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Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Thursday

Essen SPIEL ’18 Live Blog – Thursday

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Come and join us for SPIEL '18 as we're diving into the first day of coverage here at the event. We have some prizes to be won and of course, we're going to be delving into all sorts of new games and more here at the event.


Find Out More About Essen

Check Out Day One & Win Prizes

Decrypto - Aliens: Hadley's Hope - Witless Wizards - Gizmos - Dragon's Breath - Escape Tales: The Awakening - WWX Forlorn Hope Posse - 8BitBox - The Walking Dead: Here's Negan - Magnificent Flying Machines - PlastCraft Crashed Plane Terrain

Check Out Day Two & Win Prizes

Vault Of Dragons + 2x D&D Paint Sets (Heroes & Monsters) - Aristeia Walls Terrain Set - Lincoln - Don't Get Got - Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr - Dicium - Mountains - Fog Of Love (Choice Of Cover) - Swordcrafters - Silk - V-Commandos - 3x Tainted Grail Artbooks + Exclusive Coin - Pyramid Of Pengqueen

Check Out Day Three & Win Prizes

Talisman: Legendary Tales - Venus Next (Terraforming Mars Expansion) - Battlestar Galactica: Starship Battles - Tsukuyumi - War Chest & Scorpius Freighters - FAITH RPG Core Book - Dungeon Terrain Set - Magnate Resin Buildings - Lightseekers Playmat, Deck Box & Folio (Of Your Choice)

Check Out Day Four & Win Prizes

Age Of Sigmar Champions Playmat & Deck Box (Of Your Choice) - 2x KeyForge Decks - Mistfall: Chronicles Of Frost & All That Burns - Contract - Doomseekers - Dinosaur Island - Blood Red Skies Core Box Organiser - 4x4 Gaslands Mat - Trapwords - 10x Harry Potter Ford Anglia Puzzles - Village Attacks - Dark Souls The Card Game - Hero Realms - Goblout

Make sure to comment on all of the Live Blog posts today and see if you could be in with a chance to win goodies for yourself.

Also, tell us what you'd like to see tabletop-wise here at the event!

Blogging At This Event:

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It's Not Game Over, Man For Aliens: Hadley's Hope + WIN The Game


Crazy Pawn Games are ready to unleash Xenomorphs upon Essen, as they show off their game Aliens: Hadley’s Hope.

Comment To Win A Copy Of Aliens: Hadley’s Hope

The game seeks to recreate the tense, claustrophobic feel that made the Alien movies so good and bring many iconic elements of the films to the table.

Comment below to be in with a chance to win Aliens: Hadley’s Hope.

I Can Haz Gamez?!

I Can Haz Gamez?!4 Comments
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Exploring CMON's Death May Die With Eric Lang + Wacky Races - WIN Gizmos!


We have stopped in with CMON and are talking to the one and only Eric Lang about one of his new games, Death May Die, which has you delving into a world of Cthulhu madness and more. The game, as you might imagine, looks superb and comes with brilliant miniatures and a stunning level of art direction.

Win A Copy Of Gizmos

We also stop in to talk about another of their new games, Wacky Races, which I’m sure will be a favourite with many of you who enjoyed the cartoon back in the day.

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Follow The Lights To HABA's Luxantis


Hot off the success of their Kinderspiele des Jahres winner Dragon’s Breath, HABA are at Essen Spiel showing off their game Luxantis.

Comment To Win A Copy of Dragon’s Breath

Luxantis is an interesting family game, utilising LEDs built into the board to send your players on a fantasy adventure.

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Spiel Brings Out the Best In Gaming


At Essen Spiel, lots of new games are on display. Some are brand new versions of old favourites, while others are hitting the table for the first time.

What games are you keeping an eye out for?

Spiel Brings Out the Best In Gaming

Justin Discovers Fruit!

Justin Discovers Fruit!7 Comments
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Essen Spiel For Everyone


Essen Spiel has tons of activities going on, including loads aimed at kids and families.

Essen Spiel For Everyone
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Go On Board Fill Us In On Valhalla [On Kickstarter Now]


We might have seen that we’ve been talking about Valhalla on the website over the last couple of weeks. This is a game by Go On Board which is showing off here at the convention whilst they run a Kickstarter for an English version of the main game and the expansion.

You can check out the Kickstarter HERE and get stuck into the game now you know a little more about it!

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It's Not Just All Cardboard & Plastic At Essen SPIEL '18


Essen SPIEL ’18 is a massive convention that not only attracts folks who like their board games but also those that want to expand beyond the tabletop and cover their homes in wonderful geeky artefacts too.

That means wonderful toys, accessories and even pieces to adorn your house including decorations and more.

It's Not Just All Cardboard & Plastic At Essen SPIEL '18
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Venturing Out With Vegetables In Mr Cabbagehead's Garden


It sounds quirky and it very much is! Come and explore Ludi Creations’ Mr Cabbagehead’s Garden which is a wonderful game for 1-2 Players which has been re-balanced and tweaked from its early days as a single player print-and-play game.

It has gone through Kickstarter since then, expanding to garner support online and proving to be a fantastically eccentric puzzle which is easy to learn and hard to master.

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Blast Off For Matt Leacock's Space Escape


Matt Leacock has a new family game showing at Essen Spiel. We stopped off with him to find out more about Space Escape.

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Reichbustin' It Out Of Day One At Essen Spiel '18


We wrap up our coverage of Day One of Essen Spiel 2018. It’s been a day chock full of interesting games, from wargames and board games, to role playing games and family-friendly activities.

The event has been filling up as the day went on and there promises to be even more on the horizon for the next three to come.

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I’m at the Uhrwerk Verlag/Top Tables booth (Hall 6, stand 6I100) at friday and saturday, giving demo games of Wild West Exodus. Head over for a small chat (especially about “La Belle”) 🙂


Get a demo of EXO (booth 6H113)


Interesting viewing the various conventions and, in my opinion, this year UK Games Expo has been the most interesting with regard to new games and the generosity of exhibiters for prizes.

Cult of Games Member

Have fun. I will work these days.


Have fun everyone 🙂


We need more coverage for Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles !!! 😉


I second this..

Cult of Games Member

the show looks great.


great!!! lests start the coverage


sat in on a demo of reichsbuster. im so getting this game


Next year I´m in.


Those Ape minis look great!


Thanks for all of the great coverage.

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