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Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?


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Siren Sculpt Up Fantastical New Elves Cailu & Taquail


Siren Miniatures have a couple of new miniatures up on their webstore and (and time of writing) there aren’t many of them left right now!

Siren Miniatures Is Seeking A Name For Their Latest Sculpt


Siren Miniatures has dropped some fantastic pictures of the newest sculpt that will be heading our way soon, but they’re looking for help choosing a name. What would you call this big guy?

Siren Shows Off The 3D Renders Of Battle Ready Dwarf, Odins


If you’re looking to add a little creativity to your miniature collection, then Siren Miniatures is one to check out. This week they are showing off their fearsome dwarf, Odins. Any dwarf that can carry a cannon on his shoulder should be taken very seriously!

Siren Miniatures Brought Another Quirky Must Have To Their Collection


Siren Miniatures has brought out yet another, must have miniature. Meet Miguel. He’s short in stature, but BIG on personality and attitude and full of detail.

Siren Miniatures Releases Something Very Wicked In The Witness


Siren Miniatures has released a couple of new miniatures for the month of July. These beautifully detailed and in some cases eerie characters might just find a way to your gaming table.

Three New Fantasy Releases Available From Siren Miniatures


Looking to add some interesting characters to your fantasy collection? Siren Miniatures has three new releases this week, including a nasty Frogger and two enslaved beings.

Savage New Artwork Pops Up For Siren Miniatures Fantasy Range


The Enslaved are the next up for the miniature treatment by Siren Miniatures. The Fantasy range is growing rapidly and if the artwork for this pair, Hatall and Choge, is anything to go by we’re in for a real treat when it comes to the final models.

A Pair Of Dark Ladies Come Together For Siren Miniatures


See how the two new woman warriors from Siren Miniatures square up against each other. Kelith and Naebo are both looking very deadly indeed!

Siren’s Spout Joins The Ranks Of Doomseeking Dwarves


Check out how Spout is looking as one of the additional Doomseeking Dwarves coming to Sire Miniatures very soon.