Exclusive! The Zhendu Shocktroopers Get Tactical For Black Rain

January 5, 2016 by brennon

Shockwork Studio have sent us another preview of some of their upcoming miniatures for Black Rain. This time around we have the Zhendu Shocktroopers who come armed to the teeth and look like a whole bunch of deadly Sci-Fi ninjas…

Zhendu #1

Here’s some more information on this team…

“UNAS is renowned for producing the best shocktroopers in the world. Highly trained and equipped with some of the most advanced protective gear in the world. Zhendu are trained to use speed as their primary form of offence and defence, for what better way to protect against a bullet than to ensure it never hits?

Their iconic Reflex Reaction Armour accelerates their reaction time to superhuman speeds, allowing a limited ability to even dodge bullets and shrapnel. Their superior speed allows them a frightening capacity to reposition and redeploy as strategy dictates, allowing them to fully utilize their PDR’s deadliness in close combat, or reach cover before the cross-hairs hit them. “

Zhendu #3

Zhendu #2

I think the term Sci-Fi Ninja would certainly be quite fitting for this lot. If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid then you might be able to see similarities to Gray Fox. Of course you could also say that they embrace a bit of the Ghost In The Shell and Appleseed style anime vibe too in their helmets and outfits.

What do you think of the squad?

"If you've played Metal Gear Solid then you might be able to see similarities to Gray Fox..."