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Entering The Warzone: Opposing The Sacred Warriors


Rob joins Justin again today for more on Warzone: Resurrection and the tactics of the game. In this episode we're facing off against the deadly Sacred Warriors.

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Combating The Warriors Advance


We discussed how ridiculous the Sacred Warriors are despite their looks, but we cannot be defeated that easily!

Entering The Warzone – Understanding Rapid Deployment


For this edition of Entering The Warzone for Warzone: Resurrection we are tackling something Beasts of War community member siygess is having problems with, Rapid Deployment spam!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Rapid Deployment Countermeasures


We've explained how Rapid Deployment is used in Warzone: Resurrection but now we get the chance to show siygess how he could combat players who are using this tactic.

Entering The Warzone – Juggernaut Wall Smashing


It's time for some brute force in our games of Warzone: Resurrection as we explore the wall smashing ability of the Bauhaus' armed to the teeth Juggernauts. There's a Imperial Commander holed up in a bunker and we need to root him out!

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Taking A Bite Out Of Juggernauts


Justin may have found it tough going so far against the might of the Bauhaus Juggernauts but he has a couple of aces up his sleeve in the form of a pair of Imperial Greyhound LAFV's. How will they get on?

Entering The Warzone – Controlling Minds With Valpurgius


In this episode we take a look at a hero of the Dark Legion who cuts an imposing figure in the battlefields of Warzone: Resurrection, Valpurgius. If his sword won't reach you perhaps his Mind Leash ability will.

Entering The Warzone XLBS – How To Get Off Valpurgius’ Leash!


Valpurgius may be a tough foe to face but where there's a will there's a way and Rob from Prodos Games may just have that. He will be pulling the Etoiles Mortants from the Bauhaus sidelines to have a go.

Entering The Warzone – Gassing Enemies With The Greyhound


In this episode we're looking at a vehicle Imperials can use in Warzone: Resurrection, the Greyhound LAFV. This light vehicle has the the ‘Chimney’ Gas Cannon mounted on its tracks, one of the less common and very deadly weapon types in the game.

Entering The Warzone XLBS – Stopping The Greyhound In Its Tracks


At first look you may think that the Greyhound LAFV might be near impossible to beat but don't fret as Rob from Prodos Games will give you hope as he shows Justin which tactics you can use to stop it.

Entering The Warzone: Utilising The Enigmatic Immortal


We enter the world of Warzone: Resurrection as Justin and Rob from Prodos Games discover how to get the best out of the Cybertonic Hero the Immortal.

Entering The Warzone XLBS: Cutting The Immortal’s Life Short


You have just seen how Justin's Cybertronic Hero can lay waste to some Brotherhood troopers but what can Rob do you ensure the Immortal doesn't have it all his way?

Entering The Warzone: Demo Game – Basics of Warzone: Resurrection


We kick off our new series delving into Warzone: Resurrection with a demo game between Justin's Imperials and Rob from Prodos Games' Dark Legion as they explore the basics of the game.

Entering The Warzone XLBS: Demo Game – Warzone Advanced Rules


Now we enter the Bauhaus compound for our second demo game. They are taking on the Cybertronic forces in this battle as we take a look into the more advanced rules of the game such as rapid and scout deployment.

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