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Resin Firefly & Reaver Class Ships Arrive From Gale Force Nine

8 hours ago 5

Gale Force Nine have now offered up two new resin ships for their Firefly Board Game. Now you can pick up the Firefly Class Ship and the Reaver Ship to customise as you see fit.

The Horus Heresy: Burning Of Prospero Now Available For Pre-Order

9 hours ago 19

Games Workshop has now added the new Horus Heresy: Burning Of Prospero set to their webstore allowing you to pre-order it for the start of November.

Help The Injured & Hunker Down With New White Dragon Troops & Walls

10 hours ago 1

White Dragon Miniatures are expanding their 15mm scale Sci-Fi range with some new models, the MTU Injured Soldiers Pack. Take a look…

Forge World Unleash Russ & An Ultramarine Herald This Weekend

11 hours ago 13

Forge World are today releasing not only the mighty Leman Russ of the Space Wolves but also an Ultramarine Legion Herald too.

Check Out The Factions Coming To Awaken Realm’s The Edge

12 hours ago 3

Awaken Realms are heading back onto Kickstarter to fund The Edge: Dawnfall, a new miniatures board game based in their fantastic Fantasy World.


Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge

13 hours ago 158

Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

New Teaser Shows Off Upcoming Sci-Fi Sculpts By Bad Squiddo Games

21 hours ago 3

Bad Squiddo Games (The Dice Bag Lady) has shared another teaser looking ahead to their Sci-Fi range which will include a selection of Post-Apocalyptic Female Fighters with big hair, big guns and big boots.

Battle Systems’ Sci-Fi II Terrain Kickstarter Begins!

23 hours ago 4

Check out the new range of amazing 28/32mm terrain by Battle Systems for your Sci-Fi games!

Hack The New Infinity Taugak Consoles By Warsenal

1 day ago 6

Warsenal has some new bases and a few new pieces which would be useful for those looking to set up objectives on the battlefield.

Laser Cut Card Show Off Progress On The Shrine

2 days ago 4

Laser Cut Card have been showing off some preview work going into The Shrine, a large Sci-Fi building which would find a good home in the grim dark future.

New Beta Rules For Icarus Project Released

2 days ago 1

A new set of Beta Rules for the Icarus Project have been released building on their Sci-Fi world and your feedback.

Give Your Guardsmen Even More Character With New Bits From Kromlech

2 days ago 3

Kromlech has just found another way for you to add character and variety to your 28mm minis. The Guardsmen Veteran Heads can quickly change up the look and feel of your minis with an easy head swap.

The New Shadow Caste Unfold From The Darkness For Dark Age

2 days ago 8

Dark Age has released a whole bunch of new models and more for the Shadow Caste Dragyri in Dark Age. A new book, cards, and plenty of characters are out now.

Man At Arms Forge The Legendary Warhammer 40k Chainsword

3 days ago 6

To celebrate their one hundredth episode, weapon makers Man At Arms: Reforged turn their attention to the most iconic weapon of the 41st millennium; the Space Marine Chainsword.

Objective Infinity: Sneaky Holoprojector Tactics

Objective Infinity: Sneaky Holoprojector Tactics

3 days ago 3

Join us for Objective Infinity where we’re
finding out about the tricks and tactics
you can use with Holoprojectors!