Build A New World In Hasbro’s Upcoming Life In Reterra

February 27, 2024 by brennon

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Ken Gruhl and Eric M. Lang are working with Hasbro on a new board game coming later this year, Life In Reterra. Dive into, as they call it, a (re)building game where you're looking to build a society out of the world that was, now overgrown and reclaimed by nature.

Life In Reterra - Hasbro

Life In Reterra // Hasbro

Designed for two-to-four players and taking around thirty minutes to play, the game sounds like a neat way for you to step into a game that bridges the gap between a gateway game and something a bit more complex. This is guided by the choice of three ready-to-play themed building sets which can get you going. You can then in the future expand this by putting your own building set together to match your tactical choices.

Life In Reterra Gameplay - Hasbro

Life In Reterra - Gameplay // Hasbro

Each player will start with one square land tile which they will then expand using the five types of terrain. As well as terrain, the tiles might also hold a gear icon or one of four types of relics. During your turn, you can choose a land tile from your hand or the display and add it to your community. Placing a gear can introduce an inhabitant to the mix or a building tile. Once a building is in play, it offers you a power that can be used on future turns.

Maybe you can use these powers to place relic tokens or get additional inhabitants. You might also be able to mess with your opponents and junk their relics or just focus on scoring for having the most of a type of terrain or building type.

The end of the game rolls around when sixteen tiles are in each community. You score what you've built alongside blocks of terrain of a certain size and energy sources. Your inhabitants, relics and buildings are also scored.

I think Life In Reterra sounds like a neat step up from the standard tile-laying game with a bit more meat to it. The game looks to be landing later this year so keep an eye out for it!

Do you like the look of Life I Reterra?

"I think Life In Reterra sounds like a neat step up from the standard tile-laying game..."

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