Check Out Olmec Games’ Spring The Drowned Earth Releases!

April 1, 2024 by brennon

Olmec Games has been showing off the new The Drowned Earth releases coming out for Spring. There are some great characters in the mix for their Post-Apocalyptic 32mm scale skirmish game that cover different factions. There are even some cool new dinosaurs in the mix!

Ryuza - The Drowned Earth

Ryuza // The Drowned Earth

We start with Ryuza the Wayfarer. He is a mercenary that can join all of the factions of The Drowned Earth. As you might have guessed by his massive bow, he is a specialist when it comes to long-range combat. This should make him a solid choice for more close-up factions who need some ranged support.

Sticking with ranged strikes, we also have Kyoshi, Ghost Shinobi. This chameleon can take a sneaky shot at his enemies from across the board and pin them in place.

Kyoshi - The Drowned Earth

Kyoshi // The Drowned Earth

As a sneaky Firm gangster, he comes with a rifle packed with venom-laced bullets. Stick your enemies and then vanish into the dark of the jungle, blending with the foliage as the shouts of your foes sound in the distance.

If you're intent on hunting dinosaurs then you might want to call on the expertise of Romi.

Romi - The Drowned Earth

Romi // The Drowned Earth

Romi is one of the Artefactors and can be relied upon as security against incoming raiders and also wandering wildlife that strays into your territory. She is particularly good at dealing with dinosaurs despite the many wounds she has suffered combating them.

Last but not least when it comes to characters we have Sumissk.

Sumissk - The Drowned Earth

Sumissk // The Drowned Earth

Sumissk'o is a Militia man and has many strings to his bow. According to Olmec Games, he is a pilot, messenger, explorer and occasional fighter. He has a whole bunch of defensive tricks that he can use to help his faction and his impressive template-based weapon will be able to slow down your enemies whilst damaging them.

New Dinosaur Pack!

There is also a great set of new dinosaurs for use in The Drowned Earth.

Troodon - The Drowned Earth

Troodon // The Drowned Earth

This set comes with four Troodon and one Troodon Alpha. They are neutral and so can be controlled as allies by any of the factions. You can also use them as NPCs and AI-controlled miniatures to hunt down your foes thanks to the mechanics available in Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island.

These wonderful sculpts are available to pre-order right now. All are crafted in resin and should be available later in April.

Will you be snapping up these releases?

"These wonderful sculpts are available to pre-order right now..."

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