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Grab A Special St. Patrick’s Day Wolsung Pub From Micro Art Studio


Micro Art Studio has an awesome St. Patrick’s Day surprise for you. They have put together Grandma O’Malley’s Pub for your games of Wolsung available ONLY for today!

Delve Into Madness With Chaosium & Petersen’s Abominations


Chaosium has a few new adventures for you to check out when it comes to Call Of Cthulhu. Take a peek at Petersen’s Abominations…

Community Spotlight: Mystical Mice, Mighty Dwarves & Konflikt '47 Kit!

Community Spotlight: Mystical Mice, Mighty Dwarves & Konflikt ’47 Kit!


New Grandville Characters Added To Crooked Dice’s Webstore


Bryan Talbot’s Grandville is a very interesting looking Graphic Novel series and Grandville Miniatures have taken the characters from his world and added them to the tabletops of many!

Workhouse Games Reveal Upgraded Miniatures For The Awful Orphanage!


Check out some of the upgraded miniature sculpts that will be available for The Awful Orphanage, on Kickstarter March 22nd.

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Launches This Year From Bezier Games


Bezier Games are going to be bringing a new version of Ultimate Werewolf to the tabletop this year. This time it has a Legacy edge and even has Rob Daviau at the helm who was behind Seafall and of course Pandemic Legacy.

Popcorn Turner & Cooper Jones Bring Brewing Expertise To Malifaux


Wyrd Games have previewed two more of the Gremlins in the upcoming Backdraft Encounter Set. Popcorn Turner and his assistant Cooper Jones.

Monolith Power On To New Stretch Goals In Batman: Gotham City Chronicles


Monolith is powering through to all manner of awesome stretch goals as part of their campaign for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.

Take A Seat On Crooked Dice’s Spy-Fi Chairs


Next month, Crooked Dice have announced they will be furnishing your secret lairs with a range of furniture, starting with some recognizable chairs.

Swashbucklers & A Hapless Explorer New From Antediluvian


The folks at Antediluvian Miniatures have added to both their Fantasy and Lost World ranges this week. We start off in the realm of Fantasy with their set complete with Princess, Prince & Entourage.

Ready Your Gunslingers For New Posse Sets In Wild West Exodus


Two new Posse Sets were detailed this week for the world of Wild West Exodus. Prepare for the advance of the Golden Army and a search for Absolute Power!

Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Live On Kickstarter


Cowabunga, dude! Your favorite heroes in a half shell are on Kickstarter in Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from IDW Games and Steve Jackson Games.

Awful Orphanage’s Alyce Revealed & A Competition To Win The Game!


Workhouse Games have shared with us the image of the miniature you’ll be getting as a backer of their campaign in the first twenty-four hours! Here is Alyce from The Awful Orphanage…

Mantic Games Reveal Their Walking Dead 2018 Event Miniatures


Mantic Games have revealed their Walking Dead: All Out War Event Miniatures for this year.

Wyrd Add More Monsters & Creatures To Malifaux In March


Wyrd Games has added some new characters and more to the world of Malifaux this month.

Wyrd Introduces The Gremlins’ Whiskey Gamin In Backdraft


The Gremlins of Malifaux will not be outdone as they’ve discovered the perfect little critters to smuggle their moonshine in Through The Breach. Check out the Whiskey Gamin in Backdraft, their latest story encounter box.

BlackWater Gulch Minions & Monsters Kickstarter Heads Towards The Finish Line


Gangfight Games’s latest Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter, Minions and Monsters, is entering its final stages.

Wyrd’s Devouring Eels Feel A Little Peckish


Wyrd Games have unveiled one of the most disturbing creatures to join the Gibbering Hordes of The Other Side; the Devouring Eel.

Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares Coming To Retail Soon


Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares is a press-your-luck game from Fox Tale Games which funded successfully on Kickstarter last year

More Purgatory On Kickstarter With The Refugees Of Religion


Underestimated Games is back on Kickstarter with the good gals of Purgatory, The Refugees of Religion. Purgatory, The Next Testament brings the next cohort into the game along with it’s first tome and much more!