Join OnTableTop At Salute 2024 – Saturday 13th April!

April 11, 2024 by brennon

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South London Warlords are hosting Salute 2024 on Saturday 13th April and you can join us there! The OnTableTop team (Ben, Gerry and Justin) is live blogging the event this year featuring interviews with amazing creators, both as traders and with their stunning gaming tables and participation games!

Salute 2024 // South London Warlords

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If you've never been to Salute before, it's an immense one-day wargaming event held at the ExCel Centre in London. Whatever genre of tabletop wargame you're into, you'll probably be able to find miniatures or indeed a participation game to suit you. You're very likely to come away with quite an awesome haul of goodies so make sure to bring a decent-sized rucksack to hold all your booty!

Salute 2024 Traders List

As well as the traders, there are also a host of participation games that you can take part in during the day. There are some absolutely stunning tables that pop up from all manner of very, very dedicated clubs and groups. If you've ever wanted to try and get some inspiration for your next terrain project, you'll find it at Salute!

Salute 2024 Games List

If you're interested in the types of gaming tables that you might see at Salute, make sure to check out our coverage from last year where Gerry went to go and chat with loads of different creators. There are four whole videos in this series!

The Best Of Salute 2023 - Amazing Wargaming Tables (Part 1)

See more from Salute 2023 on the links below...

The Best Of Salute 2023 (Part 2)

The Best Of Salute 2023 (Part 3)

The Best Of Salute 2023 (Part 4)

As mentioned above, we'll be putting out videos and image galleries over the course of the day when we spot something awesome. We'll also be covering the painting competition this year thanks to our awesome volunteer, Richard Peachey.

Hobby Heroes Panel Returns

As if that wasn't enough, Salute is also bringing back the Hobby Heroes Panels again this year. Some awesome folks from the wider tabletop gaming world will be taking part in panels over the course of the day.

Salute Hobby Heroes - South London Warlrods

Salute Hobby Heroes // South London Warlords

You'll be able to see folks like Alex from 52 Miniatures and Peachy from Peachy Tips popping up on stage alongside the likes of Richard Clarke from Too Fat Lardies and even Mark Copplestone! Louise Sugden from Rogue Hobbies will also be taking part in some of the activities and Tine Fielding all the way from Belgium.

If you're coming along, make sure to say hello if you spot us out and about. We'd love to see you and have a chat. Salute is one of our favourite shows to cover as it's always inspiring to see what folks in the industry have been up to recently!

Will you be coming to Salute 2024?

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