Take On New Munchkin Challenges In Legends & Pathfinder

June 22, 2013 by brennon

Steve Jackson Games are churning out yet another Munchkin experience and this time they based on Legends and Pathfinder. Check out a quick look at the games below along with a tiny trailer above...

Munchkin Legends

Munchkin Pathfinder

Munchkin: Legends sees you understandably fighting against creatures from myth and legend while looting some of the treasures of the age. Ever wanted to wear Hermes sweaty sandals? Now you can kill him and take them off him.

Munchkin: Pathfinder sees you entering the world of 3.75Ed with new classes like the Witch and Alchemist along with extras like factions, and monsters straight from the pages of the monster manual.

The big coup here is that Munchkin: Legends is available through Target of all places! So if you spot a wild Munchkin, kick down the Target front doors, loot the aisles and run off with your copy of Legends.

Do these new sets look like fun?

Note: Don't be a real life Rogue...

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