Watchful I Studios Show Off New Chinese Warrior Range!

December 5, 2014 by brennon

We’ve seen a lot of companies look at the history of Japanese nations and their rise on the battlefield but very few companies seem to deal with historical Chinese armies. Watchful I Studios appears to be doing just that however with their first range of miniatures being for both the Chinese Warring States and the Qin Dynasty Period…

Chinese Archer

Chinese Warrior With Spear

Chinese Banner Bearer

Chinese Warrior

Chinese Warrior Heads

As you can see they’ve done a lot of work on various heads and body types giving you a range of different options for weapons as well. Spears, Swords, Crossbows, Bows, Shields, and everything in between it seems. There will be both armoured and unarmoured options on the eventual Kickstarter that hopes to fund the production of these in plastic.

While of course this is going to be interesting for historical wargamers I now want them to do a whole series of Dynasty Warriors sculpts to go along with them. I would love to see someone bring Lu Bu, Cao Cao and the rest of the cast to the tabletop. It is a mass battle game after all!

What do you think?