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Ramming Tactics in Warhammer 40K


Darrell investigates another tactic for vehicles in 40K, this time it involves ramming the opponent!

Using Supression Fire in Infinity


Andy and Mike have reading your Infinity your questions. Today, BoW fan John Peral, has asked them about how suppression fire works.

More 40K Deployment Tactics From Darrell


Darrell brings us some more of his ideas on deployment for your Warhammer 40K armies... this time we see some Tau face off against the Imperial Guard!

Assaulting with Independent Characters


Darrell is in cheese mining overdrive! Today's tip is on getting the best chance of getting in to combat, when you have terrain between you and that soft unit, your heavy combat unit has been eyeing up all game.

How Fire Teams Work during the Reactive Turn


Andy and Mike finish off their discussion about fire teams by showing us how they work during a reactive turn.

How Fire Teams Work in an Active Turn


Mike and Andy expand on the rules for Fire Teams, by going through the rules they use in a player's active turn.

Jump Troops and a Sneaky Terrain Tip


Darrell has found another sneaky tip to help you guys avoid taking a dangerous terrain test or two.

How to Form a Fireteam in Infinity


More Infinity tips with Mike and Andy. Today we going to find out how to form a fireteam... this is one loads of you have been asking for!

Using Heroic Intervention with Space Marines


Darrell gives us his thoughts on heroic intervention and how he thinks it should be used.

The Frenzy Rule in Infinity


Mike explains the Frenzy rules for Infinity.

Valour Skills: Courage


Andy and Mike Sit down for another Infinity discussion... this time they are looking at the first in the Valour skill series... Courage.

How Poisoned Attacks Work in 40K


Darrell examines how Poisoned Attacks affect the different types of units that can take them as wargear.

Warhammer 40K Mission – Tactics for Seize Ground


Darrell has a look at the tactics you can use when your playing the Seize Ground mission in Warhammer 40K... but what will his cheesy plan contain this time?

Infinity – Impetuous Orders


Andy and Mike have a look in to the Impetuous Orders and try to clear up some of the confusion.

How to Get More from Close Combat in 40K


Darrell takes a look at the close combat rules in Warhammer 40K and thinks he has found a way to get that little bit more out of them.

Valour Skills: Dogged


Andy and Mike discuss the next skill in the Valour tree... Dogged.

Using a Monofilament CCW in Infinity


Click here to find out how to kill Achilles...!

Fleeing When You’re Not a Space Marine


Darrell has a look at the basics of what happens when a unit flees from combat... and they ain't Space Marines!

How to Save Fleeing Troops


Darrell has some Blood Angel Terminators running from a pack of Genestealers.... but how is he going to save his team this time?

Assaulting Vehicles & Getting Cover


Darrell has a look in to how he thinks you should be assaulting vehicles and grabing a little cover, after you're done smacking the enemy.

Combat Placement and Characters


Darrell discusses how characters should set up for close combat in Warhammer 40K.

How Durgen Madhammer Deals With Paladins


Andy and Vishal have a look at Durgen Madhammer and one of his great little spells called explosive and how it can help you take out those nasty paladins of the wall.

Valour Skills: No Wound Incapacitation


Andy and Mike discuss the final skill in the Valour tree. This time it's No Wound Incapacitation. The skill that keeps you going even when you're down!

Tank Shocking From Reserve


Darrell has another one for you guys this time its Tank Shocking from Reserve and what can happen when it goes right and how bad it can be when it goes wrong.

How to Assault in Turn One!


Darrell's up to his old tricks and has found yet another way to slip some cheese in to a game of Warhammer 40k.

How to Stop The Dark Eldar Using a Webway Portal


Darrell thinks he can completely nerf one of the Dark Eldar Tactics!

Blast Weapon Tactics


Darrell discusses the effectiveness of blast weapons.

Squadron Cover in 40K


Darrell unearths some more tactics with a distinctly cheesy niff.

How Coordinated Orders Work


Mike and Andy are back again with more Infinity tips. Andy has been having a problem with his guys getting shot down every time he moves... does Mike have a solution?

Space Marine Scout Tactics


Darrell's on the hunt for more cheese and he's found a nice tasty bit this time, involving Space Marine Scout's, cover and poisoned weaponry!

Pyre Troll Tactics


Andy gets a look at the Pyre Troll, a hot-headed addition to the Trollbloods!

Marauder Tactics


Video Sponsors:  Infinity - Wayland Games Andy Has A chat about another of the heavy hitters from Khador the Marauder if you read the Forces of Warmachine Book's you'll know the background for the Maruader and all the other cool stuff that comes […]

Assaulting Buildings in Warhammer 40K


Darrell has a look at the rules for buildings. These can can add a whole new dimension to your games. So, what do you guys think... are they worth putting on your gaming table?

Dire Troll Mauler Tactics


Andy discusses the Dire Troll Mauler a heavy warbeast from the Trollbloods faction in Hordes. This is one big, nasty looking beasty and its special abilitys make it one of the heavy-hitters in any Trollbloods player's warpack.

Flamer Troops Kick Ork Boyz Butt!


Darrell is off cheese hunting again... he thinks he's found some by doing a bit of tank-shock... then flaming those Boyz!

Tactics For The Khador Widowmakers


Andy has a look at the Widowmaker's. Khador's elite units of snipers.

Drop Pod Deployment Tactics


Darrell looks at what he thinks is the best way to use your Drop Pods in Warhammer 40K.

How to Use a Foward Observer


Andy and Mike discuss how you can get some sneeky shots off at your opponent in Infinity.

How Hackers Work Against Heavy Infantry in Infinity


Andy and Mike investigate just what happens in Infinity, when a Hacker takes on heavy infantry in the electronic world.

Basic Tactics For The Menoth Battlegroup


Andy keeps going with his rundown of the starter forces for Warmachine. This time its The Protectorate of Menoth, these fiery fighter's have a taste for defensive spells and... well... burning people at the stake!

Cygnar Battlegroup Tactics


Andy has a look in to the the basic tactics for the Cygnar Battlegroup.

Necron Lords Rundown


Darrell goes through some of the different bits of cheesy kit you can take for your Necron Lord.

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