Download Yourself Mantic Games’ Armada Solo Play Rules

March 1, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games, through the hard work of Jon Gunns, has now released the Armada Solo Play Rules for those unable to dive in and play with friends right now. You can check them out at the download link below...

Armada Logo - Mantic Games

Armada Solo Play Rules // Mantic Games

The solo rules are divided into two parts. In the first part, you'll find two objective-based solo gaming scenarios. In the second part, you'll find rules covering the actions of ships in "kill" scenarios. There are a number of suggested enemy fleets and also reference sheets covering the kind of actions that enemy ships can do during their turn.

Armada Gameplay 21 - Mantic Games

Armada Gameplay // Mantic Games

The scenarios have been designed to be played at around the 250 points range but there are also rules included for tweaking things and playing at 150 points on smaller tables. Obviously, these games are going to be an easier ride than those that you'd play against your friends but they give you a good chance to test your skills and learn the basics of the rules.

It's always nice to have some solo options, especially during times like these!

"...they give you a good chance to test your skills and learn the basics of the rules"

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