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Science & Swords Arrive In Archon’s Chronicle X


Archon Studio has shown off the third of their previews for Chronicle X. Here we have Dr Yukari Fujikawa with a sword in hand in science at the forefront of her mind no doubt.

Forge World’s Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank Pre-Orders Begin


Forge World has now opened up pre-orders for its Astraeus Super-Heavy Tank, the first big monster of a vehicle for the Primaris Space Marines.

Let's Play: Core Space - Get the Goods

Let’s Play: Core Space – Get the Goods


We have Colin from Battlesystems in the studio this week to play a demo game of his upcoming Sci-Fi adventure, skirmish game, Core Space.

Getting Started In The Infinity Tournament Scene: Part Two


Stuart Marsh continues to guide us through how to get started in the Infinity Tournament System (ITS) with more hints and tips.

Community Spotlight: Mighty Ettins, Gambling Centaurs & A Golden Primarch

Community Spotlight: Mighty Ettins, Gambling Centaurs & A Golden Primarch


Warlord Games Join The Hukk In Their Gates Of Antares Bounty Hunting


Warlord Games are going to be hunting down the criminals of the galaxy with their new Bounty Hunter, the Hükk.

Jetbikes Will Soon Soar Out From Puppets War


Puppets War have published a couple of previews promising some alien jet bikes to send soaring over the gaming table.

Exclusive Infinity Sneak Peek: Szalamandra Squadron


See what you make of the Szalamandra Squadron coming soon from Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity.

New UKGE 2018 Sponsors Announced [Updated]


The team behind UK Games Expo announce a new set of Sponsors including Warcradle Studios, CGE and HABA who will be supporting the show in 2018.

WYSIWYGames Show More Of Their Ape Resins At Spiel


WYSIWYGames have shown off more of the resin prototypes for their upcoming Planet of the Apes The Miniatures Board Game that they brought with them to Spiel.

Archon Take Aim Alongside Chronicle X Sniper Jack Clemson


Building on their previews from Chronicle X, Archon Studio revealed the second character for your ragtag team of alien hunters. Say hello to Chief Petty Officer Jack Clemson.

It’s Clobbering Time With HINT’s Pounder Mech


The team behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower shared some of the work going into one of their new mechs. Here we have Pounder which looks like a terrifying mix of man and machine.

Kromlech Shout Out About Bedlam Backpacks


Kromlech have released a new set of backpacks for their Bedlam Fraternity range of scifi soldiers with a loud taste in fashion.

Warlord Show Off Draconians & Vervoids For Doctor Who


Delving into the archives for more Doctor Who monsters to face off against, Warlord Games has two new previews for you as they look at the Draconians and the Vervoids.


Exclusive! WIN A GameMat.EU Mat Perfect For Necromunda!


Come up with a name for the new GameMat.EU
Mat and you could win it for yourself!

Archon Studio Preview First Model From Chronicle X


Chronicle X is the new squad-based tactical board game coming out of Archon Studio in the near future.

A Mireluck, Objectives & Power Armour Coming To Modiphius’ Fallout


Over on the Fallout Development Blog, the folks at Modiphius have been talking about some future releases for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare starting with the Mirelurk Queen.

HMO Collectibles Tease Work On Warhammer 40,000 Dioramas


It looks like HMO (Hand Made Objects) Collectibles are going to be working on some 1/6 Scale Dioramas themed around Warhammer 40,000 and the grimdark far future.

DFA Miniatures Launching 6mm Sci-Fi Terrain Kickstarter This Week


Known as the B.A.S.E System the folks at DFA Miniatures are looking to launch their Kickstarter for this range of 6mm terrain this week beginning tomorrow.

Protect The Streets With ClearHorizon’s 15mm Arbitrator ASV


ClearHorizon Miniatures has now added their Arbitrator Advanced Support Vehicle to their collection.