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Bandua Built Up Mighty Tabletops For Salute

14 hours ago 9

Take a look at some of the awesome terrain that Bandua Wargames bought to Salute this weekend, soon to be available online!

Salute 2017 Live Blog On Beasts of War

Salute 2017 Live Blog

2 days ago 215

Join us as we head down to the massive Salute 2017 event in London, packed with tabletop awesomeness from across the spectrum.

Kabuki’s Vixen Hunter Blasts Off In Search Of Bounties

2 days ago 22

Kabuki have given another familiar film figure their space vixen treatment as the Vixen Hunter goes up for pre-order.

Beasts Of War 3rd Annual Gaming Awards Post Cover Ready

BoW 3rd Annual Gaming Awards: 2016 Nominations Close This Weekend

2 days ago 43

What did YOU love from last year’s immense gaming extravaganza?

40K Charted: The Emperor Part Three - The Golden Throne

40K Charted: The Emperor Part Three – The Golden Throne

3 days ago 28

It’s now time to discuss the state of
The Emperor as he is today in the
Warhammer 40,000 world.

Puppets War Get Brutal Using Orc Hand Weapons

3 days ago 1

Puppets War have released a new set of hand weapons for those orcs which prefer the traditional approach of clobbering up close and personal.

Get Started In Mantic’s Warpath With New Starter Sets

3 days ago 15

If the Sci-Fi world of Mantic’s Warpath is getting you excited then you’ll want an army to command. Thankfully there are four Starter Force sets that you can snap up as pre-orders.

Algoryn Infantry Command Squad Available This Weekend From Warlord

3 days ago 8

If the Algoryn is your faction of choice for the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares then you’ll want to keep your peepers on the webstore this weekend as the Algoryn Armoured Infantry Command Squad will be available from tomorrow.

Relic Knights Quest: Multiple Unit Activation Tactics

Relic Knights Quest: Multiple Unit Activation Tactics

4 days ago 0

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Defensive Cypher Tactics

4 days ago 0

Welcome Backstage to more Relic Knights Quest as John from Ninja Division talks about Defensive Cypher Tactics and how to use them effectively.

The EuroFed Fleet Cruises Into Battle From Brigade Models

4 days ago 2

Brigade Models are adding some bits and pieces to their starships for the EuroFed Fleet and you’ll be able to snap some of these models at Salute this weekend.

Two New Quirky Characters Join The Hasslefree Family

4 days ago 9

There is certainly one rather quirky individuals joining the ranks of the Hasslefree family soon as Steve hits the tabletop for your otherworldly Sci-Fi adventures.

MaxMini Wear Their Xenos Kills On Their Shoulder Pads

4 days ago 1

MaxMini have come out with a new set of shoulder pads for Xenoshunters to wear with pride.

Forge World’s Magnus The Red Coming Soon For The Horus Heresy

5 days ago 23

Magnus The Red, now in his Horus Heresy guise, is going to be available from Forge World at Warhammer Fest this year.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/16 – Forget The Explosion, Look At The Color

5 days ago 1

Star Wars Celebration has come and gone and we have a packed show with interviews with Zach Bunn from Team Covenant as well as Lukas Litszinger covering the newly announced Empire at War set!