Middle-Earth: Shadows Of Mordor Screenshots Arrive

December 17, 2013 by brennon

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Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor has revealed some artwork and screenshots for the dark and foreboding world that they are conjuring up next year. See what you think of the aesthetic!

Shadows of Modor Art

First up we have this very nice looking piece of artwork showing off a rather battle scarred landscape. Considering this has been placed between the end of The Hobbit and the beginning of Lord of the Rings, showing Saurons return to power, it's understandable why it might be looking a bit drab!

Shadows of Mordor #1

Shadows of Mordor #2

Shadows of Mordor #3

Shadows of Mordor #4

You'll be playing in the boots of a ranger named Talion who has been returned from death to deal out some spiritual vengeance on his enemies and those of the Free Peoples.

As well as that you'll be able to develop real tension between enemies and yourself thanks to the Nemesis system which sounds very cool indeed. With this who you kill and let live will have a real impact on the story going forward and if you leave that enemy maimed he is likely to try and hunt you down.

It feels like a good road to go down with Middle-Earth, providing another story outside the main plot like with War in the North (which was a great game by the way!).

What do you think?

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