Piano Wargames Release New Württemberg Command Miniatures

March 27, 2024 by brennon

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Piano Wargames has recently released a new set of miniatures for you to use when commanding your Württemberg forces and those of the French during the Napoleonic era. See what you make of these new 28mm figures from a collection that continues to be unbelievably gorgeous.

Wurttemberg High Command - Piano Wargames

Württemberg High Command // Piano Wargames

First up, we have the Württemberg High Command which is made up of two generals (which can be painted as cavalry or infantry generals) as well as a Generaladjutant. The miniatures are all metal, both the riders and the horses and as you can see, they are packed with detail. I do really like the posing on them, working out strategies and plotting their next moves.

Slightly lower down the ranks, we also have the new Württemberg Mounted Officers which you can also pre-order.

Wurttemberg Mounted Officers - Piano Wargames

Württemberg Mounted Officers // Piano Wargames

Again, these miniatures are available in metal and the set comes with a Quartiermeisterstab, one Line Infantry Officer and one Light Infantry Officer. It is another fantastic set, brimming with character. There's a reason why the work by Piano Wargames claimed a top spot during the OnTableTop Awards for 2023. Their work is stunning.

Last but not least, we have the named characters from the French High Command set.

French High Command - Piano Wargames

French High Command // Piano Wargames

This gives you miniatures for the individuals above which means that if you have specific conflicts you want to dive into, this is the place to come. All the miniatures come as you see here but there are also two separate head options for Davout so you can do some mixing and matching as you see fit. Would you prefer him with spectacles or without?

Whilst all of these miniatures pictured here come in metal, there are also options to get them as STL files if you'd prefer to 3D print them.

What do you make of these new characters?

"There's a reason why the work by Piano Wargames claimed a top spot during the OnTableTop Awards for 2023..."

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