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A Sniper Ghosts Into MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have shown off the latest WiP for their scifi sniper Ghost.

Infernus Fire Pikes Are Lit By Forge World For The Legio Custodes


Forge World is once again bolstering their selection of Legio Custodes models with some fearsome Infernus Firepikes for their Aquilon Terminators.

Half Moon Bay Shows Off New Warhammer 40K Merchandise


Half Moon Bay has begun to sell their new Warhammer 40,000 Merchandise which has been officially licensed.

Community Spotlight: Ogres, Roman Soldiers & A Saintly Warrior Woman

Community Spotlight: Ogres, Roman Soldiers & A Saintly Warrior Woman


MaxMini Waste No Time Releasing Their Wastelander Bust


MaxMini have recenetly released a new character bust named Zaezool the Wastelander.

More Terrain Previews For Micro Art Studio’s Kickstarter


We take a look at some more of the terrain previews popping up on social media for Micro Art Studio and their upcoming Kickstarter.

Battle For Mars With New PWORK Gaming Mat


PWORK continue to create new battlefields for you to fight over as they created the Lands Of Mars release. Perfectly timed for some Adeptus Mechanicus to hit the tabletop.

Inquisitor Greyfax Makes Her Black Library Debut In Eye Of Night


Black Library have released a new audio drama bringing us the Black Library debut of one of the most important figures from Guilliman’s return; Inquisitor Greyfax.

Kromlech Open A Morbid Door For Vehicles


Kromlech have released a new conversion set of Morbid Doors for scifi vehicles to make them just a tad more disgusting.

Puppets War Prepare A Pile Of Big Guns


Puppets War are preparing a selection of new gun options, for when the big guns you need to bring out could be bigger.