Wise Words and Feathered Vipers Make Bushido’s Wave 21

November 24, 2014 by dracs

Over in Bushido a pair of new Wave 21 miniatures have been released for the Ito Clan and Prefecture of Ryu respectively. Whether you're after wise council or venomous death from above, be sure to check these out.

First, the Ito Clan will be getting themselves the addition of a rather exotic viper; the feathered Shimogama.

Shimogama Viper

Winged serpents are something that turn up in a lot of world mythology, so I guess it was only a matter of time before one slithered and swooped into the Ito Clan. According to GCT Studio, the Shimogama is a five foot long mass of multi-coloured muscle, a beautiful as it is deadly, striking fast at its unsuspecting victim. This, of course, makes it the perfect weapon on the battlefield.

From the Ito's flamboyant feathered fiend we come to the Prefecture of Ryu and their new adviser Kioshi Makoto.

Kioshi Makoto Concept

Kioshi Makoto

GCT Studio tell us that the Makoto family have long served as the Takashi's advisers, renowned for their knowledge and love of the sciences. As such, Kioshi's word holds a lot of weight in the Prefecture of Ryu, serving as the voice of reason and a calming influence. No doubt this will transfer over well to the battlefield, buffing your soldiers and providing them with sage council.

Which of these two do you like best?

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