabriel To Be Summoned To Purgatory


Purgatory Miniatures this week shared some new concept art for an upcoming character that will feature as part of their next Kickstarter.

Full Box Art Revealed For Axis & Allies & Zombies


Geek & Sundry were able to get a look at the full box art for the upcoming Avalon Hill game, Axis & Allies & Zombies. Because everything has to have zombies in it.

Step Through A Stalking Portal To Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd Games have revealed one of the more disturbing additions to the Cult of the Burning Man as Stalking Portals come to The Other Side.

Lobo Rides Into Knight Models’ DC Universe Range


Lobo has been added to the list of wild DC characters being offered up for Knight Models’ DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Charming Stranski Line-Up On The Way From Industria Mechanika


Industria Mechanika has shown off some wonderful looking miniatures for their Stranski line, designed from the art by Lorenzo.

CMON Expo 2018 Live Blog!

CMON Expo 2018 Live Blog!


Join Dawn & Gianna for a weekend of CMON fun!

Explore The Centre Of Changeling In Onyx Paths’ Book Of Freeholds


Onyx Path announced that the Book of Freeholds for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition is now available in pdf and print.

Check Out Superhero Noir RPG City Of Mist


Modiphius has just added a New RPG to their webstore, City Of Mist. This role-playing game sets up in a world of Noir Detective investigations where folks have access to legendary powers.

Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit - Introduction

Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit – Introduction


Workhouse Games Share Miniatures For Two More New Awful Orphans


Workhouse Games has shared two more of their poor Orphans who are going to be tackling the will of Mrs Prendergast in The Awful Orphanage.

Brigade Models Hunt Out Cold War Spies With New Kickstarter


Brigade Models are now on Kickstarter with a range of Cold War miniatures as part of their Spies & Patriots collection.

Meet The Naval Gnomes Of Hysterical Games’ Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games keep their previews coming for the new models that will be joining the good fight in Panzerfauste. This week saw them heading to sea and their Naval Gnomes, the Fusiliers Marins.

Mantic Games Take Hellboy To Mexico With New Kickstarter Expansion!


Mantic Games has been doing exceptionally well with its new Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game. Their newest expansion though does something very awesome, and indeed different, with the Hellboy crew.

Wild West Exodus Unboxing: Red Oak Buildings


Today we unbox the new building sets for Wild West Exodus by Warcradle Studios