Deep Horrors & Technology Merge In New Carnevale Miniatures

April 1, 2024 by brennon

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TTCombat has revealed some more awesome sets of 32mm miniatures for their fantastic skirmish game, Carnevale. The streets and canals of Venice are once again alive with eldritch horrors from the deep and contraptions dreamt up in the minds of crackpot inventors.

The Hydra Beckons - Carnevale

The Hydra Beckons // Carnevale

The Hydra Beckons is a new box for those looking to dive in alongside the Rashaar and explore the hidden depths of Venice. They are led by a terrifying Mature Kraken which can use its tentacles to drag people off the streets and into the water, feeding it and its children so that they may grow in strength.

You also get a Half-Breed in the set which is part octopus and part human, something that has either gone either terribly wrong or right depending on your point of view as TTCombat say! They use their immense mutant strength to batter their foes into submission.

Half Breed - Carnevale

Half-Breed // Carnevale

There is also a strange Aglaope which can make use of magical abilities and the Sirena who has changed her appearance to match that of the Barnabotti. What a good way of luring your prey to the water's edge before dragging them into the murk and consuming them. At some point, the situation would go from "great idea" to "I should have listened to my mother".

If you'd like to go in a different direction and swap the experimentation from the Lovecraftian to the technological then how about the La Grazia Industrial Works set for the Doctors of the Ospedale?

La Grazia Industrial Works - Carnevale

La Grazia Industrial Works // Carnevale

This is a fresh addition to your Ospedale gang, embracing all sorts of different types of technology in order to get ahead. They are led by the impressive Master Of Arcane Security who has put on a proper Steampunk mech-suit which sports a flame cannon and a huge blade for dealing with her foes.

Master Of Archane Security - Carnevale

Master Of Arcane Security // Carnevale

She is packed up by the Ordnance Doctor who has a powerful cannon that can turn even the toughest foe into a heap of melted flesh and bone. There is also the Electron Cannoneer who uses electricity to fry their foes. With all that water around in Venice, this seems like a choice weapon. The Voltage Bombardier then joins in the fun and can harness that electrical power to their own ends. This set is capped off by the Apprentice Doctor who will be watching over everything and making notes.

All of these miniatures come in resin and seem like fantastic additions to the Carnevale range. There are some properly fun options popping up for Carnevale of late that can take you in different directions depending on the genre flavour you prefer.

What do you make of these new miniatures?

" some point, the situation would go from "great idea" to "I should have listened to my mother""

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