Prodos Draft You Into The Warzone Free Marines & More!

September 19, 2014 by brennon

Three new products will be making their way into the Prodos Games webstore today for Warzone: Resurrection! See what you think of the Free Marines for Capitol, the Nepharite of Algeroth for the Dark Legion and Benjamin Taylor for the Imperials!

Free Marines

Nepharite of Algeroth

Benjamin Taylor

The Free Marines come ready for combat with a whole bunch of different kit to help them survive in the field including a rather awesome looking rocket launcher. Some very cool looking miniatures and adds to the increasingly neat amount of ground forces the Capitol can bring to the table when they're not flying jetbikes.

On the character side of things we have the Nepharite and Benjamin Taylor for the Dark Legion and Imperials respectively. As a fan of the Imperials I think I might have to get this character simply so I have something cool to lead my men into battle. I haven't been then enamored with the special heroes for the faction but since this one is my name sake I think I'll have to go with him. The Nepharite is just cool though and makes me want to dive into Dark Legion even more!

Will you be adding these to your line-up?

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