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Get A Look At The Core Rules & Primaris Stats For Warhammer 40,000

20 hours ago 15

Games Workshop has been sharing a lot of information recently about Warhammer 40,000.

Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

2 days ago 6

Check out an excellent Dropzone Commander army in this round of Community Spotlights!

Devil Pig Games Announce New 40K Board Game, Heroes Of Black Reach

2 days ago 5

Exciting news from Games Workshop and Devil Pig Games. A new version of Heroes themed on Warhammer 40K is coming.

40K Charted: Unit Spotlight - Canoptek Wraiths

40K Charted: Unit Spotlight – Canoptek Wraiths

2 days ago 15

What Fantasty Terrain Escenorama Has Been Tinkering Away On?

2 days ago 8

Escenorama makes some amazing terrain pieces for use in your Fantasy games and beyond and we thought we’d show off some of the teasers of their current projects that are coming to life.

Battle On Scenic Prospero Alongside Amon With Forge World

2 days ago 5

If you’re going to Warhammer Fest this weekend you’ll be able to pick up a new scenic base for you to show off the duel between Leman Russ and Magnus The Red.

Step Back In History & Assassinate Targets With Flytrap Factory

2 days ago 1

Flytrap Factory is looking to step back in History as they explore a new genre with their metal range. Here you can see some of the Riflemen that they’ve been working on recently.

Relic Knights Quest: From Questing Knight To Relic Knight

Relic Knights Quest: From Questing Knight To Relic Knight

3 days ago 3

Relic Knights Quest XLBS: Little Boosts Make A Big Difference

3 days ago 2

Need a little help in your games of Relic Knights? How about a boost? We’re looking at them today with Ninja Division’s John Candice.

Exclusive Look At New Modiphius Star Trek Adventures RPG Miniatures!

3 days ago 19

Do you have what it takes to join Starfleet and boldly go where no man has gone before? Soon you will have your chance as Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures RPG drops this August.

Grab Some Grub At Micro Art Studio’s Infinity Food Booths

4 days ago 2

Growing their Designed For Infinity range, Micro Art Studio has been showing off their new Food Booths which come in HDF for you to start adding some character to the tabletop.


Grab 50% Off Special Infinity Army Bundles & Fight For Strikezone: Wotan

4 days ago 20

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/24 – My Troops Will Storm This Block And Kill You All

4 days ago 0

This week we are joined by our special guest Nick, the runner-up at Worlds 2017. We’re also talking about some of the newer decks out there and where cards may fit into the evolving meta!

Save 80′s Earth In The Metal Dawn Board Game By Everything Epic

4 days ago 1

Save the humanity and the Earth in the latest board game Kickstarter from Everything Epic. Metal Dawn is an area control, retro 80′s sci fi board game that drops you right in the middle of the frantic countdown.

Get A Peek At New Fallout Character Renders From Modiphius

5 days ago 18

Modiphius has been working away on more teasers and previews for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and three new characters popped up over the last few days