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New Extra Large Ships Available to Pre-Order for Armada This May


The naval wargame, Armada which takes place amongst the rough seas of Pannithor has been a success, especially since the game system's release in November 2020. With a consistent release schedule and communities asking for "more ships!" and "more fleets!". The releases continue to surprise us, as these miniatures not only keep getting more and more epic, but they are bigger too!

HUGE Ships Hove Into View For Mantic Games’ Armada


Mantic Games has added four new ships to their webstore for you to use in their naval Fantasy wargame, Armada.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Is Lloyd Making An Imperial Guard Army?!


It's time to dive into some serious hobby time as the whole team has been working on painting miniatures over the last while. So, dive in with us for Cult Of Games XLBS.

Download Yourself Mantic Games’ Armada Solo Play Rules


Mantic Games, through the hard work of Jon Gunns, has now released the Armada Solo Play Rules for those unable to dive in and play with friends right now.

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