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Peacetime Orks create the Formula Ork Racing Championship

Peacetime Orks create the Formula Ork Racing Championship

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About the Project

The Formula Ork Racing Championship is my brutally violent, ludicrously fast racing series for Beastsnaggas. Warhammer 40,000 Orks don’t enjoy peacetime, so when they have a break from smashing Space Marines or Imperial Guard, they’re honing their war skills on the race track! For a series of videos for Orktober 2021, I’m creating dioramas that explore the question: "What do Orks get up to when they aren’t at WAAAGH!!!?"

This Project is Completed

Marking out the diorama board and adding the spectator areas

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I started with an A4 sheet of 2mm polystyrene as my baseboard and marked out the curve of the track with a Sharpie.

I used natural DAS clay to create the raised spectator area for the goblins and snotlings, and Tamiya 1/35 walls to build an enclosure for ork spectators on the far side of the road.

Track and spectator areas fully painted and minis added

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For the video series, I wanted to have fully painted backgrounds and grey miniatures (to stay brand consistent lol), but I’ll paint the minis at a later date.

Miniatures are from: 

Beastsnagga boxed set (40K)

Goblin team (Blood Bowl)

Ogre team (Blood Bowl)

Start Collecting Iron Jawz (Age of Sigmar)

Road made with: 

Vallejo thick brown mud and black lava

Citadel Mordant Earth

AK Interactive Engine Grime and Engine Oil

Spectator area made with: 

Citadel Astrogranite Debris

Green Stuff World red matt surface primer

DAS natural clay

Tamiya 1/35 walls