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Fwee Dorfs – KOW

Fwee Dorfs – KOW

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About the Project

Primarily using Oathmark minis, I am finally getting my Free Dwarf army for Kings of War done ready for a campaign at the local club

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2 weeks better late than never...

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Project system just Ko’s after failing to publish… bugger

2 weeks better late than never...

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So, apologies for the delay – given the results of the first set of games I wanted to get to this sooner but a poorly child and an impending attack of Auditors have gotten in the way.


So how did the games go… not good!

I played two games and the first was against a beautifully painted Elven force. It started well, my doggos with throwing dogs did some amazing job, almost popping a unit of Cav in turn 1. Unfortunately I overestimated the usefulness of “the Boomstick” on my Beast master which failed to do anything useful and then he got charged and popped in short order. The doggos took a couple of turns to kill his cav unit and one was still around at the end so not a bad showing from then.

In the centre my rangers advanced into a wood and failed to hit a reg of spears in front of them. They got themselves trapped out of the way for the mid game being ineffective apart from putting some good damage on my opponent’s Acolyte but Inspiring kept him around. The earth elementals took a fair bit of damage but aren’t great at dishing it out.

In the end it was a close run thing and if I had rolled a little better here and there it could have gone the other way.

My Second game was a rout! My opponent had ratkin and I underestimated them big style. I tried to to the same as last time but left my doggos out on the flank with nothing to do and the Hordes and the effect of the him taking the Wind Element meaning his Acolyte could give his tunnel runners he gift of flight just tore through my army to a dwarf!

Unfortunately there are no photos – I forgot to charge my phone before heading out and so it was not an option unfortunately.

What have I learned:

  2. Doggos are amazing but give them a target.
  3. The beastmaster cannot go toe to toe so dont make him
  4. Earth elementals are not good at dishing out damage.
  5. Remember special rules. In the campaign my Acolyte can force an opponent once a game to reroll damage… could have been useful!
  6. Scout is great, but not so much when rangers are just thrown out in front with no support!

Need to draw up a new list for the 1000 game in Sept – do I go inventive or lazy…




All change - Rocks for Everyone!

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So, the campaign organiser resent the the rules he’s created via a google doc so I got to remind myself what was going on, and found we get vp’s for taking elemental units… so time to revist the army list.

I have settled on

2 Earth Elemental regiments

1 Regiment of Rangers (with Hammer of measured force)

2 units of doggos (with throwing dogs)

1 Packmaster with berries and Boomstick

Now I had started work on the list below so some units have paint on – but I am very behind, but its a start.

My Earth Elementals have come along quite quickly…

So when looking for options I’m not a huge fan of Mantics ones, I had a stone golem thing from Fantasy Flights now dead game, but it needs a 50×50 base so are too big unless i run hordes of them, so spent a long time researching options… and that’s where it happened. Etsy brought up someone selling Pet Rocks for £4 and I loved the idea – no painting, no mould lines, what could go wrong!

So I made my own! My area of York isn’t particularly stoney, and neither me or anyone nearby have the “right” sort of gravel, but I got lucky. Our local B&Q had a few split bags of garden stones for £3 and one of them just happened to be the 30-50mm stuff, so that got snaffled.

We had some stone cleaner and sealer in the house already from a DIY project that didnt work so I washed a selection and sealed them, stuck them on some bases, added the eyes and job done! I intend to base them in due course but the “models” are finished.

All change - Rocks for Everyone!

So the first “round” is tonight so below is the 750 pts raring to go. Wish me luck!

"Ready to Rock" Acolyte "Olaf the Lofty" and his faithful bird Graculus (YES I KNOW he's meant to be green) line up with their followers

So it begins...

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So back before the EVENT, I bought some of Oathmarks dwarves while at Vapnartak to build forces for both Kings or War which our local club is very much into as well of the Oathmark set itself.

Roll forwards a couple of years, a new kid and a house move and the plastic was still largely on sprue. I had 12 of the lads done up as Rangers – for which I am using the bow armed dwarves and a few with spears.

Someone at the club has proposed a small campaign based around the 4 elements and their associated elementals. Starting with 750 points for August, and rising to 2000 in Nov, each force chooses one of the elemental types to “follow”, and gets a free Acolyte of the elements – who is guiding your forces to that element’s aims.

Now going Dwarf, it made sense to go Earth – yes it would have been fun to choose Water or Wind, but such wishy washy elements feel more Elvish in nature so they’re out! Fire is all about aggression which feels a bit more Naughty dwarf territory so Earth makes sense. The Earth Acolyte take the Surge all Acolytes have and adds Bane Chant into the mix therefore removing my need to add any stone priests into my army unless i go full Earth elemental…. (maybe more on that down the line).

Now this is already taking far longer to type than I expected so to finish up, some may have noticed on the UhH and on Discord I have been picking Gerry’s mind as to options and my lack of chaff. I did stick up a previous starting list on discord but I have moved on from then (plus upon signing up to Easy Army they got deleted so that sucks). So with guidance from Gerry my first 750 points will consist of:

Regiment of Rangers

Regiment of Shieldbreakers with throwing doggos

A Lord with lords Jewel (free dwarfs specific) and currently Dragons Diadem for 30 pts of magical items

2 regiments of Doggo packs

1 pack master to gee up the dogs of war

1 free Acolyte

So I suppose I should start painting then…


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