Antenociti’s Workshop Promises The “Roc” Dropship Soon

May 29, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

I love when a company can drop a single picture out there that makes people go absolutely crazy, which is exactly what Antenociti’s Workshop has done with the teaser image of the “Roc”, which is promised as “coming very, very soon.

AW Roc

The “Roc” is designed for Infinity as a Haqqislam Dropship. If you listen carefully, you can literally hear the excited cheer from the Haqqislam players!

Dropships Aplenty

If you’re in the mood for more Dropships then Antenociti’s Workshop can also deliver as they have the likes of the Super-Hawk Dropship

Superhawk Dropship

…which is certainly designed for military use. You can also check out another pair of Dropships and flyers for Infinity that could be seen on the streets as well as the battlefield including the City Hopper which you see below.

City Hopper

Or maybe you fancy something that really speaks to the corporate/military organisation leader in your heart with the Azure Dragon Dropship.

Azure Dragon

Whilst they have been designed for Infinity, imagine one of these dropping off your MERCS onto the roof of a building as they get ready to assault it.

Will you be adding the “Roc” to your Infinity collection?

"If you're in the mood for more Dropships then Antenociti's Workshop can also deliver..."