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UK Games Expo 2022: Saturday Live Blog

UK Games Expo 2022: Saturday Live Blog

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Come and join us for a weekend of awesome fun here at the UK Games Expo 2022 in Birmingham, UK!

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OnTableTop Live Blogs

Live Blog - Comment To Win!

We are running a series of three Live Blogs over the three days where you'll be able to watch all of the interviews that we do with the folks here at the event.

Friday Live Blog

Saturday Live Blog

Sunday Live Blog

Make sure to follow along as there will often be chances for you to comment on specific videos on the Live Blog in order to win prizes.

Also Watch The OnTableTop Livestream

Watch The OnTableTop Livestream

Over the three days of the UK Games Expo, the OnTableTop team are going to be running a livestream showcasing the best of the UK Games Expo and having some fun too.

Follow Along With The Livestream To Win Prizes!

Tune in over the three days and you can check out the Livestream here, on TwitchYouTube or Facebook and follow along with all the fun and games from this year's event in Birmingham, UK.

Livestream Times

When to watch...

  • Friday - 11am - 4pm
  • Saturday - 11am - 4pm
  • Sunday - 11am - 4pm

We are going to be at the OnTableTop Main Stage in Hall 2 if you want to come and watch us in person and join in some fun and games.

Come Along To The UK Games Expo!

Here is some of the information that you'll want to look out for this weekend.

Make sure to tell us what you're looking forward to this weekend!

UK Games Expo Opening Times

Friday - 9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday - 9:00am - 4:00pm

You will be able to join us across all three days as we delve into all sorts of awesome goodness from across the gaming spectrum. Tickets are available on the door so if you're inspired to come along, make sure to come along!

Blogging At This Event:

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Ocean City Games - Delving Into ISLA & Towers Of Ra


We get a chance to sit down with Ocean City Games and delve into two of their games which are currently making their way to the world of crowdfunding.

One of these is ISLA which has a lovely roll and write feel to it. The second of these is Tower Of Ra where you have to get stuck into some dexterity-based tom-foolery around the tabletop. Both are going to be worth checking out in the near future!

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Jonathan Green Of ACE Gamebooks - Talking Adventure Books & WIN A Prize


We get to chat with Jonathan Green of ACE Gamebooks who has been designing some awesome adventure books that you can dive into, based on Historical adventures.

One of the best is Beowulf: Beastslayer but there is also an awesome gamebook where you can choose which character to play as like Dracula OR Mina Harker!

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Cubicle 7 Give Us A Rundown Of EVERYTHING On Their Stall This Year!


We love the folks at Cubicle 7 so it was great to catch up with Emmet to run through all of the things down on the Cubicle 7 stand at the moment.

They have loads of awesome roleplaying books for those diving into Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Wrath & Glory and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Soulbound! Plus, who could say no to that fantastic Doctor Who roleplaying game.

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Eerie Idols - GORGEOUS Artwork In The Old King's Crown


We were besotted by this artwork. The folks at Eerie Idols have been doing an amazing job with their upcoming game, The Old King’s Crown.

Bringing amazing artwork and storytelling together alongside bluffing, subterfuge and some old fashioned skullduggery and you’re set with this game.

Watch out for it coming to crowdfunding in the VERY near future.

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Lucky Duck Games Get Sleuthing With Their Detective Games - Are You As Good As Sherlock?


Lucky Duck Games are doing some awesome stuff with their board games of late. One of those is Sherlock Holmes: Case Connection where you have to see if you can find the right links between elements of a crime! Who would have thought it?

This is just the start of what’s on offer from Lucky Duck Games as they have LOADS of other games including the awesome Destinies series where you dive into a much more twisting and turning plot.

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CATAN Studios Dive Into The Dawn Of Humankind & CATAN 3D - WIN A PRIZE!


The folks behind CATAN are back with an updated take on the classic board game. Dawn Of Humankind has you charting the progress of human civilisation and trying to make the most of your settlements.

You will also travel the prehistoric world and dive deeper into a more complex version of the original strategy game that launched a thousand collections.

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Exploring What's New From HABA This Year At The UK Games Expo


UK Games Expo is a great place to take the kids. To that end, you will certainly want to check out the HABA zone which is in Hall 2 where they are playing all sorts of fun kids games like Rhino Hero: Super Battle & Moonlight Castle.

We got a look at two of their newest ones but there are loads of amazing kids games (and games for big kids) for you to check out.

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Check Out A HUGE RISK Game!


Dive in and check out a HUGE game of RISK being played just behind the OnTableTop Stage in Hall 2.

Nick Hindley had the idea to take some big maps of Britain and bring some big toys to play out a HUGE game of RISK. This one is great fun and is quite the sight to behold!

Check Out A HUGE RISK Game!
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Check Out This MASSIVE Bolt Action Set-Up & Help Charity!


Run alongside the National Kidney Foundation, this is an impressive diorama and gaming table that has been set up by a great community of folks!

Dive in and find out more in the video we’re going to be sharing later over the weekend. But, you can come and donate to the foundation already AND maybe even win a fantastic Band Of Brothers Jacket!

Check Out This MASSIVE Bolt Action Set-Up & Help Charity!

Some More Lucky Winners From Friday's Livestream!

Some More Lucky Winners From Friday's Livestream!4 Comments
brennon Live Blogger Entries by this blogger

Protect Our Solar System From Higher Being Outreach & Corruption!


Ben is testing his squatting strength over at Thunder Vaults with their new title Shadow In The Sun. Placing players in the midst of alien warfare. As giant beings are adamant to train the local star system surrounding us. Players will be headed out into the system to achieve missions, collect resources and much more to control planets with your troops!

If you head over to stand 1-837, you can try out the title. With demos across the weekend for some sci-fi based adventures!

Come To The Main Stage & Win Prizes!

Come To The Main Stage & Win Prizes!4 Comments

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Ah the Saturday version


Thanks to all the team, those working behind the camera etc to bring this to us each day. Dont forget to interview justin about the vanbraces !!!


Fantastic live Blog all. Thank you.

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Great coverage, have you spoken to Eurydice about flickfleet?

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Thank you everyone for all the hard work and great coverage from the expo. I missed out this year but will definitely be there next year.

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